Breast Massage Demonstration On Female Client

Massage of the female breast

Breast massage is a great way to increase breast size for those with small or medium bust. The procedure stimulates the increase in volume, tones up the muscles, makes the forms more attractive.

Massage of the female breast is also useful from the point of view that allows you to identify abnormal changes occurring to her. During the session, you can find seals and nodes, which are symptoms of mastopathy. Early diagnosis of this problem can prevent the development of breast cancer.

Massage of the female breast

In Asia, beauty salons use massage of the female breast as lymphatic drainage and postoperative recovery therapy after surgery.

This technique stimulates tissue regeneration, promotes resorption of scars and, as a result, restores calmness to women and instills confidence in themselves and their attractiveness.

Breast enlargement massage is very popular among women. In the affected area, fats and glandular tissue are concentrated, which are extremely responsive to stimulation.

Thanks to this, the procedure is especially effective if the goal is to increase the size of the bust. Most women who have used this technique report that they feel more energized, their appearance has improved.

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Getting ready for the procedure

Modern cosmetology offers a wide range of ointments and creams that can be used during the procedure. They can be purchased at a pharmacy or beauty salon. There are creams specially designed to improve the fullness and shape of the bust.

They are designed to stimulate tissue growth and make the skin look healthy. If you don't have a special product at hand, it doesn't matter - you can use a regular nourishing face cream.

How to do breast massage will be discussed below. There are different methods for its implementation, but regardless of the approach chosen, you should remember about contraindications before starting the first session.

The course is not held if:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • the presence of seals;
  • thyroid and heart problems.

You should not experiment on your body. If there are contraindications, the course cannot be started.

Complex massage for breast enlargement

One of the most commonthe approaches used are hydromassage in combination with corrective massage.

Massage of the female breast

Hydromassage combines the classic effect, water treatment and thermotherapy. It improves muscle tone, relieves tension, lifts the bust. You need to properly adjust the flow of cool water and direct it to the breasts, away from the nipples (they are too sensitive).

You should make the shower slowly clockwise for a few minutes. In order to make the session more comfortable, at the end you can turn on the warm water.

After the water treatment, soften the skin with lotion or cream. Then a massage is performed to enlarge the breasts: the movements of the upper part should be directed towards the center, and below, on the contrary, towards the armpits. The session lasts 3-4 minutes, and it is advisable to hold it every day.

If, during the session, pain occurs with a relatively low intensity of movements, it is better to stop breast massage.

Oriental Medicine Experience

Hydromassage combined with pinpoint pressure is also popular - the brainchild of oriental medicine. The complex starts in the same way as the previous one. First, you need to massage the chest with a stream of water and lubricate it with cream.

Ancient healers discovered that between the third and fourth ribs of a person there are special points responsible for the volume of the bust. The account is conducted from the collarbone down. In the third intercostal space near the sternum, you need to find active points and gently act on them.

And here is another technique on how to do breast massage, based on oriental practices. You need to warm your hands, put your palms on your chest, spread your fingers, and start circular movements inward.

It is recommended that the number of rotations be a multiple of 36, but not exceed 360. The more circular movements you make, the better the result will be. This scheme can be applied 2 times a day.

Hygiene procedure for bust enlargement

Let's consider an alternative way of carrying out the procedure:

Massage of the female breast
  1. Breast massage begins and ends with gentle strokes that get stronger and stronger (but not enough to hurt). Gentle movements go from the nipple to the base (last 2 minutes, one on each side);
  2. Then rubbing is done. At the same time, the fingers press a little, but do not slide on the skin, displace it, unlike stroking. There will be a sensation as if some product is rubbed into the skin;
  3. The next stage is more intense rubbing with a fist of the hand while the other supports the bust. Movements are made from bottom to top and top to bottom. In general, rubbing will take about evenminutes;
  4. Vibration. Put your fingers on your chest and shake them a little (one minute each);
  5. The session ends with stroking.

It must be remembered that massage of a woman's breast is a wonderful way to tighten it without surgery, restore its elasticity, achieve the desired shape and improve well-being. The procedure does not take much time and with a regular approach will give excellent results.

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