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Long braid - burdening beauty

Hair is one of the main feminine virtues and wealth. Long, well-groomed - they will always make their owner stand out from the crowd.

Long braid - burdening beauty

But even the most beautiful long curls can get tired, and literally. Collected in a bun, braid or tail, they weigh a lot - they pull the head back, as a result of which the blood supply to the cervical spine is disrupted.

On the scalp, when a heavy bun is loosened or a braid is unraveled, a feeling of running goosebumps appears.

Trim the braid to the root? So much time and effort has been invested in it - it's a pity to part with such wealth. Haircuts for long hair will make the hair lighter, and allow you to continue to be proud of beautiful long curls.

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Fashion 2015

Long braid - burdening beauty

Modern stylists and hairdressers prefer to work with haircuts for long hair. 2015 offers many options for a wide variety of hairstyles. It is on long curls that the master can fully demonstrate his virtuosity and skill.

The most fashionable options this season:

  • cascade;
  • bob;
  • ladder.

Depending on the quality of the curls, the wishes of the client and the capabilities of the hairdresser, each of the hairstyles will emphasize individuality and make its owner more stylish.

Features of different hairstyles

A cascade haircut for long hair this season is performed on strands of any length. Not so long ago, stylists advised this hairstyle for women with an oval-shaped face, but since many variations have been developed for a given motive, everyone can afford to cut strands in this style. Advantages of this haircut: it adds volume to thin hair, and facilitates dense heavy hair, puts curly hair in obedient curls.

The following tips and tricks from stylists will help you choose the most suitable hairstyle:

Long braid - burdening beauty
  • If the face has the shape of an oval, then just choose the style you like. Everything suits such persons - this is a universal form;
  • If the face is elongated, then it is advisable to supplement the haircut with bangs. You do not need to trim it under the scalp or lower it so that it covers your eyes. Milled, straight, medium length, or torn with a few highlighted strands will do an excellent job - it will correct a wide high forehead. The styling method depends on individual preference;
  • Chubby women should complement their hairstyle withwith bangs - this style helps to visually lengthen the face and create a more harmonious image.

Graduated haircut for long hair in 2015 - this is also called a cascade - is performed in the following variations:

  • classic - the length of the strands increases smoothly, from the crown to the ends;
  • with bangs - corrects the shape of the face;
  • graduated - the ends of the strands are processed in a special way;
  • super-trendy, torn - hairs are cut unevenly, concentrated in one area of ​​the head.
Long braid - burdening beauty

The degree of calibration can only be determined experimentally. Depending on the structure of the hair, you can get completely different images by cutting the strands using the same technology.

Before choosing a cascade from the many hairstyles options, you need to know: this haircut will look good if your hair is well-groomed. This hairstyle will visually make the split dull hair even more wretched. However, curls should be groomed constantly - regardless of whether they are cut or braided.

Ladder haircut for long hair is suitable for any type of face and an obstacle for it can only be the structure of curls. Its technology is rather complicated. The shortest strands are at the crown, above the ears, the curls can be dissolved to the full length. When the hair is curly or hard, it will not be possible to keep the hairstyle in order, even if you use the most modern styling products every day. 2-3 hours - and a funny hedgehog will be on the top of the head.

Owners of straight thin hair, this haircut will help to visually look curvy beauties. Styling is easy - washed, dried individual curls with a hairdryer, after curling them with a brush, and that's it.

A bob cut for long hair helps to shape the face.

Her main differences from other haircuts:

  • required side parting;
  • straight, very clear, deliberately accentuated lines;
  • tips tucked in;
  • the back strands are shorter than the front ones.

There are several hairstyles:

Long braid - burdening beauty
  • Graduated bob - adds splendor, makes the hair thick. This effect is achieved by a multi-layer technique, using thinning scissors and a razor. You can stack it as you like. Using an iron, curling with a curling iron, curling on curlers;
  • Asymmetric bob. The strands on the right and left sides have different lengths, which immediately makes the owner of the hairstyle original and hides possible defects in appearance. The difference between the length of the curls can be any - from a few mm to 10-20 cm. For women with large angular features, a haircut adds femininity and softness, visually reduces a wide chin and forehead;
  • Bob with long bangs. Choosing the shape of the bangs,are based not only on their own preferences and styling capabilities, but also on the type of their face. Beautiful big eyes will be even more expressive if you cut the oblique bangs. Against her background, neither a big nose nor chubby cheeks will be noticeable. An even, straight, thick bangs with proportional strict lines fits the face of an ideal shape.

One of the most popular haircuts for long hair in 2015 is the bob. This hairstyle was chosen for themselves by Celine Dior, Naomi Campbell, Mila Jovovich and many other stars.

There are a lot of haircut options - with bangs and without bangs, different partings. You can modify the haircut depending on the cut angles. An asymmetrical bob is also popular, when the strands are cut at the same angle, but on one side the length of the front layer of hair reaches the earlobe, and on the other, it covers the shoulder.

Hair styling

Long braid - burdening beauty

It is not enough to make a beautiful haircut for long hair - the hairstyle will look stylish if it is properly styled. If a woman has walked with long hair all her life, braiding it in braids or pinning it into a ponytail or a roller, then it will be difficult for her at first to cope with the task.

Modern styling products will come to her aid: mousses, gels, foams, wax, varnishes, and various tools: curling irons, irons, old faithful curlers, tongs and a curling iron and, of course, a hair dryer.

Want to put strands one by one? Hair is straightened with an iron. Make big curls? Hair curlers and hair dryer with a round brush, small curls - curling iron or tongs.

Women's haircuts for long hair this year differ, more than ever, with a huge variety. Just do not forget - slight negligence is fashionable this season. Maybe you should replace the medium to long-lasting lacquer on your dressing table with a gel that gives your hair a moisture effect? ​​

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