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Making flowers from silk fabric with your own hands

Recently, artificial flowers made of handmade fabric are increasingly used to decorate gifts, interior items, clothing and accessories. Silk is most often used for these purposes, it looks expensive and elegant, however, fabric flowers can also be made from other materials - satin, textiles, leather, drape, etc.

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Create beauty do it yourself

Making flowers from silk fabric with your own hands

Making beautiful and elegant silk flowers with your own hands is a very interesting, fascinating, fascinating and at the same time painstaking process. Each stage of this handmade work, which will surely please those who like to spend their free time making various crafts, is interesting in its own way.

The selection of fabric and accessories, the purchase of jewelry made of stones, feathers and beads, the dyeing of fabric, the processing of leaves and petals and the subsequent design of the finished product are so addictive that there is no strength to break away from work for a minute! I want to create my own masterpiece as soon as possible.

It doesn't matter what exactly you are doing - a small brooch, a voluminous decoration on a dress or hairdo, a boutonniere or corsage on your arm, the most important thing is to do everything with your heart.

Why silk?

Silk is the most popular material for making flowers and other beautiful, useful jewelry, despite the fact that there are a lot of cheaper synthetic and semi-synthetic materials with similar properties on sale.

It's all about the pleasant shine of natural silk that attracts the admiring eyes of others, which persists for many years. Silk flowers, which everyone can learn the art of making, always look beautiful and very natural.

Moreover, this very delicate, soft to the touch and almost airy material is the most pliable and comfortable to work with, unlike satin and organza. Therefore, experienced craftsmen in the manufacture of such jewelry give their preference to silk.

But for novice needlewomen who are undergoing training and are just mastering the technique of making flowers from fabric with their own hands, it is recommended to start work with inexpensive synthetic fabrics. Materials such as rayon and rayon work well for training fabric .

After the hand is full , the basics of floristry are mastered, and all operations will beperformed accurately and accurately, it will be possible to move on to the use of beautiful and expensive Japanese silk for flowers.

Crafts made from natural silk shimmer, play with different colors and sparkle amazingly both in the rays of the bright sun and in good artificial lighting. In addition to the presence of external attractiveness, this material can boast of such property as high hygroscopicity.

Making flowers from silk fabric with your own hands

It dries very quickly after getting wet, while retaining the shape set after rolling the petals. Handmade silk flowers will become the most pleasant and memorable gift for any girl and woman, will perfectly decorate any interior and will revive old clothes.

The Japanese kanzashi technique is often used to make silk flowers. Flowers made using this technique can often be seen as beautiful and sophisticated decorative elements that adorn lambrequins, curtains and curtains.

The Japanese kanzashi technique involves the manufacture of 2 types of petals - sharp and round, which are folded in a special way. Making them is very easy, you just need to find some free time. This technique involves using silk ribbons of various widths as the material for the petals.

Do it yourself: what you need

If you are interested in such an exciting activity as making beautiful flowers with your own hands, you must first acquire all the necessary devices. It is not necessary to purchase any special tools that can be found in any store selling goods for hand made goods, because they are not always cheap.

It is possible to make a silk flower quite successfully and accurately both with the help of these special devices and using the usual tools that can be found in any man's repair case .

The following tools and devices are commonly used:

  • scissors;
  • knives of different shapes;
  • ruler;
  • markers;
  • brass gouges with different working surfaces;
  • soldering iron;
  • glue gun.

In addition to the items listed above, you will need a saucepan, 200 ml of water and 3 teaspoons of gelatin.

Steps to follow

First, you need to prepare a solution for processing silk. Place 200 ml of water in a saucepan, add three teaspoons of gelatin, mix well and let it brew for twenty minutes. After that, the mixture must be heated on the stove until the gelatin is completely dissolved.

When the solution becomes homogeneous, you need to dip Japanese silk into it for 3-5 minutes. The fabric should be thoroughly saturated with the solution, only then can it be removed. It is strictly forbidden to squeeze it out.

Fabric notmust be hung to dry very evenly, without wrinkles, in order to get an ideal canvas for the formation of petals and leaves of the future bud. If the purchased fabric or trimmings that were found in your home are wrinkled during storage or transportation, they must first be ironed from the wrong side.

After the fabric is completely dry, you can start forming the flower. It is necessary to cut out the required number of petals and leaves of silk impregnated with gelatin according to prepared cardboard templates. Experts recommend placing the workpieces at an angle of 45 degrees to the so-called lobar thread.

After that, you need to carefully singe the edges of all the petals, you can do this with a candle. Then, with the help of brass buns, give them the necessary bend. When all the elements are ready, you can start assembling the flower, you can do this with a needle and thread, as well as a glue gun.

Do-it-yourself flowers will be the best gift for everyone who loves everything bright and unique.

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