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May-sling - convenient for parents, comfortable for babies

The appearance of a small child in the family is not a reason to stop active life in favor of diapers and undershirts, and close yourself up for maternity leave within four walls. So decided modern women, and manufacturers of children's products supported them, releasing more and more convenient and comfortable carriers for small children.

Mai-sling is one of such carriers, which is a rectangle of fabric with four straps sewn into it. Its popularity is also explained by the fact that it is simpler than other prototypes, so it is easier for inexperienced mothers to master it.

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Benefits of May Sling

May-sling - convenient for parents, comfortable for babies

My sling is recognized as comfortable for mom and child, even a woman who sees it for the first time does not need to puzzle over how to dress and how to arrange the inside of the baby.

Everything is intuitive here. The lower straps of the carrier are tied around the waist, the upper ones are worn over the shoulders, and the baby is placed in a convenient pocket.

May-sling also has other advantages:

  • He gets on and off quickly;
  • Securely fixes the baby in the pocket, freeing two hands for mom;
  • Can be worn on two shoulders, therefore suitable for babies with a large body weight;
  • Thanks to the adjustment, it allows you to feed the baby without leaving the sling, although it will take some skill;
  • The baby's weight is distributed evenly on the bottom, hips and back, so the muscles and joints of the little person develop correctly;
  • Serves as an excellent prevention of dysplasia, due to the fact that the child's legs are spread wide to the side;
  • Has a stylish look, unlike semi-bohemian sling scarves.

The advantages of this type of carrier include the fact that a larger number of fabrics are allowed for its sewing, for example, thick materials such as jeans can be used here.

The disadvantages of the May-sling are that not all mothers manage to feed their babies in it, there are complaints about the long carrying straps, which can get dirty on the ground. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, so when choosing a carrier, you need to clearly understand what exactly you need and for what age the sling will be used.

May-sling model features

As already mentioned, the sling has longdifferent straps, their standard size is 2 meters, which allows the carrier to be used for mothers up to size 52 of clothes. If the size is larger, then when ordering or when we sew a sling with our own hands, we will add an additional 20-30 centimeters to the length.

When choosing the width of the back , you should pay attention to the fact that the larger the child, the wider it should be. The standard width starts at 35 centimeters and ends at 45. If you bought a carrier for growth and it is too wide for your baby, then put his legs around your waist, as South African women do when carrying their babies in headscarves.

When choosing the height of the back, you should focus on the preferences of the baby. If he likes to hide the handles, then it is optimal to take a carrier 55 centimeters long, and if he likes to wave his arms while in the pocket, then it is worth stopping at the model with a lower fit of 45 centimeters.

However, such an indicator as height is easily removed from oversized slings. To do this, before putting on, you need to twist the back around the waist strap.

When choosing a carrier for a newborn in order to put it on the street, you should give preference to a model with a headrest that will support the baby's head during sleep.

From what age can a child use the May Sling?

The may-sling model is considered universal, since they are used for small children of any age, starting with newborns and up to the age of three. If you intend to wear a little one in it from the first days of life, you should seek help from an experienced sling consultant who will teach you how to properly arrange the baby inside and help you choose the optimal model in which the load when wearing will be evenly distributed over the body of the little one.

As for the older age, it is acceptable up to three years. Older children are no longer so comfortable inside the pocket. For such babies, the sling is already cramped, which interferes with the correct fit inside.

How to tie a May sling correctly?

You can carry your baby in a May-sling in the cradle position, as well as on the hip, behind the back and in front of you facing you.

The position cradle is used in the may-sling for newborns:

May-sling - convenient for parents, comfortable for babies
  • To do this, the mother first ties the waist with the lower strings, then takes the child facing her and arranges him in a pocket on her side. At the same time, one hand of the child goes into the armpit of the mother. If you arrange a very small child up to 3 months in the cradle, then he fits on the back with swaddled hands.
  • Then one of the upper straps is put on the shoulder to which the baby's head lies. While doing this, hold the baby with your hand.
  • Change the hand and put the tie over the second shoulder, making sure that the bottom edge of the carrier goes under the little one’s knees.
  • Again we change hands and, taking the first upper strap behind our back, bring it forward, cross them under the baby's back, and again moving behind our back, we try to tie it from behind.

If you want to carry a child in a May-sling in a position on the hip, then do not forget that the side needs to be changed, alternately placing the little one on the left and then on the right thigh. This is done in order not to spoil the mother's posture and to allow the baby's muscle corset to develop correctly. Children from 4 months are allowed in this position.

But before you put your baby in a sling, you should first teach him to sit on his mother's hip in her arms:

  • First tie the lower carrier straps at the waist, then place the baby on your chosen hip;
  • Pull up the back . Without stopping to support the baby, catch the back strap and pass it crosswise along your back, bringing it forward;
  • Fix it under your arm and take out the second strap, throw it over your shoulder and change your hand to far ;
  • Draw the second hand behind the back and catch the strap and also pull it forward;
  • Both shoulder straps are in front. Cross them behind the child's back and pull them out from under the legs and tie them on your opposite hip.

How to sew a May-sling for a baby with your own hands?

Choose a fabric that is strong and dense, one that can stretch slightly across the width, without slipping. Recommended fabrics - heavy cotton, linen and jeans:

  • You only need a pattern for the back, the straps are sewn from long rectangular strips of fabric. First, the strips are sewn on the wrong side, then they are brought out to the front side, ironed and trimmed from all sides. For the waist strap, the width will be 10 centimeters, and the length is about 2.1 meters, for the top one - 14 centimeters;
  • When choosing a pattern, consider whether you need a headrest or a hood? If you are planning to sew a model with a headrest, then consider how you will seal it so that it can support the weight of the baby's head;
  • Cut a one-piece back from the material according to the basic pattern, up to 55 centimeters high and up to 35 centimeters wide. Don't forget about seam allowances;
  • Fold the backrest around the entire perimeter and sew on a typewriter, while fold the one-piece belt inside out and stitch it to the back, insert the waist strap;
  • Attach the shoulder strap to the top of the panel, arranging it so that one edge is on the side and the other on the top. Stitch and add decorative stitching for strength.

Done! You can try it on!

Parents who actively use the may-sling note that it is not difficult for them to carry the baby on them for several hours, since the load from the child's weight is evenly distributed throughout the body. Try it too! Live an active life, because a decree is not a reason to lock yourself at home and refusefrom the usual pleasures.

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