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Making pasta buds

Daisies, lilies, roses, tulips, flowers give us a high spirits, they make us enjoy life, create, fall in love, breathe. But unfortunately, the buds are stored for a very short time: over time, they fade. What if you want to admire cheerful daisies all year round and see friends of nature 12 months of the year? It turns out that you can make your own hands pasta flowers.

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Pasta art

You may ask how to make boxes with flowers and pasta with your own hands? Let's tell you now!

For such a box you will need:

Making pasta buds
  • empty box;
  • multi-colored enamel in aerosol;
  • hot glue gun;
  • three-core wire;
  • curly flour products.

With the help of elongated pasta, we make leaves, planting them on the glue of a thermo gun. Then, from 6 round products we collect a flower: one macaroni will be the core, the rest will be petals. You will have a gorgeous five-petal chamomile. And in order to glue all the parts, you will need a heat gun.

We take a three-core wire and glue our leaves to it. Then you will need to paint them with green spray. There is one secret here: in order for the leaves and petals to come out neat, you need to remove the strings of hot melt glue with a brush, and only after that you can start coloring details .

Next, you need to attach the bud to a stem made of thick wire. Do this with the same glue gun. In the same way, collect a few more daisies so that they can be folded into a bunch.

At the very end of our process: glue a small box with curly flour products, and paint the structure with a spray gold . You can use a wide variety of pasta for this. The shape of the flour product you take will determine how the box-vase will look.

As you understood, the box decorated with pasta can be turned either into a vase and put in it the chamomiles made by your own hands, or you can simply present an original container to your friend or acquaintances.

Pasta cornflowers

Making pasta buds

A box with flowers and pasta, made by hand, can be decorated with cornflowers. To make these buds, you need bow macaros. Split them into dall parts with pliers and glue, forming a flower. And the middle of the bud will be millet painted in gold.

Then our cornflowers should be attached to the stems made using the same technology that we talked about above. The stems should have leaves that you can make using the same macaroons.

By the way, if we talk about a box for cornflowers, you can attach a silk cord with a thermal gun to it, laying out an ornament from it. You can embed curly macaroons into the bends of the tape, and then, with masking tape, remove excess adhesive. The box should be painted with brownish or silver enamel or tinted with gold.

Pasta flowers that you can make with your own hands are just a great gift for any girl of fashion. After all, you can make flower beads from the buds, and the young lady will go to flaunt in them to the playground to show off to her friends. And the girl herself will be very interested in creating buds from flour products , putting them in a decorated box. Such a souvenir will be the star of the tea party among barbie dolls!

Pasta Topiary

Do you know what a topiary is? This is a decorative ball with decorations on a stick in a pot. Do you want to make the same from flour products?

For this you need to take:

  • small flower pot;
  • an even stick of medium diameter, 25 cm long;
  • aerosol and acrylic paints;
  • glue gun;
  • several sheets of newspaper;
  • threads;
  • plaster;
  • satin ribbons;
  • flour products themselves;
  • artificial flowers, or plastic spoons.

Roll a tight ball out of newspaper sheets and wrap it with threads so that the structure does not fall apart. Then you should spread the stick decorated with satin ribbons with glue, put a ball on it, and set the other end in plaster, which you will place in the pot.

Thus, you should have the base of the topiary, consisting of a ball on a stick, standing in a pot. Then take the pasta and paste over the entire sphere. Moreover, the size of the noodles you take, and what shape it will be, directly depends on the appearance of the topiary. Spray the balloon with a spray (again, the color of the spray can be very different).

Well, the final chord of our composition: decorating it with flowers. You can make them from pasta using the techniques described above. When all the components are assembled and glued, the composition is complete.

Agree, a decorative topiary with pasta buds will undoubtedly decorate your home. In addition, such a present will not be ashamed to present not only to friends, but also to the boss at work, colleagues, or just acquaintances. And what is done on it s flowers it is from pasta , few people will guess: they will look so elegant and beautiful.

We hope that our tips will benefit your creativity, and you will learn how to create real works of art using the most common and simple pasta. And also such techniques will have a beneficial effect on the development of hand motor skills in children, on the education in them of such qualities as patience, accuracy and perseverance. In other words, there is only one benefit in pasta flowers.

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