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Let's take care of our hands

In creating a beautiful figure, hand exercises are of no small importance. Many girls, taking care of beauty, forget about this part of the body. And completely in vain.

Let's take care of our hands

Various simulators can come to the rescue, training with and without dumbbells. You will have an attractive body and well-formed arms. Remember, a full body warm-up is a must before starting your workout.

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Warm up

Perform all movement vigorously. At the end of the warm-up, the whole body should be warmed up for further effective exercise.

The warm-up complex includes:

  • Rotational movements of the neck. Smoothly turn your neck first to the left and then to the right. Do ten reps;
  • Raising the shoulders. Raise your shoulders up, tilting them slightly forward, make a semicircle and lower them down. Do seven reps;
  • Raising hands. Grasp the waist with your left hand, and lift your right hand up and stretch to the left, tilting the body. Do 10 reps. Then change the position of your hands - the right hand to the waist, and raise the left and stretch to the right. The number of repetitions is the same as before;
  • Body slopes. Legs are even shoulder width apart. It is necessary to make bends alternately to each leg. Bend over several times - 10-15 reps;
  • Body turns. Place your hands on your waist, turn the body one by one, first to the left and then to the right. Do ten reps on each side;
  • Raising the legs. Stand up straight, raise your arms perpendicular to the body - in front of you. Raise your legs, pull your right leg to your left arm, and your left leg to your right arm. Do some reps;
  • Development of knee joints. Place your feet together, bend your knees. Rotate to the right and then to the left. Do ten times;
  • Development of the foot. Place your foot on your toes, twist your foot to the left and then to the right several times. Repeat the same for the second leg;
  • Running in place. Bend your knees slightly, watch your breathing. Warm up - running on the spot should take b five minutes.

After that, you can start exercises to strengthen the muscles of the arms. The body is warmed up, euif you do everything correctly, you can avoid various injuries.

Comprehensive Workout - Arm Muscles

The first stage of the workout consists of an easy program, similar to a warm-up, but only for the arms:

  • Exercises for the hands. Stand straight, arms spread apart. Rotate in turn with the right and then the left brush. Do twenty rotations on each side. Then perform rotational movements with two brushes simultaneously - 15 times;
  • Warm up the elbow joint. Take a similar body position - body straight, arms to the side. Bend your elbows, rotate your left elbow towards you, then your right elbow. Perform fifteen times on each side. Then make rotational movements with two elbows at the same time;
  • Warm up the shoulder joint. Starting position of the body, arms to the side. Rotate with your whole arm, you should feel how the shoulder girdle works. First, warm up on each side separately, and then on two at the same time;
  • Combination. Do exercises for the muscles of the arms, combining the previous activities, for example, rotate the hand with one hand, and rotate at the elbow with the other, show your imagination. You should feel a pleasant tension.

Exercise without dumbbells

Let's take care of our hands

So, let's start exercises for arms without using dumbbells:

  • Feet shoulder-width apart, tilt the body forward, hands are at the bottom perpendicular to the floor. Start the lesson, pull your arms towards you, making a jerk. Perform first on two sides, then with each part of the body separately. Do multiple approaches;
  • The body is in a straight position, spread your arms to the side, bending at the elbows. Straighten your arms in front of your ribcage, then return them back to their original position with your elbows bent. Movements should be sharp. Do three sets ten times.


Push-ups will use not only the biceps and triceps, but also the belly, pectoral muscles:

  • Lightweight version. Take a lying position, place your hands shoulder-width apart, resting your hands on the floor. Connect the legs together in one line, the support is on the knees, the lower leg can be raised up. If this is more convenient for you, you can connect the shins by crossing them. Tighten the abs and buttocks, start the lesson, lower the body down while bending your elbows. Elbows and upper body work, you should feel tension in the muscles. Do twenty times three sets;
  • Classic push-ups. Fix the position of the body, resting your palms and socks on the floor. Hands should be shoulder width apart. Start push-ups, make sure your body is even, tighten your abs, pinch your buttocks. Try to get as low as possible. Do as many repetitions as possible for youth;
  • Seated push-up. Sit on a horizontal surface, put your hands back, rest them on the floor. Bend your knees, your feet should not come off the floor. Start exercising - lift the body up, pinch the buttocks, focus on the part of the body being trained. Lift the body up and then lower it down. You should feel tension in your arms, buttocks. Do fifteen to twenty repetitions;
  • Exercises for arm muscles using a chair. Straighten, sit on the edge, back straight. Place your arms back and place them on a chair. The legs at the knees form an angle of ninety degrees. Move forward so that you only hold onto the chair with your hands. Start squats. The position of the elbows should be back, the shoulders are level - do not lift them. You should feel how the muscles are working. Sit down twenty times in three sets. Do everything slowly and smoothly.

Further in the complex of training sessions, you can use auxiliary means - exercises with the use of dumbbells are next.

Dumbbell Exercise

When doing exercises to strengthen the muscles of the arms with dumbbells, first choose not too much dumbbell weight, so you can do more exercises.

You will be able to train longer without getting tired, and you will not have any injuries:

  • Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-length apart. Raise both hands up, grab your right elbow with your left hand. In this case, the dumbbell is in the right hand. Bend and extend your right arm at the elbow. Do it twenty times. Then change hands and do the same number of reps;
  • Stand with your knees bent slightly. Put one leg forward, knee should form a right angle. Triceps workout with a dumbbell in the right hand, working the right side. Pull your hand to your body, bend it at the elbow. Do twenty times. Then change your arms and leg position. The number of times is the same as before;
  • Take dumbbells in two hands, stand straight, put your feet at shoulder distance. Lower your arms, start raising them to the level of the chest. The direction of movement is along the body. Do twenty-five times;
  • Sit on a chair with the backrest in the reverse position. The arms are extended forward with support on the back of the chair, palms up. Smoothly, without haste, work with your elbows - bend-unbend, the hands should touch the shoulders. Do forty reps.

Brush Exercise

Exercises for the hands are performed like this:

  • Hold the rubber ring and squeeze and unclench it, first with your left hand and then with your right hand. At the moment of squeezing, linger, count to ten;
  • A similar hand training can be done with a tennis ball;
  • Go to the horizontal bar, grab it with both hands. Hang as much as you can. In the future it will be possible inNetwork alternately on the left and then on the right hand;
  • Also strengthens the hands of rope climbing, holding various objects, rowing, finger push-ups.

Helpful Hints

Let's take care of our hands

Finally, tips on how to do exercises to strengthen the muscles of the arms:

  • don't do too many reps in your first workout;
  • training time should be forty-five minutes;
  • take a break between workouts on the same day;
  • When your body gets used to the exercise, change the sequence and type of exercise.

You will have a beautiful body and great health! Success

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