Red Lentils and Oats Porridge | High Protein Vegan Breakfast Recipe

Lentil porridge: how to cook deliciously?

You can cook porridge not only from cereals, but also from beans. Lentils are considered very useful legumes. In the old days, they not only prepared food from it, but also made medicines. What is the use of this plant and what recipes from it are popular now?

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Useful properties of lentils

Lentil porridge: how to cook deliciously?

Lentils are the first plant from the legume family that the ancient people met, and there are even references to it in the Old Testament. It is very popular in the Middle East. In ancient times, dishes from this culture in Babylon and Egypt were considered food for rich people, in Greece it replaced bread and meat for the poor, and they ate it in Europe.

In the 19th century, this legume was one of the main Russian export crops. Naturally, they ate it inside the country. During a severe drought (1891-1892), this plant helped to avoid hunger, as the lentil crop was good and it survived, unlike other crops. Not only bread and cereals were made from it, but also sausage, and even sweets.

The main difference between this culture and most cereals is that it grows almost everywhere. To plant it, the soil does not have to be fertile. The plant requires minimal maintenance, little fertilization and periodic weed removal.

Lentil porridge cooks faster than peas and beans, but is also rich in vitamins and minerals.

It contains everything you need for proper nutrition of the human body, namely:

  • Proteins;
  • Fats;
  • Carbohydrates;
  • Fiber;
  • Ash;
  • Beta-carotene, B vitamins, tocopherol;
  • Macronutrients: potassium, chlorine, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and sodium;
  • Trace elements: boron, molybdenum, iodine, nickel, silicon, manganese, copper, iron, nickel, chromium, fluorine, cobalt and zinc.
Lentil porridge: how to cook deliciously?

Thanks to its easily digestible protein, this plant can replace both cereals and meat. It is recommended to use it for diseases of the stomach and intestines, diabetics and during the development of urinary diseases.

In addition, lentil porridge will help to cope with nervous and cardiovascular diseases, help to keep the skin youthful and elastic.

But we must remember that the calorie content of this product is quite high, from 280 to 310 kcal, depending on the method of preparation. There are also contraindications. This is an individual intolerance to the product, gout, uric acid diathesis and some joint diseases. The rest of lentil porridge in a moderate amountare very useful. You can cook them in different ways.

How are lentil dishes prepared?

For lovers of low-fat dishes, a recipe for lean porridge is suitable. To prepare it, you need a glass of red lentils, 2 onions and the same number of carrots, iodized salt and spices. Cooking is best done in a thick-walled container. The legumes are washed in cold water and set aside for a while.

Onions and carrots are finely chopped or grated on a coarse grater. Then they are fried in vegetable oil. After they turn golden, add lentils to the vegetables and pour water. The liquid should completely cover the contents of the pot. You need to cook for about an hour until the lentils are tender.

Porridge with mushrooms turns out to be very nutritious and tasty. The washed beans are poured into a saucepan and cooked for a quarter of an hour. At this time, finely chopped onions, carrots and champignons (200 g) are fried in a pan. After cooking the beans, they are added to a pan with mushrooms, mixed thoroughly and fried a little. After 23 minutes, the dish can be served.

Lentil porridge in a slow cooker is also quite simple to prepare. This requires 1.5 measuring cups of beans, 2.5 cups of water, 4 tablespoons of adjika, carrots, 2 cloves of garlic and salt with spices. Onions and carrots are poured into the cooking container, the frying mode is set for 10 minutes.

Then the lid rises and chopped cloves of garlic are poured into the same place. You need to fry for another 5 minutes. At the end of this period, add washed lentils, adjika, salt and spices. Add the required amount of water and, closing the lid, set the mode porridge .

Each model may have its own designations, but in terms of time it is approximately 50 minutes. After receiving a sound signal, the dish is considered ready.

In this machine you can cook porridge with meat. To do this, put onions and meat cut into pieces in a cooking container. After that, put on the frying mode and cook for 15 minutes. Next, pour the washed lentils and pour in water.

Lentil porridge: how to cook deliciously?

After closing the lid, press the simmer mode, the cooking time is 30 minutes. After the sound signal, the lid is opened and, after stirring the porridge, put on the plates.

Moderation is key!

Lentils are a very useful product. In terms of their properties, these sprouted legumes are in no way inferior to wheat. Dishes from this culture are great for diabetics and other categories of patients. Lentil porridge recipes are very varied and easy to prepare.

But we must remember that there should always be variety in food. No matter how rich in vitamins and minerals the product is, mono diets are unhealthy.

A large amount of easily digestible vegetable protein cannot completely eliminate the consumption of meat. Each product is good in its own way, but the food should be varied. Nicewow appetite and delicious lentils!

Lentils Porridge Recipe

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