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Making a basket with flowers for interior decoration

How sometimes you want to do something useful and interesting. Use your enthusiasm and inspiration to create a beautiful little thing, get carried away with handicrafts and make something like that to please the eye. Any do-it-yourself trinket will certainly cheer you up and give a positive, and can also become an integral part of the decor.

Making a basket with flowers for interior decoration

For example, make a decorative wicker basket and use it to store fruits, bread, coins and other small things. Or fill with sweets or flowers. Such a colorful basket with flowers will refresh the interior.

It looks great both in the kitchen and in the living room, in the hallway, in the bedroom. It's always a win-win gift.

Hand made has long been a fashionable and popular type of present due to its originality.

Before starting this kind of work, you should be prepared for the fact that it will take patience and time, then the result obtained can be called a masterpiece. Any technique develops manual dexterity, accuracy. To perform many elements of a bead composition, you have to perform the same actions. Not everyone likes this monotony. You can imagine that when decorating a bouquet of chrysanthemums using the kanzashi technique, you will need more than a dozen petals. Therefore, you need to tune in and not abandon what you started.

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Estimate the cost products

Starting to learn how to make an attractive flower basket with your own hands, the question often arises: what is required for this, and how much the material will cost. The answer is usually pleasantly surprising. Braids of various shapes and sizes are made of paper, or rather, of the cheapest newsprint.

Only a few components are needed for fastening and painting:

  • white glue;
  • paints;
  • varnish.

The next part of creating a basket of flowers and chocolates, namely buds, stems and leaves, is also inexpensive. Beads, ribbons, corrugated paper, fishing line, stapler, Chinese sticks - a product of this category is cheap, but in skilled hands it becomes a valuable element of decor.

Let's start weaving a basket

Making a basket with flowers for interior decoration

The basket itself is made using a technology comparable to weaving from a vine. It is known that this craft is quite popular among fans of the style of Provence . All kinds of pieces of furniture have their own look, radiate the energy of comfort, harmony with nature, relaxation.

Bya basket of flowers with your own hands or a flower pot decorated in this way add charm to the whole interior.

Mastering all the subtleties of decorative art at once is quite difficult. You should follow the recommendations of experienced craftsmen and take your time.

To get started, you need a few newspapers. We cut the sheets opened in full spread into several strips 10 cm wide. Now we lay a knitting needle or a piece of wire obliquely to the corner of the strip and begin to wrap it in newspaper. Wrapping a knitting needle looks like a screw-wound paper. It should be tight enough. Then the product will subsequently be durable, not subject to damage and defects.

The process of rolling newspaper strips is the preliminary preparation of the rods of the future basket. At this stage it is important to keep the same thickness of the tubes so that the product looks decent, and not from the category babies to mothers on March 8 . The twisting density is average: the tubes should not be thin and hollow, but also not tight, rigid. It's simple - you sit and twist it, fix it with glue and start the next one until a pile of twigs forms. Nothing tricky or complicated at all.

Making a basket with flowers for interior decoration

Two identical circles must be cut out of cardboard, which are the bottom of the basket. Apply glue to the first one and apply the tubes to the center of the base.

Their number can be different: from six to twelve, sixteen, etc., depending on the diameter of the cinnamon and the density of weaving.

The stacked and glued tubes look like the sun with scattering rays. Cover with a second circle smeared with glue and press down for better adhesion. Leave it to dry completely for a few hours.

For convenience, the straws can be ironed with a rolling pin, they will crumple evenly, and are easier to work with.

We continue the weaving process. A flower basket made of homemade newspaper tubes will turn out smooth the first time, if you set the shape to the bottom, which we will braid. We fix the beginning of the tube and bend around each tube of the base from the outside, then from the inside. After the first row with the same success and zeal we weave the second. It is elementary to lengthen the paper tube: insert the next one into the free edge of the previous one by 2-3 cm, fix it with glue and safely continue weaving.

Having reached the desired height of the basket, it is necessary to shorten all the free parts of the tubes and bend inward, grabbing them with an adhesive mixture. Then cover with paint and varnish. The result is an original and useful thing, quite strong.

Making flowers

Any designer, from amateurs to professionals, will advise you to fill an empty container with something bright and fun. A bouquet of flowers or one flower will complete the composition.

Making a basket with flowers for interior decoration

Fortunately, many methods have been invented for creating artificial plants that are not inferior in beauty and unusualness to soil ones. You need to make the decoration so that you will not be ashamedgo to show.

It is necessary to choose among the kanzashi or beadwork technique according to your personal preferences and inclinations. There is a simplified option - flower baskets made of colored corrugated paper. Each technique requires a certain skill, but it's too early to despair and stop. The initiated process improves the movements with each petal and leads to the perfect result.

The kanzashi technique is very interesting. This decorative flower basket looks expensive and solid. Sunflowers, chrysanthemums, violets, poppies, chamomile look especially good. There is nothing complicated and special in the creation of the composition. This will require satin ribbons, scissors, hot glue, and a lighter. The tape is cut into pieces of the required length and the kanzashi petals are rolled. There are two main types: round and sharp. The corners and the cut of the fabric are sealed with fire. The required number of petals is harvested, then glued using a special gun with glue into a flower.

Rose lovers should try making flowers from corrugated paper. They look very gentle, natural and natural, while never drooping. Flower petals are cut out using a special stencil and assembled into a bud. The core is denser, unopened, and the outer petals are twisted with scissors and the folds of paper are slightly straightened. Gorgeous flowers are planted on a wire wrapped in green corrugated paper, a couple of leaves are glued at the base of the bud and along the stem.

Making a basket with flowers for interior decoration

Beaded flowers in an extravagant basket are generally an indicator of the highest skill. To create them, you need patience and attention, clear sequential instructions according to the scheme.

The finished flowers can be of different varieties, but all are as close to natural as possible, only nature will not force them to dry out and wither within a few days. They will delight the eye with their beauty for a long time. The source material is limited to only thin wire and colored beads.

For any flower, a technique has been developed for weaving petals, pistils, leaves.

Stringing the specified number of balls in the correct sequence, preparing individual flower details, you end up with unmatched bouquets. It is often more difficult to make a flower itself than a basket. Initially, you need to tune in to this lesson as a hobby and not rush to finish it.

As you can see, creating such beauty is simple, but it looks elegant! Happy and pleasant needlework!

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