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Life after a divorce from her husband: how not to go crazy and live on?

Few of the women who put their signature at the bottom of a marriage certificate for the first time think that the long-awaited union may fall apart. Unfortunately, the statistics are relentless, and almost a third of families are falling apart. Why it happens?

Life after a divorce from her husband: how not to go crazy and live on?

Oh, there are a lot of reasons, but the main one is that the younger generation prefers to get away from problems, and not solve them, as the older generation did. Now, as much talk and gossip is not associated with his ex-wife as it was before, and he feels quite comfortable in modern society.

But, before becoming free again in every sense of the word, acquiring a new admirer and creating another unit of society, a woman has to go through a thorny and difficult path, which can lead her to something other than where this proposal began. So is there life after divorce, or should you expect nothing more?

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Divorce Stage One

Let's be honest: a rare woman who received a divorce certificate uncorks a bottle of champagne or orders a fireworks. Yes, this happens, but in the overwhelming majority of cases, everything is quite the opposite. Having officially said goodbye to her husband, the former keeper of the hearth feels ruined, abandoned, unable to keep her family and continue to live on.

It seems that that stone wall, behind which it was so safe and calm, collapsed at one moment, and behind it there was a mountain of problems and difficulties, and it is unrealistic to overcome them alone.

This stage of life is quite normal and natural, and almost every woman who has been married passes through it. It is especially difficult if the family has small children, or several offspring.

It instantly becomes clear that the husband still performed some of the responsibilities of caring for and maintaining the children, and without him it will be much more difficult. Household trifles are added here, all this turns into an unbearable burden, and a period of depression sets in.

What to do with the depressed state?

The life that began immediately after a divorce from her husband seems bleak, meaningless and incomplete. A woman plunges headlong into her experiences, fears and anxieties, not noticing how everything around gradually comes to an abandoned state. What to do, how to get out of depression yourself, and quickly return to normal existence?

In fact, advice on how to improve your life after a divorce is prosaic and known to every second person, but it's harder to put them into practice than to read andwhether to listen again from a friend / mother and other environment.

So choose:

Life after a divorce from her husband: how not to go crazy and live on?
  • Seek professional psychological help. Do not spare the required amount of money, time, do not be ashamed and do not hesitate to visit a professional, cry on his sofa, express to an uninterested person everything that worries you. Believe me, it will make you a hundred times easier just from this, not to mention the fact that a psychologist will help to kill insecurity, fear, apathy and pessimistic mood in yourself;
  • Can't afford a visit to a psychologist? Do not under any circumstances lock yourself in your room, and do not avoid communication with loved ones. You don't need to pretend that nothing happened, hide your pain or sadness from your children and family. All this is natural and appropriate, I want to cry - do it, I want to shout - do not even hesitate, if you want to break a photo frame with a marriage photo card - go ahead! Such emotional outbursts are simply necessary in order to establish internal balance and quickly get rid of the accumulated negativity;
  • A new life after a divorce will never begin if you do not go beyond your office or apartment. No matter how hard it is, accept the offers of friends to go to a club, to a cinema, theater, to an exhibition, or just to go out into nature. It sounds corny, but this is the only way you will see a new life in which you are your own mistress, and where you no longer need to obey the foundations and ways. Freedom is what all married women dream about, and what their men cannot fully give them.

Back to full life

The new position in life, successfully taken by the ex-wife, becomes a kind of impetus to partially or completely change oneself. The scale of change depends entirely on the woman's financial situation, her courage, determination and desires, which have long been sitting on their heels.

Standardly, it all starts with experiments with looks. And this is correct, since the lady has time to take care of herself, to track fashion trends, she has a desire and desire to look so as to arouse the interest and upset of her ex-husband.

Added to all this is a secret desire to acquire a new, more worthy boyfriend or sexual partner. As you know, only the attention of the opposite sex makes a woman bloom and exude beauty.

In an effort to change your appearance, you do not need to try to create the most extravagant, defiant and noticeable image. Love yourself the way nature created you, but do not miss the opportunity to correct her mistakes and emphasize achievements. Change your hairstyle, hair color, update your wardrobe. Be stylish, gentle, romantic, sophisticated and graceful. And then a new partner will not be long in coming.

It is a little more difficult to answer the question of whether there is sex life after divorce. In this case, there are several options for the development of events. So, for example, if the new sexyligature begins literally a few days after the divorce, then it is quite possible to say that a woman is taking revenge on her ex-spouse and is trying to urgently improve her self-esteem.

Life after a divorce from her husband: how not to go crazy and live on?

As a rule, right after the perfect, the lady experiences terrible pangs of conscience, realizes that she hastened and made the wrong choice and the depression becomes even more severe.

There are no clear time lines for when to start a sexual relationship. You should enter into a new relationship only when you are completely sure that you are not at all interested in how your man's life will turn out after a divorce, you are free in the moral and physical sense, you are not constrained by any conventions and thoughts about the marriage you have experienced.

Finally, I would like to add that in most cases, life after a divorce is really just beginning. It is he who becomes a powerful impetus to new achievements: in work, personal and social life, in dreams and desires.

Master pole dancing, go camping, and don't give up on parties and blind dates. And now let your ex begin to worry about the question, but there is life after a divorce from a failed wife.

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