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Liquid washing powder: the main advantages of the product

A large selection of household chemicals confuses the modern consumer. On the shelves of hardware stores, you can find hundreds of different types of laundry detergents. Many are accustomed to the classic granulated laundry detergent. But liquid detergent gels are becoming more and more popular. They have many advantages and benefits over conventional powders.

Liquid laundry detergent - what is it?

Today, there are three forms of detergents for removing stains:

  • powder,
  • tablet,
  • liquid.

The first is a familiar option for everyone. The second is usually used in household laundry at large enterprises. And the third is only gaining popularity in our country. In Europe and America, up to 50% of families buy gel.

Housewives most often try each of the options and choose the most suitable for themselves. This is how you can evaluate all the pros and cons of each tool.

Liquid laundry detergent is a detergent for washing various types of fabrics and clothes that looks like a gel. It contains a high concentration of detergents. This property can be a significant savings in time and money compared to other types of clothing cleaners.

Initially, the gel was used for hand washing delicate fabrics. But over time, detergents for washing machines began to gain more and more distribution. They are suitable for washing wool, silk, cotton, viscose, linen, synthetics.

The main benefits of liquid detergent are:

  • Has a mild effect on clothing. This guarantees a more gentle wash and preserves the color and integrity of things;
  • Has a gentle composition. Therefore, the likelihood of particles entering the respiratory tract and other organs becomes minimal. This significantly reduces the likelihood of allergic reactions;
  • Liquid gel for children and regular gel dissolves perfectly in water;
  • Does not leave stains and streaks on things;
  • A conditioner is used in liquid gels. After washing, the items are pleasant to the touch and have a pleasant aroma;
  • Do not crumble or get wet;
  • Suitable for all types of fabric;
  • A dispenser lid is always included with the package. With its help, it is easy to pour the gel in the required amount.

Liquid laundry detergent for children - pros

All mothers take the necessary measures to keep their children safe. This also applies to washing. After all, children's things need special care. This is especially true for babies up to a year. One of the favorite and popular brands of children's liquid detergent is Eared nanny.

Baby gel is great for all types of clothes, including bedding. The manufacturer claims that it copes perfectly with all the typical childhood stains: the resultlife activity of children, blood, fruits, vegetables, grass.

What are the advantages of liquid baby products:

  • Gel packaging takes up little space in the bathroom;
  • Has the ability not to crumble, it is impossible with gel;
  • Hypoallergenic baby powder - baby's skin is protected from allergies and irritations;
  • Does not leave streaks: baby clothes remain in their original form;
  • A few drops can be applied to a dirty surface for immediate action;
  • Baby gel is suitable for washing in cold water;
  • Low foaming;
  • It can be used to wash dishes.

The main advantage of most gels is economy. It is quite expensive, but it is consumed more slowly than conventional powder. On average, 1 liter of gel is equal to 3-4 kg of the product in granules.

Where to pour liquid powder in the washing machine

Ordinary washing powder is poured into a special container in the washing machine. For many, the question arises - where to pour the liquid product?

Instructions for the use of liquid gel answers all important questions. The product is poured into the same container as ordinary powder. Only when using the gel, the compartment remains completely clean after washing. After washing powder, stains often remain in the container. In this case, be sure to rinse this part of the machine after use and leave it to ventilate so that mold does not appear.

A dispenser for liquid powder in a washing machine comes complete with packaging. The lid itself is a universal container.

One of the advantages of liquid detergent is the ability to pour it into the drum itself. The consistency and composition of the gel completely excludes the possibility of white stains on clothes. In order to pour the detergent into the drum during washing, some manufacturers produce special capsules.

Rating of liquid detergents

From the huge variety of liquid gels for washing it is difficult to choose the right option. All manufacturers promise perfectly clean clothes, lure with bright packaging and unique offers. Here are some of the main manufacturers:

  1. Ariel (Ariel) - thick white gel with a touch of condensed milk. The brand offers several types of liquid detergent depending on the type of fabric. The manufacturer promises that the powder will not create streaks and streaks, and will leave things with their original color and structure. The clothes will have a pleasant scent after washing.
  2. Tide (Tide) is the most popular gel in Russia. Its advantage is minimal consumption. The manufacturer guarantees that 3 liters of gel is enough for 65-70 washes, depending on the volume of the washing machine. And this amount of funds is equal to 9 kg of a similar powder. This brand of liquid has a composition that is suitable for colored laundry.
  3. Persil (Persil) - high-quality and economicalliquid powder. Its unique composition guarantees perfect cleanliness from the first wash. The manufacturer claims that stains will be removed instantly, and the clothes will have a pleasant aroma and freshness. Suitable for quick washing, as it washes at a temperature of 30 degrees.
  4. Myth is a gel-like slurry. This brand promises perfect relief from all stains and dirt. The uniqueness of the offer lies in the gentle care of the fabric and color. The myth has a gentle composition. The consistency makes the garment soft to the touch.

Which washing powder is better - liquid or dry

The appearance of liquid gels causes skepticism among some housewives. But, before drawing any conclusions, it is worth purchasing and testing, comparing dry and gel products.

The benefits of dry powder include:

  • Washes better on rough fabrics;
  • It can be used in boil mode. Therefore, more difficult stains are easy to remove;
  • Convenient for hand washing, as it foams quickly and easily;

The use of granulated detergent powder can get into the eyes, nose and respiratory tract. Many people have allergies. It is inconvenient to store it as it crumbles and can get wet.

Another disadvantage of ordinary powder is that it often leaves white streaks on clothes. To avoid this, you need to use an additional rinse mode.

Gel also has its drawbacks:

  • More difficult to deal with old stains;
  • Shelf life is much shorter than that of conventional powder;
  • Not suitable for hard water;
  • Harder to handle dirt in hand wash conditions.

The main argument in choosing a product for removing stains from clothes is cost. You can only make a profitable purchase if you calculate how many washings this or that product will last.

Each detergent has its disadvantages and advantages. Only by trial you can find the best option for yourself.

Liquid detergent is a convenient helper for any housewife. It has many advantages: it is compact, easy to dose, and does not cause allergies. The assortment offered by household supermarkets is very wide. All bottles with the product have a dispensing cap. But the choice in the end depends only on your preferences.

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