Fake vs Real/ authentic Bare Minerals powder foundation

Mineral powder: how to find a genuine remedy?

Using decorative cosmetics, you can not only emphasize the natural advantages of your facial features, but also hide various skin defects. However, those with comedones and acne are in no hurry to turn to putty foundations to even out the tone and texture of the face. And they act very rightly, because in this way you cannot fix it, but you can aggravate the current situation.

Mineral powder: how to find a genuine remedy?

In addition, dense coatings do not always softly lay on the surface of the affected skin, and therefore its imperfections are only emphasized, but not smoothed in any way.

Mineral powder becomes a real salvation for women with oily and problem skin. It has a unique composition, the components of which not only do not clog the pores, but also contribute to their deep cleansing.

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Composition and valuable properties of a cosmetic product

Mineral powder for problem skin, as we have already emphasized, is notable for its delicate organic composition. It usually contains triple-ground mineral ingredients (such as cleansing clay), silk proteins, zinc oxides, gold and platinum extracts, and other ingredients that are beneficial to the skin.

Mineral loose powder completely eliminates the presence of preservatives and other aggressive chemicals in its composition - parabens, wax, phtolates, oils, talcum powder and fragrances.

Mineral powder: how to find a genuine remedy?

A quality product also excludes the presence of pigments in its composition, since with a certain factory processing of iron oxide, a wide variety of shades can be achieved.

If you have purchased a mineral matting powder and you doubt its effectiveness after testing, take the time to read the composition of the product. It is likely that you stumbled upon a fake, or a simple cosmetic that positions itself as organic.

Components that are mandatory in the mineral powder from a reputable manufacturer:

Mineral powder: how to find a genuine remedy?
  • Zinc Oxide - this substance provides your skin with a powerful antibacterial and antiseptic effect. In addition, it is designed to protect your skin from the harmful effects of direct UV rays;
  • Titanium dioxide - it is thanks to this element that the usual weightless natural powder acquires the effect of a foundation. Titanium dioxide is designed to even out the skin microrelief and hide theeven its most obvious flaws. In addition to hiding the irregularities of the epidermis, this substance reliably and firmly retains moisture in its surface cell structures. It allows the pores to breathe normally , and does not interfere with the transport of oxygen to the dermis;
  • Boron nitride - Provides the effect of Photoshop in real life. When it hits the skin, it takes on a visual glow and a soft focus ;
  • Aluminosilicates - possess reflective particles, give the skin a truly magical, pearly glow, soften the skin, making it velvety and silky;
  • Iron oxide - is a natural pigment, and provides a variety of tones to each line of mineral products;
  • Diamond powder - protects the skin from age-related changes and photoaging, provides it with additional shimmer.

Selective brands are often used to make powder tourmaline, amethyst, platinum, silver, aquamarine and citrine. All these products not only provide the skin with a magical glow, but also improve its quality by stimulating lymphatic drainage and microcirculation of blood in the tissues.

But in order to create a truly high-quality cosmetic product, leading cosmetic brands use unique formulas made from natural ingredients, which are kept in the strictest confidence.

This conspiracy is quite understandable - all luxury brands are actively fighting for their good name and trying to prevent counterfeits. Therefore, if you do not feel the promised results, most likely, you are using not at all mineral, but ordinary talcum powder.

It should be emphasized that all the ingredients that make up the product are thoroughly processed, but this does not in any way affect their beneficial effect.

Key Benefits of Real Mineral Powder

Mineral powder: how to find a genuine remedy?

The first thing that distinguishes a suitable compact mineral powder is equalization of the tone without the slightest weighting of the skin. In no case should it clog pores and create the feeling of a dirty, unwashed face.

Despite the fact that it lies on the surface of the skin with the thinnest, airy, almost invisible trail, the powder provides a high-quality leveling of tone and concealment of all visual defects of the skin. It is easy to apply and just as easily exposed to any makeup remover.

Matting powder is more suitable for oily and problem skin. And it does an excellent job of normalizing the texture for a long time. The standard product is suitable for all skin types. Due to its softness and hypoallergenicity, mineral powder is recommended even for allergy sufferers and people with hypersensitive skin.

It also has a certain level of SPF and water repellencyproperties. Unlike dense coatings, it prevents the growth and division of pathogens on the surface of the epidermis.

Due to the unique composition and a number of beneficial properties of each individual ingredient, the powder can be applied to naked cleansed face, without prior use of primers, fluids, serums, bases and foundations. At the same time, the aesthetic effect will exceed all your expectations.

It is best to search for powder from the leading manufacturers of mineral cosmetics. If we talk about financial costs, this product cannot be called cheap. On the other hand, relatively democratic brands such as Vichy, Yves Rocher, L’oreal Paris, Pupa, Mary Kay have already introduced it into their lines long ago. It is also offered by professional and selective brands like MAC, Sephora, Clinique, Smashbox, Shiseido and others.

DIY mineral powder is something from the realm of fantasy. If you notice such a recipe, you should know that it is false. Unless, of course, you have an entire cosmeceutical plant.

Secrets of applying mineral powder

Mineral powder is traditionally applied with a large, voluminous brush with natural bristles. The puff is not used in this case. A high-quality brush follows all the contours of the face, evenly distributing powder particles over the skin, does not irritate the skin and does not cause inflammation.

Tips for applying mineral powder:

  • It is better to degrease the skin beforehand. This can be done using a tonic with plant extracts, or micellar water;
  • An airy soufflé base can be applied;
  • For evening makeup, do not choose too light powder. For everyday use, choose a tone that is slightly lighter than your natural skin tone;
  • Use mineral powder as a finishing powder;
  • Be sure to pay attention to the purpose of cosmetics. Don't wear anti-aging powder as a young girl;
  • The mineral product does not need additional fixing, but if you have a quality fixative spray, use it to fix the make-up.

These small tips will help you make the right choice when choosing a mineral powder. If you need additional, in-depth advice, consult independent consultants, and don't rely too much on the opinions of the boutique sellers.

Remember, the main task of manufacturers is to sell an expensive product, and they often do not care about your individual problems at all. Therefore, rely on your own feelings, use our advice, and - be beautiful and well-groomed!

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