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Love has passed, tomatoes wilted ... What's next?

Do not believe the person who says that intimacy is not the main thing in family relationships. After all, it is sex that provides an emotional and spiritual connection, gives physical relaxation, strengthens relationships and establishes an overall favorable atmosphere in the family. Because of this, you should not let the problem go by itself, when the husband does not want his own wife at all physically.

As everyday practice shows, the reasons for indifference can be very different. To facilitate the search for the one that is applicable to you, they are all divided into blocks and presented in this publication.

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Care about children

Love has passed, tomatoes wilted ... What's next?

The situation is completely predictable in which the spouse does not want to have sex after a recent birth, especially if they were partners. For some men, the sight of the pain of childbirth causes fear and even disgust, which is difficult for them to cope with. In the case of ordinary childbirth, too, sometimes there is no energy or time left for an intimate life. The baby requires constant attention, and often sleeps and lives in the same room with his parents, if he does not sleep with them in bed at all.

In such conditions, it is quite difficult to fully relax and get maximum pleasure. In addition, the chronic fatigue of both parents automatically dulls physical attraction.

Problems and stress

Another option for why a man does not want to fulfill his marital duty is the difficulties associated with his professional activities. If at work his superiors are pestering him, complex tasks and goals are set, there is no normal schedule or full salary, then you should not even dream of intimacy with him.

All that a husband needs is peace, solitude and the opportunity to protect himself from all possible irritants. Believe it or not, sex is now a routine for him, a duty, and in order to maintain good family relations, you need to correctly navigate the situation.

No love or attraction

Love has passed, tomatoes wilted ... What's next?

In the life of every married couple, there may come a period when the spouse realizes that the woman is no longer attracted to him physically, she has ceased to please him internally and externally. There may be no reasons for thishow many, but the main one is that the spouses have already studied each other perfectly, do not expect anything new from sex, their feelings are absorbed by everyday and everyday problems.

Again, desire may be absent if the spouse constantly walks around the house in frayed slippers and a greasy dressing gown, does not monitor his appearance and simply causes sexual apathy.

In the latter case, the man loves her, appreciates, respects, but does not want to.


The presence of mistrust in each other , the same way of life, difficulties at work and other problems - a direct path to the appearance of a mistress. If your spouse refuses to sleep with you in every sense, then it is likely that he gets sex on the side.

Health difficulties

In medicine, there are two categories of diseases that negatively affect the sexual activity of men. Special pathologies cause sexual dysfunction, while general ones simply provoke pain and discomfort during intercourse. All of them are solved by appropriate therapeutic methods, but the situation is complicated by the fact that the representatives of the stronger sex themselves find themselves even talking about their sexual impotence, preferring to ignore their partner.

Carrying a baby

Love has passed, tomatoes wilted ... What's next?

The answer to why a husband does not want his pregnant wife , is a banal fear.

Harm the baby, tone the uterus or provoke premature birth. A pregnant woman should be reassured by the fact that gestation does not last forever, and the man is worried about her well-being and the health of the future heir.

However, you can not wait for a happy moment, but convey to it the peculiarities of having sex during pregnancy, look for comfortable and safe positions, or take up alternative options for satisfying each other.

Solutions to the problem

Having considered all the most common reasons for the lack of attraction, it's time to move on to what needs to be done urgently if the husband does not want a wife .

Depending on the provoking factor, the tactics may be as follows:

  • Analyze your family life together, down to how you look at home, how many blankets you sleep under, and how often you have dinner together. Find the source of difficulty in sex and try to eliminate it;
  • According to the recommendations of a family psychologist , you cannot do without a frank conversation. It is better if you manage to talk calmly and heart to heart, find out the desires and claims of your man;
  • Stop nagging your spouse, put things in order in your home, make it cozy and warm, create a comfortable atmosphere and stop frankly take out your brain ;
  • Reasons if the husband does not want his wife after childbirth , usually leavevigorously, as soon as the biological rhythms of the child are adjusted, or part of the worries about him will fall on the shoulders of relatives or a nanny;
  • If the lack of sex is the result of your untidy and unattractive appearance, you will have to do everything to fix the situation. Hairdressers, beauty centers, fashion stores and even plastic surgeons and nutritionists will come to your aid;
  • When a husband does not want a wife, the advice of a professional psychologist will not bypass the question of the intimate and general diversity of life together. Travel, new acquaintances, impressions and even unusual sexual experiences are what revives the sexual side of relationships.

Classic tips look like this:

  • Organize a romantic dinner with candles, lace linen, bubble bath and aphrodisiacs for a snack;
  • Kiss, hug and caress a man more often, proving your love for him;
  • Don't hold back the urge to write or call your husband to say something nice or erotic. But consider. That if you've never done this before, your behavior may be a little discouraging for your significant other;
  • Watch films of erotic content and learn from them new tricks on how to turn on a man and bring him to ecstasy;
  • Learn to give a sexy or relaxing massage.

As you already understood, even a long-term marriage that threatens to break up due to a lack of sexual attraction can be saved if you make some effort.

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