Learn How To Sew A Skirt w/ This DIY Maxi Skirt w/ Side Slit

Learning to sew a long skirt

A skirt is one of the main attributes of any girl's summer wardrobe. You can sew a long and pretty skirt with your own hands with minimal sewing skills. If you want to look different from everyone, the proposed pattern options will definitely suit you. Sewing this product will not take much time, but the end result will certainly delight you.

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Half-sun skirt

Before you sew a long skirt to the floor, you need to correctly take all the necessary measurements and make a pattern. To sew an original outfit yourself, you need to determine the waist circumference (OT) and the length.


Learning to sew a long skirt

In order for the product to be easily removed, at least 15 cm should be added to OT. This should be done if snakes or fasteners will not be additionally sewn into the outfit.

For example, OT is 90 cm, to this number you need to add another 15 cm.As a result, you get 105 cm.It is also worth adding a couple of centimeters to the length of the product, which will fall on the processing of the bottom: length 110 cm + 2 cm = 112 cm .

The construction must be calculated using the formula:

  • Radius of the upper cut (R1) - FROM: 3 = 105: 3. R1 = 35 cm;
  • The radius of the lower cut (R2) - R1 + the length of the product with a fold = 35 + 112. R2 = 147 cm.

How much fabric do you need?

Before you sew a long skirt, you need to determine the required footage of the material. To do this, we multiply R2 by 2. Considering that the width should be about 150 cm, we get 294 cm.

Now let's look at the technology of sewing an outfit with our own hands:

Learning to sew a long skirt
  • Machine the cuts of the half-sun and the elements of the future belt, connect the existing parts;
  • Connect the belt with the upper cut of the product, then sew the edges;
  • Since the skirt will have an elastic band, do not forget to put it in the belt;
  • Overcast hem and overcast;
  • If a translucent material was used for sewing, it is advisable to put the product on a lining;
  • You will end up with a beautiful outfit.

Now you know how to sew a long skirt with a wide elastic band without much financial expense. Such a product allows you to hide all figure flaws. If ispUse natural materials for sewing, even on a very hot day you will experience discomfort.

How to make a sun skirt

Even a novice needlewoman can sew a sun skirt, thanks to the simplicity of the cut and calculations. At the same time, you can change the length of the outfit as you wish. To do this, you will need to make minor adjustments to the pattern and the style will already be different.

Option # 1

Learning to sew a long skirt

Before you sew a long one, Thin a skirt-sun to the floor , it is worth considering the options for its execution. The outfit can come with a snake or a buttonhole. To calculate the radius of the future outfit, you should use the following expression: R = 0.32 × OT1, where OT1 is the half of the waist.

A large radius should be set aside from the calculated semicircle, which consists of the length of the product itself, as well as the waist. Mark a semicircle with a piece of dry soap, then the pattern will be ready. .

D is the length of the product, R is the waist, and L is the large radius, consisting of the length of the skirt and the waist.

From the scraps of material, make a belt of the required width and length. Just don't forget about the seam allowances.

Option # 2

The second method differs from the first only in that R needs to be replaced by P (half-girth of the hips). If this parameter is not taken into account, you will not be able to fit into the outfit. Then the expression for calculations will look like this: R = 0.32 × P.

You also need to take into account that the length of the product, previously indicated by the letter L, should be marked from the center of the circle, and D - from the edge of the circle.

Sewing technology

Making a sun skirt yourself is quite simple, but if you have never encountered sewing before, it is better to choose the option not with a zipper, but with a regular elastic band.


Learning to sew a long skirt
  • Mark the allowances: for the waist - 2 cm, for the side seams - 2 cm, at the bottom - 1.5 cm;
  • All seams of the workpiece must be grinded;
  • Be sure to insert the elastic before sewing in the belt. Then overcast the seam allowance and waist using an overlock;
  • If you wish, you can use a decorative elastic band, which has a front side and a wrong side;
  • It needs to be sewn onto the top edge of the product;
  • But before you do this, visually divide the elastic into 4 parts;
  • Then match the markings on the skirt and on the elastic. Use pins to secure;
  • Begin to grind the waistband by stretching the elastic from one mark to the next;
  • To prevent the connecting seams from bursting over time, add a couple of centimeters to the half-girth of the thighs;
  • For the hem, fold about 0.8 cm from the wrong side and give a finishing stitch on the overlock;
  • If you measure correctly and allow for seam allowances, you will have a beautiful DIY outfit.

What to wear?

Learning to sew a long skirt

There are unspoken rules for the selection of tops for outfits to the floor. If you intend to wear a fluffy skirt, only tight-fitting blouses and T-shirts can be used as the top. In the opposite situation, when the bottom is tight, it is better to stop at the free top.

Motley outfits of bright colors look better with plain sweaters. In order not to focus on the flaws of your own figure, combine light-colored skirts with darker blouses and sweaters.

If you intend to stick to a solid color top, be sure to use accessories that will make your look more fresh and modern. Use chunky jewelry and brightly colored belts to highlight your personality.

Based on the proposed patterns, you can sew not only these, but many other models of skirts.

Using a variety of finishing elements, you can transform any outfit, making it not only comfortable, but also very stylish.

On the basis of the sun skirt, many needlewomen create original asymmetrical skirts, dresses for oriental dances, carnival costumes, and even wedding dresses.

Having mastered a fairly simple sewing technique, you too can create your own little masterpiece.

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