What Causes Evening Nausea In Pregnancy

Looking for the causes of evening nausea

Nausea is not a disease, but it can be a symptom of many diseases. The term nausea refers to an unpleasant, spasmodic sensation in the upper abdomen - under the spoon - and in the neck, where the stomach projection point is located.

This feeling arises when the peristalsis processes slow down and the tone of the gastric wall decreases.

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Reasons unpleasant state

What are the reasons for feeling sick in the morning and evening?

The main factors provoking this phenomenon:

  • diseases of the digestive organs;
  • diseases of the nervous system;
  • disruption of the endocrine system;
  • toxicosis during pregnancy.

With gastritis, gastroenteritis, reflux disease, nausea is one of the most characteristic symptoms.

In case of gastritis and gastroenteritis it provokes inflammation of the gastric mucosa, in case of reflux disease - the reflux of food contents into the esophagus:

Looking for the causes of evening nausea
  • pancreatitis causes discomfort - an inflammatory-dystrophic process in the pancreas,
  • biliary dyskinesia - impaired motility of the gallbladder;
  • cholecystitis - inflammation of the gallbladder;
  • acute conditions - appendicitis, intestinal obstruction and others.

Infectious intestinal diseases, intestinal infections are accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

The causes of nausea in the evenings can be a violation of the diet: poor nutrition or satiety just before a night's rest.

Nausea is caused directly by stressful situations and memories of them. After craniocerebral injuries with a sharp change in body position - during bending - this unpleasant sensation reminds of itself for a long time. Nausea often occurs with an attack of headache associated with changes in blood pressure, or migraine.

Many people feel sick in the evenings after a very busy day associated with emotional stress or physical exertion.

Looking for the causes of evening nausea

At night, metabolic processes are slow, but blood sugar or blood pressure may change. Nighttime nausea may indicate glycemia.

Why does one feel sick in the evenings with hypothyroidism - insufficient production of thyroid hormones? The slowdown in metabolic processes makes the production of hormones even more slowed down, which leads to inhibitiontension and loss of strength, causes dizziness and weakening of the tone of the intestinal wall.

Pregnancy is not a disease, but still ...

Toxicosis during pregnancy is a common phenomenon. It is considered classic when nausea and vomiting appear in the morning in the early stages of pregnancy, and by the end of the first trimester this unpleasant condition passes.

Practice shows something completely different - in most cases, constantly nauseous. In the evenings, in the mornings - round the clock. During pregnancy, the unpleasant condition can begin in the first trimester, and will end only after childbirth.

The following causes of nausea early on:

  • Increased production of progesterone and estrogen - metabolic processes slow down, food habits, tastes, and perception of aromas change.
  • Lack of vitamin B.
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases associated with the digestive system.
  • Kidney diseases, due to which metabolic processes slow down and toxic compounds accumulate in the pregnant woman's body.
Looking for the causes of evening nausea

Late toxicosis is very dangerous. The development of the fetus slows down, it lacks nutrients and oxygen. People with late toxicosis are usually hospitalized.

But sometimes nausea and vomiting in the later stages is provoked by an enlarged uterus, which supports the diaphragm and presses on the stomach.

The following tips will help you stabilize your pregnancy.

You need to get out of bed slowly, without making any sudden movements:

  • It is necessary to avoid stressful conditions, emotional overload.
  • Aromatherapy will help relieve unpleasant symptoms - only natural remedies must be used. Determine the pleasant smell, restoring the state, experimentally. For some, it is enough to sniff a lemon rind, a mint leaf, or a green apple to relieve nausea. These items should always be carried with you.
  • We have already found out what can be sick in the evenings during pregnancy. In this case, the last meal should take place 2 hours before bedtime. Ginger root, which is introduced into the diet as a tea infuser in combination with honey and lemon, helps to get rid of unpleasant urges. Only the drink should be weak.
  • In the later stages, the knee-elbow position helps to stop vomiting.

And at any time, the first medicinal measure for nausea is adherence to a diet that excludes foods that irritate the stomach.

Elimination of unpleasant symptoms

It is impossible to say unequivocally why nausea appears. Each case must be considered individually. Consultation of a therapist, gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, cardiologist may be required.

Looking for the causes of evening nausea

But there are general tips that can help reduce stomach irritation and tone the walls.

Meals should be systematized. No foodThere should be no swing during the day - you should eat in small portions, if possible, at the same time.

If the stomach first feels hungry and then overflows, then the body gets rid of the unpleasant sensations with the help of vomiting. Even if you suppress it, the unpleasant sensation in the esophagus will be felt for a long time, causing bouts of nausea.

Decoctions will help improve bile secretion: wild rose, immortelle, corn silk, coriander.

There are many natural medicines available to help increase bile flow.

The most famous and safest ones:

  • allochol - the drug not only improves bile secretion, but also removes toxins from the body, it contains: thickened bile, activated charcoal, garlic and nettle extract.
  • cholenzyme improves digestive processes, consists of pancreatic and bile enzymes.
  • silymar - the main active ingredient is milk thistle extract.
  • tanachezol - acts similarly to allochol, but instead of bile it contains an extract from tansy flowers.

If there is no time to mess around with broths, then they will be successfully replaced by holosas - rosehip syrup. As a bonus, this tool will delight you with an increase in immunity. The drug should not be taken in case of diabetes mellitus.

In case of diseases of the endocrine system, the appointment of hormonal drugs will help get rid of nausea.

And one of the important conditions for the normalization of the state is diet. Nausea will gradually recede if you remove fatty and spicy dishes, smoked meats from the diet, replace saturated meat broths with soups on a weak vegetable broth. Also, doctors advise to eat food in a crushed form - when large pieces are swallowed, gagging may occur.

If the feeling of nausea appears regularly, you should definitely identify the factor provoking this condition.

Vomiting is a signal from the body that pathological changes are taking place in it. Do not wait until the deterioration reaches a critical point. Nausea is a good reason to see a doctor.

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