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Learning to photograph correctly and beautifully!

Any person wants to capture the pleasant moments of his life for later memories. Probably, the easiest way to do this is with a camera, which means that everyone felt the desire to take pictures to one degree or another.

Learning to photograph correctly and beautifully!

To strive to make a masterpiece photo, or just to take beautiful pictures of the events taking place, document your life and lay it out for the judgment of friends - but you never know reasons pushing a person to purchase the desired device !? The main thing is that the fun begins after that!

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Those who want to know how to learn to photograph professionally should take into account that the skill of a good photographer begins with the choice of equipment.

After the camera became available to almost every family, and it is possible to take photographs without even leaving home, a lot of people began to lead their own photo history. However, the photographs themselves, for the most part, do not correspond to the best examples and do not pretend to be masterpieces.

Being a professional photographer is not given to everyone. It is not enough to have only a good camera, because photography is more of an art than a job, and there should be a vocation for art. Still, anyone can learn to take a good picture.

How to learn to take pictures is a topical question for the owner of a camera, but even without a camera, you can start studying this issue.

After all, a good photographer will find an unforgettable shot, will catch exactly that moment that will delight others, and in order to do this, you need to be observant and curious, to watch everything that happens around. To capture interesting moments, you first need to notice them and then try not to miss them.

Basic rules

In order to know how to learn to photograph beautifully those who have not received special education, it is necessary to take into account some fundamental rules.

For a photo to be effective, it is important for the photographer to reflect on it all sorts of contrasts, such as shapes or colors.

Learning to photograph correctly and beautifully!

It would be nice if you, as soon as the first results begin to appear, will treat your pictures critically, as if you are evaluating a photo of your opponent. It is necessary to ruthlessly identify all kinds of shortcomings and try your best not to repeat them.

Advantages, on the contrary, need to be used in further work. So you prepare yourself mentally that you only need to strive for lbest results.

Once you learn how to compose an image correctly, you will know how to quickly learn to photograph well. Frames should be composed in such a way as to exclude imbalance between different parts of the photograph; it is also unacceptable to outweigh any one part.

The center of a photograph showing several people, for example, needs to be placed between two central characters.

In order to do photography professionally, you need to remember the so-called golden rule of section, which involves dividing the frame into three equal-sized parts both horizontally and vertically, and placing the main elements at the intersection of conventional lines.

There is no need to position the horizon of the frame along an imaginary line dividing the frame into two parts, this will make it static. For a dynamic picture in your photograph, give the subject you like best in your composition two-thirds of the frame and one-third of the secondary subject.

The next rule to use when working with photography is building a frame using simple geometric shapes: a circle, a square, a triangle and similar shapes that can be formed as a result of connecting objects of shooting with invisible lines.

When a beginner photographer is looking at that subject, one should also pay attention to the edges of the frame, the surrounding details and the background, and the distracting details should be removed. It is very important to choose the right light, and it does not matter where the shooting will take place, in the studio or in nature, among the buildings of the city or on a wide area, the right lighting will make the photo unique.

Additional tools and important details

To take good shots, you will have to use an external flash, with the help of which the problem of shadows on the subject is solved. And with the help of camera settings, in terms of such concepts as light or dark tones, an object with the same illumination can be shot in completely different light combinations.

Learning to photograph correctly and beautifully!

In addition, it is important to hide flaws, even if the angle is very interesting, because in this situation, all attention can simply be directed to a frankly unfortunate detail, for example, the ear sticking out to the side in portrait photography.

In order to photograph professionally and beautifully, among other things, you will need to purchase various lenses, tripods and umbrellas. But you can understand what exactly you need from the whole variety of expensive equipment along the way.

Film, digital or DSLR

Experienced photographers claim that the quality and eternity of films cannot be replaced by anything. But they still admit that digital cameras are more convenient and more mobile than film ones at times. Results on them can be viewed immediately, set up shooting, delete, reshoot, accumulate pictures, even analyze and redo. All this is done with a light click of a button.

If possible, photographerWith a DSLR camera, then convenience and features are added. Your pictures can become truly unique, wonderful works of art, inimitable masterpieces.

However, along with improvements in technical capabilities, the need to learn how to photograph with an advanced camera increases. On the one hand, professional equipment has a large number of possibilities, on the other hand, it does not match the results and expectations with inaccurate settings. No matter how perfect and expensive the camera is, it won't take good pictures by itself.

How to learn how to take pictures with a SLR camera correctly? Even when the automatic mode is programmed, what the camera sees and the person can be as different as heaven and earth.

Learning to photograph correctly and beautifully!

A simple classic example of using a DSLR aperture, when it is open, the background is blurred, and when closed, the background becomes very clearly visible.

The one who is shooting a beautiful bumblebee on a flower might not even notice that a whole bunch of flowers is growing in the background, however, when shooting in automatic mode, this whole bouquet will be visible due to the closing of the aperture.

So, if you want to take unique, non-automated pictures, you need to deeply study the capabilities of your device.

Amateur cameras have a shorter resource, and their strength is inferior to professional ones. But on the other hand, they are great for daily training, do not require large investments and they are not too expensive to repair.

Perseverance, creativity and hard work is a general rule of thumb for aspiring photographers and anyone looking to succeed in photography. To train, try to take pictures every day, dozens and hundreds of pictures, work and, in the end, get really beautiful photos - everyone can do it, if they wish.

Technology does not stand still, technologies change, new inventions and trends appear. Innovation does not pass by the photo business either.

To be on the crest, you need to be interested in news, read literature, experiment, improve, communicate with professionals, scooping up everything important for yourself, it will never be superfluous and will only add advantages to your skill.

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