MICROLAX® is easy to use for children

Microlax for children

Quite often, newborn babies develop intestinal colic some time after being discharged from the hospital. In the case when the baby is artificially fed, constipation can also be added to troubles with the tummy. On the advice of grandmothers, many young mothers try to solve the problem with the help of a gas outlet tube, an enema, a piece of soap or a glycerin suppository inserted into the anus.

Not only are these methods not always effective, they can lead to injury to the rectal mucosa.

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What is Microlax and when it is used

Microlax for children

When contacting a doctor, many pediatricians recommend such a remedy as Microlax. What is this drug, how long does it work, from what month and how often can it be used for constipation in children?

Mikrolax is a medical preparation that has a rather mild effect on the intestines and helps to free it from the feces accumulated in it. A sufficient dose for one application is placed in a long tip tube. The insertion depth of the tip depends on the age of the baby.

For an infant, it should be injected up to the specially marked mark, for older children - completely.

The benefits of Microlax enema for children are:

  • Security. The product contains several active ingredients that liquefy feces and promote their removal. Since the enema acts only in one section of the rectum, its components do not affect other organs and the body as a whole;
  • Ease of use. Thanks to the specially designed packaging, it is very easy to inject the softening agent: just insert the tip and squeeze its contents into the rectum;
  • The relatively low cost allows the drug to be used without much damage to the family budget.

The composition of microclysters allows its use for newborn babies and older children. It can also be done by pregnant and lactating mothers.

How often can micro enema be used

Microlax for children

Since the enema contains medications, many mothers ask themselves the question: how often can a Microlax enema be given to a child and how safe is it?

Despite all its benefits, the drug is not recommended to be used too often. Its danger lies not in the composition, but in the gradualgetting used to its action.

As a result of the use of microclysters, emptying of the rectum occurs not due to muscle contraction, but due to the dilution of feces. With regular use

Mikrolaxa newborn baby will get used to the fact that you can go to the toilet without effort, and gradually the muscles of the lower intestine will atrophy.

To prevent this from happening, you need to use the drug only in the following cases:

  • Constipation has occurred for the first time, but there is no opportunity to consult a doctor. Before that, you need to try massage and spreading on the stomach;
  • The drug is used until the cause of the constipation is established.

How to use the drug correctly

The introduction of the medicinal composition should be carried out in compliance with certain rules. So you will not create discomfort and injure the intestinal mucosa. Wash your hands before carrying out the procedure. Lay the baby on one side and wipe the anus area with a damp cloth. Then the tip is torn off on the tube and the remaining air is squeezed out of it.

Microlax for children

A small amount of solution is applied to the tip edge. It is necessary to enter it up to the specified mark for newborn babies completely for children from three years old. After you dispense the contents, the tip is removed while the tube is compressed. How long does Microlax enema work? The baby usually empties within 20-30 minutes after the micro enema is injected.

In some cases, the effect appears in an hour.

If, after using Mikrolax, the child does not go to the toilet, but does not show any visible anxiety, it is quite possible that his rectum is still not fully filled.

Application Features

The use of microclysters has its own characteristics, depending on the age of the baby. Constipation in newborns is diagnosed, relying not so much on the regularity of emptying and the duration of the intervals between them, but on the general condition of the child and the appearance of feces. For a newborn, the norm is considered to be from five to eight emptyings per day.

Microlax for children

By the year, their number should decrease to 1-3 during the day. It should be remembered that each organism is individual. If the baby does not show concern, eats with appetite, sleeps normally, there is no reason for concern. You should also pay attention to the appearance of feces.

If they are hard, in the form of lumps or balls, we can confidently speak of constipation. Microlax can be used both for newborns and for a child who is 3 months old. To make the baby go to the toilet as soon as possible, after the injection of the drug, he can massage his stomach.

For this, circular movements are performed around the navel, squeezing the contents of the intestine down easily and without effort. The circle is not closed. Microlax is very convenient for children under 3 years old. In thatAt age it is very difficult to persuade a baby to give him a candle or an enema.

The introduction of the drug will take only a few seconds and will not cause any inconvenience and discomfort. It should also be remembered that the drug helps to empty the intestines, but does not eliminate the very cause of constipation.

In order to normalize all processes in the body, you should pay attention to the diet of the smallest family member and adjust the diet. The menu must include vegetables and fruits, vegetable oil, kefir and yogurt. You should also work out a certain regimen, planting the baby on the pot at the same time. This is best done in the morning.

Be sure to monitor the amount of fluid that your child consumes. Between meals, you should give him weak tea, compotes, water or juices.

Adhering to the above recommendations, over time the baby's stool will return to normal. Health to your child and good mood for you!

MICROLAX® für Kinder

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