10 Tips For New Drivers

Learning to drive properly

Whatever one may say, but a lot depends on such a trifle as getting behind the wheel. Your knowledge of how to drive properly affects not only your health, but also how quickly you react to what is happening on the road.

Learning to drive properly

Doctors say that the sitting position is one of the most unfavorable positions of our body. When we sit, natural blood circulation is impaired. back muscles are in constant tension.

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What should you look out for first?

Make sure that your back has maximum and comfortable contact with the back of the car seat.

Many newbies have, as they say, one problem at all. Maximum concentration on the steering wheel. The novice driver literally sits on the very edge of the seat and at the same time grips the steering wheel tightly in his hands. Excessively tense hands negate the ability to carry out free maneuvers.

The physiological explanation for this behavior is that when the body is in increased emotional stress, instincts tell it to curl up . Confident drivers, on the contrary, try to sit on the seat as much as possible, resting not only their hands on the steering wheel, but also their feet on the floor.

This gives them a complete sense of contact with the machine, and allows them to maximize control over the controls of the vehicle.

Adjusting the chair

First of all, after sitting behind the wheel, check whether it is convenient for you to be in this position. If not, adjust the chair to suit you.

  • Lean fully back in the chair with your left leg fully squeezing the grip. While in this position, adjust the seat so that your left leg is slightly bent at the knee;
  • After that, stretch your arms in front of you, grab the steering wheel at its highest point and adjust the back of the chair so that the shoulder blades and lower back fit as comfortably as possible against the back. After all, it is the back that has the main load while riding;
  • If your car has a function that allows you to adjust the seat tilt, raisesit a little higher in front of the seat;
  • Don't neglect the armrests. They were invented for this purpose, in order to relieve unnecessary tension from the elbows and hand, which in turn serves to prevent blood circulation;
  • A headrest is a different matter. It is aimed primarily at protecting your neck from fracture in the event of a blow from the back. Its height should be no higher than the level of your head and should fit snugly against it.

Where to put your hands

The steering wheel should not support your body weight, only support your hands. Hands should be located at the top of the steering wheel and only hold it, avoid a position where you need to cross your arms when turning, or vice versa, make intercepting movements.

Your driving habit is very important, it should look like this correctly:

  • The thumbs must be on the inside of the handlebars;
  • the main efforts should be focused on the little fingers and ring fingers of your hands, while the other fingers are in a relaxed state and ready to join the game at any second, if an unexpected situation on the road requires it.
Learning to drive properly

In other words, if your hands are in constant tension, you will quickly get tired.

A prerequisite for safe driving is to fix yourself with a seat belt. Unfortunately, a very large number of drivers openly neglect this tool, but in vain.

Airbags will really help smooth out the damage caused to your body in the event of an accident, but only if the body is in a fixed position. When they work unexpectedly and abruptly, and the body is not fixed with straps, the effect will be completely opposite.

how to take into account the Features of the physique

We all have different features of the figure, and, of course, the position behind the wheel largely depends on the structure of the body of the auto lady. It is impossible to take into account all the nuances, let's look at the main ones.

Long legs: Take a more upright position. First of all, your hands should be your reference point.

Long arms: Pull the back more back, assuming an almost horizontal position. Remember, this will put more strain on your neck.

Small foot size: Place a piece of plank or small stand under the rug. The main thing is that you achieve the desired effect by these actions, namely, the heels should be firmly pressed to the floor. Your heels are your support!

Short arms: raise the back as conveniently as possible for you forward, take a more vertical position.

Weak hands: Try using a larger diameter handlebar or increase your grip. Your main task is to give the body a stable position.

Riding with character

Remember that the entire weight of the body must be distributed over the seat cushion and backrest. Check if the correctyou sit. If you can easily lift your legs off the floor and your hands off the steering wheel at the same time, then your seat is comfortable.

When driving in the city, the arms should be slightly bent at the elbows. You have the opportunity to fully straighten one arm and place it on the handlebar just in the place of the fold, this will give the opportunity to give some muscle rest.

If the road is uneven, slippery, covered with mud and sand, the elbows should be slightly raised up and to the sides, in this position the back muscles are included in the work. Experts say that in this position it is easier to control the car, especially the front-wheel drive.

Take your left foot off the clutch pedal after changing gear. Again, if the leg is overhang, more than twenty muscles are wasting!

Keep your hands on the steering wheel at all times, except when you need to change gear.

Follow your doctor's instructions

Carefully read the summary of the drug, before using it, if there are any warnings that you should not get behind the wheel after taking the medicine.

These include drugs of the following group:

  • antipsychotics;
  • antidepressants;
  • tranquilizers;
  • sleeping pills;
  • sedatives;
  • lithium preparations.

All these drugs belong to the group of psychotropic and affect the psyche and reaction speed.

Benzodiazepines and barbiturates are hypnotics. Medicines prescribed for blood pressure can also cause a similar reaction. Sleepiness is attributed to some allergy medications.

Diseases and their prevention

Systematic improper fit while driving promises you a lot of health problems, including:

  • Osteochondrosis and radiculitis. Prevention: stop at least every hour and do circular movements of the lower back and squats, restore blood circulation.
  • Hemorrhoids. Prevention: eat foods that are high in fiber, such as vegetables, seeds, fruits, legumes.
  • Cardiovascular disease: constant stress while driving puts stress on our nervous system, almost zero physical activity leads to atrophy of the heart muscle.

It is not always possible to go out and exercise a little. Many have their own record of driving time. For such situations, many roller mats have been invented, which have a massage effect on all the most problematic muscle groups.

Equipping your driver's seat with such orthopedic mattresses, you will receive:

  • Improving blood circulation in the pelvic organs;
  • Prevention of blood circulation, osteochondrosis, radiculitis;
  • Posture support;
  • Reduce driving fatigue.

In conclusion, I would like to addt: road safety is, first of all, the comprehensive implementation of traffic rules by all road users, from a motorist to an old pedestrian. Respect each other, take care of your health and - neither a nail, nor a rod!

5 Driving Tips for New Drivers from Pros

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