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Lose weight or not before going to the sea

Before vacation, each of us women usually remembers that it would be nice to do sports and a little tighten saggy tummy . Unfortunately, if you start doing regular squats ten times every morning, you won't be able to lose much weight a week before the trip.

Lose weight or not before going to the sea

There is another option - you can try to lose weight at sea. After all, as you know, rest, sun and water make the figure more beautiful, and the mood - much better. But is everything so simple, or do the beauties who come from the sea without a few kilograms know some secret?

So, today we will study whether it is possible to lose weight at sea without fasting. And how to prepare your figure for open swimsuits and crowded beaches!

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How to quickly lose weight in front of the sea?

In order to quickly get rid of those extra pounds, you first need to forget about fats . And keep in mind that by fats we mean fatty and unhealthy foods such as sausages, sausages, dishes with mayonnaise or ketchup, and so on.

Of course, it is clear that you will not give up such products for the rest of your life, but you should still limit their consumption to a minimum.

The next point in our strategic plan is to avoid sweets. Fortunately, candies and cakes are not vital for the human body, unlike fats, so you can safely exclude them from the diet completely.

Let's go further! We refuse to visit McDonald's and other similar institutions. I understand that it is delicious, but, you see, it is very unhealthy. And if you want to get rid of cravings for such food once and for all, try to eat a hamburger four hours after its preparation. And I assure you, you won't even want to try such products anymore.

Do you like too salty and spicy food? Well, then, fall in love with the folds on the belly, because a slender figure and salted food cannot exist in the same universe. Attention! Do not completely exclude salt from food, its daily rate should be no more than 4-5 grams. And this dose includes not only what you put in your soup or salad, but also thatpart of the salt that is present in all products.

Another important principle of successful weight loss is to drink enough water. Note: water, not liquid. So, if up to this point you included all soups and compotes in the daily consumption rate, and you barely got one and a half liters, then I hasten to upset you - that's why you are getting fat.

Water is the engine of your body, so if it gets too little, water builds up. And this is what happens: you get fat not from eating too much, but from drinking too little.

And most importantly - the cornerstone of any weight loss system: systematic physical activity. If you do not devote at least an hour to your physical training every day, then you will not be able to lose weight quickly. The main emphasis in classes should be on running, jumping rope and exercises on simulators.

Is it possible to successfully lose weight at sea

Lose weight or not before going to the sea

Almost every girl thinks that in two weeks at sea, extra pounds will disappear somewhere, and the figure will become fit. But unfortunately, this information does not always correspond to reality. And often some young ladies manage to come home from vacation, taking with them a few friends for their hips. What's the matter?

Well, firstly, if you have already arrived at the sea and have firmly decided to lose weight there, then you should not overeat with all sorts of sweets. Yes, you can try something new, but this does not mean at all that you need to eat the food you like around the clock. One tasting should be enough.

Secondly, it is worth remembering that active swimming is the main reason for losing weight at sea. Note, ACTIVE! If you are just floundering in the water, or if you have nothing to do, you are lazily shifting your feet near the shore, then don't even count on getting rid of those extra pounds.

For effective weight loss, alternating several swimming styles is ideal. For example, alternating butterfly and crawl swimming works great for toning your muscles, forcing blood to flow faster through your veins.

And this directly contributes to getting rid of excess weight. By the way, if anyone does not know, a crawl is a swimming style, when hand strokes are done alternately, but with a butterfly - at the same time, which resembles the flapping of a butterfly's wings.

At sea, water temperature should also be taken into account. It would seem, what nonsense, what does temperature and fat burning have to do with it? But, if we delve into physiology, we will see that at temperatures below 24 degrees, our body begins to intensively burn subcutaneous fat to warm the body. But if you like swimming in twarm water, you will lose weight when you get home!

And one more piece of advice: do not concentrate only on getting rid of extra pounds. You came to the resort, first of all, to relax. But losing weight is a pleasant surprise.

How to lose weight at sea: exercise

If you have a great habit of doing exercises every morning, then upon arrival at sea, you can do it in the water.

And today we will find out what exercises can make your tummy flat:

  • Running. But you will need to run not along the shore, but in the water, you can even stand still. This should be done as follows: go into the water, the water should reach the level of the chest. And start running. You don't need to be too zealous, because the load will be greater than if you were running on land. The total running time in the water should be approximately fifteen minutes. But after this exercise, you can consolidate the effect by running a little along the beach;
  • Swing your arms. We will also make them very specifically. Go into the water again, but now the water should be at shoulder level. Spread your arms wide to the side, palms towards the shore. And now we intensively begin to rake water in front of us. And then push it to the sides again. From the outside it may seem that you have decided to play, but the load on the muscles is quite significant;
  • Scissors. To do this exercise in the water, you need to sit in the sea up to your waist. Hands rest on the bottom and do cross leg exercises. It will not be difficult for you to stay on the water, because the resistance force will push your body to the surface. Repeat this exercise fifteen / twenty times.

Repeating such simple exercises every morning, upon arrival home you will notice that the buttocks have become more elastic, the legs and tummy no longer tremble with jelly with every movement. And the whole figure looks just gorgeous. I would also like to add that if you on the beach or on the way to it see any opportunity to maintain your physical shape, then use it every day.

You can walk from the beach to the hotel in a roundabout way, and if there are stairs with a lot of steps on the way to the beach, then you must go up and down it!

Lose weight or not before going to the sea

And one more thing: it is absolutely impossible to do such exercises on a full stomach. Therefore, it can be either morning exercises, when you have not yet had time to eat anything, or do such a complex about two hours after eating. Otherwise, you may well feel bad.

Well, as an option, you can burn fat tissue, but at the same time gain muscle. So it might be worthwhile to wait a bit after your meal before heading to the natural gym.

A littleattention should be paid to nutrition. Of course, you should not eat fatty and unhealthy foods. But, while on vacation, do not forget about the huge amount of vitamins that your body can get from seasonal fruits and vegetables. So don't go hungry, just try fractional meals , and the extra pounds will disappear, as if by magic sticks.

So, we figured out how you can prepare for your summer vacation. The question of how to effectively and quickly lose weight by the sea did not go unnoticed, because not everyone wants to go to a resort with a sagging tummy. And so, you can pull it up a little more at home. And on the beach in sea water, just consolidate the results. Enjoy your holiday!

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