Making Swedish Lingonberry Jam

Lingonberry jam

Lingonberry jam is a delicious dessert made from bright red lingonberries. Their taste is slightly sour-tart with bitterness, but together with sugar or other fruits and berries, it turns out amazingly delicious!

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How did lingonberry jam come about

Lingonberry jam

White-pink flowers bloom on a small evergreen shrub. Soon, instead of small flowers, round fruits appear on branched stems.

They are popularly called boron berries (lingonberries). Do you know why? Because these plants grow in forests, among pines and firs.

If you constantly use upland berries, then you will feel vigorous, healthy, energetic, forever young man. The life of the lingonberry bush is long, it is not afraid of either cold weather or heat, since it contains a large amount of the most useful substances.

Hostesses, knowing about the benefits of berries, have come up with many ways to preserve their properties. Due to the content of benzoic acid in fruits, it becomes possible to increase the shelf life of the treat.

But still, so that there is no souring or fermentation, you can make various drinks and desserts from them (for example, lingonberry jam), blanks, sauces, or simply dry or freeze.

Nature has endowed the fruits of this plant with medicinal components, but not a sweet taste. Therefore, with the addition of granulated sugar, spices, spices, they acquire a unique flavor. What excellent jam, liqueur, marinade for meat, tincture, jam, kvass, confiture - these are just real delicacies!

How to make delicious lingonberry jam

In order for the lingonberry jam to really work out, you need to know the following points:

  1. The boletus should be ripe, but not overripe. It is necessary to harvest at the beginning of maturity, that is, in August-September.
  2. In the morning, the redox enzymes of the fruits are active, so at these hours you need to go to the forest to harvest.
  3. If you see signs of damage, frostbite, rot on the berries - do not take them.
  4. Use soft well water for syrup.
  5. It is not advisable to cook jam in an aluminum dish - fruit acids destroy aluminum.
  6. You can add subtle notes to the dessert with cinnamon, cloves, rosemary, thyme, honey.
  7. Try diluting the astringency with other berries, fruits, zest, juice, dried fruit or nuts.
  8. When finished, the berries should become translucent and soft.

What are the benefits of lingonberry jam

Lingonberry jam

Despite the fact that the berries are thermally processed, their healing substances are still preserved in large quantities.

So, lingonberry jam contains the following complex of advantages:

  • natural storehouse of vitamins and minerals;
  • enhances resistance to viral, colds;
  • improves bowel function with increased gas production, accumulation of toxins;
  • a natural antibiotic that suppresses microbes, fungi;
  • antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic effect on the body;
  • improves vision, relieves fatigue and eye strain;
  • calming effect on the nervous system;
  • improves heart health, improves blood flow;
  • lowers blood pressure;
  • removes salts from the urinary tract.

All this will allow you to rejuvenate your body, tone it up. If you make such a jam, you will find not only a delicious dessert, but also a medicine for the prevention and treatment of many diseases.

Lingonberry Jam Recipes

Each recipe for a delicious dessert described below is intended for use both immediately and as a preservation. In winter, this preparation will be very useful for you to heal a little or just enjoy tea with tea.

To do this, we prepare jars, steam or sterilize. Pour ready hot jam, cork it.

Recipe 1. Lingonberry jam with spices and honey:

Lingonberry jam

  • 1 kg of fruit;
  • 0.7 kg of honey;
  • half a glass of water;
  • piece of cinnamon;
  • 3 carnation buds;
  • 1 tsp lemon peel.

Sort out the fruits, wash. Boil water, dip the berries in it for three minutes, so that the bitterness goes away. Then pour them into the cooking utensils, add water, honey (if you are not a fan of honey, you can replace it with sugar, a pound will be enough). Cook until tender. Add seasoning at the end.

Recipe 2. Lingonberry jam with apples and walnuts:

  • 500 g red berries;
  • 500 g apples;
  • kilogram of sugar;
  • 250 g shelled walnuts.

Apples can be taken as small sour,and large sweet. We clean them from seeds, wash them, cut them into slices. Nuts with a crumbling knife into small grains. We sort out the berries, rinse them under running water.

Put the ingredients in a saucepan, cook over low heat after boiling for ten minutes. Simmer, then boil again for 10 minutes, and so on three times. This process allows you to preserve as much of the benefit and integrity of the fruit structure as possible. Everything is soaked in letting juice, thus creating an extraordinary dessert.

Recipe 3. Jam with lingonberries and oranges:

  • 800 g berries;
  • 800 g thin-skinned orange;
  • 1 kg of sugar.

My oranges and berries. Cook the berries over low heat. Cut the oranges into slices, twist them through a meat grinder, removing the seeds. We add them to the berries that have been cooked for 15 minutes. Cooking for another 20 minutes. This recipe is more suitable for making pie filling.

Recipe 4. Lingonberry jam with pears:

  • 1 kg of red fruits;
  • 0.8 kg of pears;
  • 1.2 kg granulated sugar;
  • 10 g ground cinnamon.

Wash the fruits, cover with sugar. Cook until tender. Peel and core the pears. Boil water, lower them for five minutes.

As you can see that the fruits are beginning to reach readiness, you need to add pears and cinnamon to them. Turn off after 15 minutes.

Recipe 5. Lingonberry jam with apples and oranges:

Lingonberry jam

  • 1 kg of fruit;
  • 5 large apples;
  • 3 oranges;
  • 1 kg of granulated sugar.

My fruits, apples, oranges. We twist separately through a meat grinder. Only first remove the peel from the apples and the orange, remove the seed chamber from the first fruit, and the white film from the second.

Boil fruit with half the sugar, then reduce heat, cook for 15 minutes. Do not forget to stir. Add the fruits, the rest of the sugar, mix. After ten minutes, turn off. Let it cool for a few minutes, then pack it in jars.

Recipe 6. Lingonberry jam for dressing dishes:

  • 1 kg of red berries;
  • stem of rosemary;
  • sprig of thyme;
  • 4 Art. l. honey;
  • 20 g butter;
  • 1 tsp lemon juice;
  • 5 g black pepper

Put honey, rosemary, thyme into a large frying pan, heat for two minutes, stirring. Then add washed berries, oil, juice, pepper, mix.

Cook over low heat for 15-20 minutes. After cooling down, put in jars, store in the refrigerator.

We wish you bon appetite and good health with our healthy recipes!

How to make lingonberry jam recipe home easy

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