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Leather Jacket Care: Wash or Clean?

A leather jacket is a great piece to wear. But she, like all other things, is prone to pollution. And now, the moment has come when you look at your jacket and think that it should be washed.

Leather Jacket Care: Wash or Clean?

Attention! It is strictly forbidden to wash any leather item. And if you dare to use a washing machine in this case, then be prepared for the fact that after washing you most likely will not be able to wear this thing.

The consequences of contact with water can be cracks, peeling of the top layer of the skin and other troubles. In general, the appearance of the item after that will be completely lost.

The best option for getting rid of stains from a leather jacket is dry cleaning. But unfortunately, we do not always have free finances. Therefore, today we will be learning how to clean a jacket at home.

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How to clean a leather jacket: how to get rid of dirt

In order for your leather clothes to serve you as long as possible, you need to remember about these rules:

Leather Jacket Care: Wash or Clean?
  • Never use all kinds of active substances to cleanse the skin. These include gasoline or thinner. Whitening products are not suitable either;
  • Leather items cannot be washed either in the washing machine or by hand;
  • If you get caught in the rain, immediately after you entered the room, gently blot the jacket with a napkin and leave it to dry naturally, after hanging it on a hanger. Attention! Make sure that there are no heating appliances near the jacket at this moment. Otherwise, the consequences will be the same as when washing;
  • If you decide to iron a thing, remember that you can only do it from the inside out. Also, do not set the iron to too high a temperature.

These are some simple rules to help you keep your jacket as long as possible. Now let's take a closer look at the stain removal process.

How to clean a leather jacket at home

One of the easiest ways to get rid of dirt from a leather jacket is to periodically wipe it with a damp foam sponge. This way you can remove alldust and dirt. But remember that after such wiping, you need to dry the surface thoroughly with a dry soft cloth.

Leather Jacket Care: Wash or Clean?

Now let's talk about how to wet the sponge. To do this, you can use plain water or soapy water. To give your skin a shine after cleaning, you can add a few drops of alcohol to the soapy solution. The proportion in this case will be ten to fifteen drops per quarter liter of water.

It is worth paying attention to the problem of dirty collars and cuffs. Since these places are most often polluted, more attention should be paid to them. Greasy stains can be removed with baking soda. To do this, you just need to rub it into problem areas. And one more tip: if you want your jacket to last you more than one season, then it is worth wiping it from time to time with warm glycerin.

For gentle care of leather products, you can use special products. For example, Bugy Super Skin spray is a good remedy. This spray not only cleans products, but also disinfects them. Plus, your jacket will shine after applying it.

The product itself is very easy to use and is sold in spray bottles. It is worth noting the fact that this tool is inexpensive. The average cost for a half-liter bottle is about 300 rubles.

And since we have already figured out that it is impossible to wash a leather jacket in a washing machine, then let's look at ways to preserve the excellent look of leather products.

How to keep your leather jacket looking great

Leather Jacket Care: Wash or Clean?

If over time the skin has become dull, then you can rub it with fresh orange peel or glycerin. And your thing will delight you with its brilliance. If you notice a small scratch, you can fix it with Premium Liquid Leather, which you can buy at any specialty store.

Pay attention to the protection of the jacket from moisture. As you already understood, it can have a rather negative effect on its appearance. Manufacturers usually process the fabric with a special waterproof compound.

But if for some reason you do not trust the manufacturers or want to play it safe, you can buy a similar product in the store and process the leather fabric yourself. The cost of such funds is usually about five hundred rubles per bottle.

It is also worth talking about artificial leather products. A feature of such products is that in some cases they can be washed. But! This can only be done if washing is permitted by the manufacturer. Information about this can be found on the label. And one more thing: even if it is possible to wash an artificial leather jacket in the washing machine, then it is better to refuse spinning.

How to wash the leather lining of a jacket

All methods that mThe ones described just above can be used to get rid of blemishes directly on the skin. But what about the lining? After all, she also periodically needs washing. In this case, when buying a leather product, we recommend that you carefully study the places where the lining and leather meet. The fact is that manufacturers quite often make a removable lining that you can easily detach from the jacket and wash separately.

If this is not possible, then you can carefully peel off the lining and wash. After it's completely dry, just sew it back on.

What to do if you've already washed your leather jacket

Leather Jacket Care: Wash or Clean?

Unfortunately, if you have already washed your leather jacket and it has lost its beautiful appearance, then you will hardly be able to return everything back. Although if the fabric is just hardened, and not cracked, then you can try to lubricate the skin with vegetable oil or glycerin several times.

100% positive effect is not guaranteed, but there is still a chance to return everything as it was. You can also look in stores for special skin softeners. They also work in this case.

As you can see, it is very important to clean your leather jacket properly. After all, it is quite expensive, and it is very easy to spoil its appearance. Therefore, remember all our recommendations, take proper care of your skin and it will delight you for several seasons in a row. Good luck!

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