What Causes Chapped Lips?

Lips cracking and peeling - what is the reason?

The skin on the lips does not have sebaceous glands, in comparison with the body it is more sensitive, defenseless and vulnerable. The main force of impact from exposure to sunlight, strong wind, frost, dry air is taken up by our delicate sponges.

Lips cracking and peeling - what is the reason?

The surface of the skin on them has a thin skin, so they often dry, crack, peel off. They are dehydrated as a result of dry air in winter, strong gust of wind, low indoor humidity.

The cells of the shell remain without moisture, as a result, it becomes fragile, the sponges dry, and small cracks appear on top of them. Cracks cause pain during contact with heat, acid contained in food.

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Why lips peel off? Causes and symptoms

The reasons why the mouth suffers can be different, the symptoms are also slightly different. So, they can peel off for the following reasons:

Lips cracking and peeling - what is the reason?
  • From weathering and frost . When the skin is weathered in the cold, at first there is a feeling of tightness, then it begins to burst with cracks.
  • UV protection . They often burn in the sun, followed by swelling, itching, pain.
  • Jams . Cracks appear in the corners of the mouth, they are called seizures, which cause discomfort and pain. In these places, the mouth constantly opens, so the seizures heal for a long time. They occur when there is a lack of vitamins, minerals, or the presence of an allergy to any food.
  • Herpes . When it appears, the skin is very itchy, there is a burning sensation. Then a bubble appears, the dermis peels off, dries. Herpes comes out as a result of a decrease in the immune system, infection, infection with the herpes virus.
  • Heilit . In other words, it is an inflammation of the border of the mouth. May occur when using poor quality cosmetics. And it can appear as a result of the development of candidiasis, in which the corners of the lips become red and flaky. The causative agents of candidiasis are yeast-like fungi. Peeling, swelling, cracks and grooves, dryness, burning, soreness are noted.
  • Hives . The cover of the mouth stretches, becomes dry, they begin to crack strongly. Hives appear around and on the mouth. This phenomenon is associated with nlack of vitamins and minerals.

If the lips crack and peel and at the same time begin to fade, then this may be due to the frequent consumption of tobacco, alcohol, severe stress, lack of walks in the fresh air, sleep problems, age-related changes. Various diseases within the body can also be the cause.

What should you do if your lips dry and flake off? Treatment methods

The first thing you need to know when chapping lips and peeling them is the inadmissibility of their constant licking. Of course, when they are dry, you often want to lick, but you shouldn't do it. As the saliva begins to evaporate, the mouth will dry even faster. Saliva contains acids, they are involved in the breakdown of food during the chewing process, and therefore can cause irritation when it comes into contact with damaged skin.

Lips cracking and peeling - what is the reason?

Methods of treatment are selected depending on why the skin begins to peel off in the corners of the lips and on their entire surface. The universal rule is the use of a special balm, taking vitamin complexes and immunostimulants.

If they are damaged as a result of strong chapping, lips should be lubricated with hygienic lipstick. Jojoba oil, beeswax, almond oil, castor oil, cocoa oil, Panthenol also helps. Honey perfectly heals wounds, makes the dermis soft and tender. You can use fatty cream or cosmetic oil.

If you are burnt under the influence of ultraviolet light, then you can use lipstick with sunscreen filters for your lips, it will create a thin protective film. Suitable remedies for sunburn, Panthenol , sour cream, yolk and cottage cheese masks.

When biting, it is better to give up sour and spicy food for a while so that it does not irritate the thin skin once again. You can smear the corners with Synthomycin ointment , it eliminates inflammation. It is recommended to paint with lipstick, which contains only natural ingredients: honey, wax, cocoa butter, aloe. You should also drink a course of vitamins and minerals. In case of herpes, it is better to consult a doctor, he will prescribe pills, ointments.

In case of inflammation of the border, it is important to follow a diet, temporarily give up sweets, consume more protein, vitamins from group B. The doctor may prescribe antifungal drugs, antibacterial agents.

Lips cracking and peeling - what is the reason?

When hives appear, eat more vegetables, herbs, fruits, nuts, berries, fatty fish and red meat. It is advisable to take tests and visit a doctor to prescribe immunomodulators and vitamins.

If the layer of epidermis on the lips becomes pale, it is better to quit smoking, walk more in the air, be less nervous and try to get enough sleep. After brushing your teeth, you can do a light massage with a clean brush, rub in honey or castor oil.

Lip Caremi

No less important is the daily care of the lips, then they will always be beautiful and fresh. A modern woman should take care of them no less than dermis on her face and body.

Proper care does not take much time, it is easy to take care of them yourself at home:

Lips cracking and peeling - what is the reason?
  • Vitamins . The mouth needs regular nutrition. To do this, you need to do them daily moisturizing and nutrition procedures. Liquid vitamins A, E are best suited, they are available in any pharmacy. Every day it is necessary to lubricate the top layer of the skin with vitamins. Instead of vitamins, you can use ordinary fish oil, it contains a lot of useful substances;
  • Massage. Lubricate the mouth with vegetable oil and massage easily for a few minutes with your fingers. Thanks to this procedure, metabolic processes in this place are accelerated, blood rushes;
  • Honey wrap . Honey is a storehouse of nutrients, vitamins and microelements. They need to lubricate the entire top layer and the area around the mouth;
  • Moisturize with aloe juice . Dry lips look terrible. You can moisten them with aloe juice, this is one of the most effective ways. The pulp of the plant should be applied several times a week, kept for 15 minutes. You can buy ready-made juice at the pharmacy and make masks - moisten the sponge and apply to the upper layer of the epidermis. The plant moisturizes and nourishes well;
  • Ice . If you wipe your lips with a piece of ice in the morning and at night, then their tone rises;
  • Cosmetics. The use of balms and hygienic lipsticks as a prophylaxis against peeling and cracking will not hurt . They not only nourish and moisturize, but also protect from the sun, frost, strong wind, heal wounds, give the lips a natural shine. These products can be used under makeup and base lipstick;
  • Masks . At home, you can make fruit masks from apple, banana and kiwi. Put the fruit pulp on the top layer of the dermis, press with a napkin and hold for 15 minutes. Natural yogurt is also a great option for a mask, you need to do it several times a week before bed.

Lips, as a rule, are given much less time than other areas of the skin, but in vain, because they show age as clearly as the skin on the body and face. Wrinkles and cracks also appear on them, and if you start this condition, it will be much more difficult to get rid of such horror.

They will always attract the close attention of the male half, so they must be carefully looked after, like everyone else.

Make masks, lubricate sponges with natural products, use good cosmetics, nourish and moisturize them, and thenyou do not have to look for an answer to the question of what to do if your lips are very flaky. With good care, they will always be gentle, beautiful, desirable and inviting.

Why Do Your Lips Get Chapped?

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