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Meowing offspring: when a cat can get pregnant

If you are the owner of such a fluffy miracle like a cat, then you should understand that you have a big responsibility on your shoulders, directly related to feline motherhood. Most often, the owners of such a pet do not want to burden themselves with fluffy offspring, preferring to give the animal special preparations, or simply sterilize it.

However, let's talk about those few owners who dream of becoming godparents of their Murka's kittens.

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When can a cat give birth to kittens?

Let's first figure out when a kitty can get pregnant? As a rule, the puberty of a young cat occurs at six months. However, it is better to postpone the first pregnancy until one year of age. If you decide to neuter an animal, then veterinarians advise you to give your pet the opportunity to prove itself as a mother at least once. This will help avoid future breast problems.

So what can you do to get your furry pet pregnant?

First, you need a cat. As funny as this simple demand sounds, many owners of their purring beauties simply knock themselves off their feet to find a worthy candidate for mating.

When selecting kittens for the role of father, you should pay attention to the following factors:

Meowing offspring: when a cat can get pregnant
  • the presence of a veterinary passport with notes on the vaccinations made;
  • how long has the animal been given drugs for worms;
  • breed features;
  • pedigree if necessary.

Of course, we will not mention such things as the general health of the cat, the presence of fleas, lichens and other parasites. Remember that your pet must also meet the above requirements.

As soon as the pair has been matched, the moment of mating comes. It may be necessary to arrange a cat date several times to achieve the desired result. And it is quite possible that the partner will have to be changed, because each animal has its own character and they do not always agree with each other.

How to know if your pet is pregnant

A cat's pregnancy lasts an average of 60 days. A deviation of one week in one direction or another is not considered a pathology. For example, if the animaloh scare, then be prepared to meet the fluffy offspring a week later. If a cat doused premature kittens, then special, more careful care is needed for them.

In the second week of pregnancy, the animal becomes calmer, and no longer asks for a date with a cat macho. On the contrary, Murka prefers to sleep more curled up in a ball. Her appetite will increase. The portion needs to be increased and the food you give her should be carefully monitored.

The cat can be given both special food and natural food without added vitamins. She may also be tormented by toxicosis, so when you observe vomiting in your pet, do not be afraid.

A proven sign of a cat's pregnancy is an increase in her nipples, their redness. Well, she's preparing to be a nursing mother.

Getting ready for cat birth

Meowing offspring: when a cat can get pregnant

Two weeks before the expected birth, it is better to show the animal to the veterinarian. He will examine your pet and name the number of future kittens. If your pet is giving birth for the first time, then in the litter she usually has two or three babies. An already experienced mother has an average of 4-7 healthy kittens.

Also at this time it is necessary to determine the place of birth and habitat newborn kittens . The easiest way to do this is to use a box. Pay attention to the height of the sides.

A mother cat should climb into a box without problems, while babies would not be able to climb over the edges. Line the bottom of the box with oilcloth, and place a soft mat on top. If such a house is not prepared in advance, the female will choose another place for giving birth, which can easily become a wardrobe with clothes.

Cat giving birth

Well, we waited for the most important moment. With the onset of contractions, the cat begins to fuss, it can stagger and meow. This period lasts an average of six hours. If the kittens have not been born within 24 hours, you should call the veterinarian at home.

An animal can give birth to one kitten at intervals of half an hour, or it can give birth to several at once. Well, if you know the number of kittens, then you don't have to worry if the birth is over or not. If the cat pushes for more than 30 minutes and the kitten does not come out, you should call your veterinarian. It is possible that she has an obstruction.

Don't forget that at the end the cat will give birth to the placenta. The animal usually eats it, but it is better not to allow this and remove it.

It is very important to observe the born babies. As a rule, mom washes them herself. However, there are exceptions, then you will have to wipe the babies yourself with dry napkins and attach to the nipple.

This is how a cat becomes a mother. These animals have a very common maternal instinct. If your pet is very clean, then the kids will very quickly adopt her habits. You just have to watch themgrowth and development, which does not pass without funny incidents.

When can a cat get pregnant again after giving birth

How many times can Murka become a mother?

Meowing offspring: when a cat can get pregnant

Any cat can take a dip up to five times a year! However, this happens quite rarely, even in yard animals. The domestic thoroughbred animal reaches puberty later, not to mention the number of births.

So, when can your pet give birth next? After how much pregnancy is allowed by nature for a cat, can you become a mother again?

It all depends on estrus, which can occur a month after okay.

Feeding kittens with mother's milk does not in any way affect the continuation of the genus if the female has estrus (estrus). This means she is ready for the next dates .

Veterinarians advise to mate a cat with a cat at least once or twice a year. If you do not have the opportunity to add or sell kittens, then it is better to sterilize, rather than feed the animal with contraceptive pills, the quality of which is poor.

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