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Modern male contraception: everything you need to know

For some reason, there is an opinion that it is a woman who should think about protection from unwanted pregnancy. For the modern world, this has long been irrelevant. If you conduct a survey among ordinary people about what methods and drugs are for male contraception, then the majority will answer: condoms , since other options are unknown for many.

Now we will correct this mistake and try to prove that the stronger sex can also provide security in intimate relationships in different ways.

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Male contraception and its types

Modern male contraception: everything you need to know

In general, there are several options for protection against unwanted pregnancies for men, which we will consider separately.

Interruption of intercourse. This involves removing the penis from the vagina before ejaculation. Probably the most unreliable way, which often gives misfires . Despite this, according to statistics, almost every 4th man chooses this particular protection option. Its efficiency is 80%.

This method of contraception for men does not protect against infections. In addition, it is important to be able to control your ejaculation. If you use this particular option for a long time, libido decreases.

Condoms. The most popular and affordable way. Many men complain that they do not like these rubber bands , as they interfere with having real pleasure. According to statistics, 56% of men prefer this particular option.

Condoms are made from latex, a material that is impervious to sperm. Such contraceptives provide the largest percentage of protection up to 98%. In addition, condoms protect against genital infections, including HIV.

Disadvantages include the need for skills to put on correctly, and during use, they can tear and slip off. There are also people who are allergic to latex, which means condoms are not for them.

Vasectomy or sterilization. This type of contraception is the most radical, since after it a man will never be able to have children. The operation lasts about half an hour, at which time the ejaculating streams are crossed.

Such an intervention does not in any way affect either potency or sexual desire. After 2-3 months. you can no longer use other protection methods. The efficiency is 99%. The disadvantages include a fairly high cost, and in some countriesnot everyone is allowed this operation.

Today, Chinese scientists have developed a non-scalpel vasectomy, which involves the use of special forceps and clamps. This method has already been tested on 15 million men.

Hormonal contraception for men. This can be attributed to new products that are just gaining momentum. The composition of the drugs contains sex hormones that increase the level of testosterone in the blood, which, in turn, prevents the formation of sperm.

There are no such medicines for male contraception on sale yet, as they are at the stage of clinical trials and it is not clear when they will become available. After a man stops taking pills, after a while, the reproductive function is restored.

Other hormonal defenses:

Modern male contraception: everything you need to know
  • Implant. It looks like a small object, about 2.5 cm, which contains hormones: testosterone and progesterone. It is injected under the skin and gradually releases hormones that suppress sperm production. It works no more than a year. This method is also under development. So far, no serious side effects have been found;
  • Implant and injections. As in the previous contraceptive for men, an implant is inserted under the skin, which constantly produces progesterone in the blood and it lasts for 3 years. In addition, testosterone injections should be given every 4-6 weeks;
  • Medicines and implant. Men use the hubbub of desogestrel in small quantities and once every 12 weeks they are sewn into capsules with testosterone. After 16 weeks, sperm production stops completely.

Such hormone-based drugs currently have many disadvantages: they do not provide reliable protection, can negatively affect the hormonal background of the body, and there is also a risk of contracting various infectious diseases.

Other ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies for men

In 2002, scientists conducted monkey testing based on the effects of papaya seed extract. Thanks to this, it was possible to determine that after use, there is practically no sperm left in the ejaculant. No side effects were identified.

A drug was created based on cotton extract, which is currently being tested on men. It reduces sperm production, but there is a significant drawback: in 20% of cases, men become infertile.

It is also worth paying attention to the method of reversible sperm containment, which implies the introduction into the vas deferens of a special gel that destroys sperm and prevents them from reaching the egg. Another injection removes the substance and restores fertility. Human testing of this method will begin in 2015.

Modern male contraception: everything you need to know

Another contraceptive option is ultrasound, which lowers sperm count to a level where conception becomes impossible. Animal studies have shown excellent results, no tests have yet been performed on humans.

The last method I want to talk about is the use of an intravasal silicone device that blocks sperm secretion. The tubes are inserted into the vas deferens through incisions. If desired, they can be removed, and the man can have children.

Drawing conclusions

As you can see, modern contraception for men cannot yet replace the same condoms or female protection options, but the outlook is good enough.

In a few years, the stronger sex will also be able to choose options for preventing unwanted pregnancy.

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