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Learning to compliment men

Compliment differs from praise in that it is spontaneously expressed, to the occasion. Good compliments are like gifts - we say them to give the person a sense of strength or positiveness. Sincere admiration said in time is remembered subconsciously, and even when the words themselves are erased from memory, a person will have a feeling of pleasure associated with the giver of the compliment.

Learning to compliment men

Therefore, the art of complimenting is considered a sophisticated way to gain favor and express warm feelings.

Men need direct praise from their parents, teachers, boss, and most of all - from their beloved woman, since she alone has the right to access all corners of the male soul.

A man takes the words of his wife or girlfriend especially to heart, because a woman is the main and sometimes ruthless judge of her man.

Appropriate and believable compliments to a beloved man inspire. But hackneyed phrases, ambiguous and ironic statements hurt even the strongest and most courageous person.

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Why compliments a man need

You can praise a man by admitting that he has achieved a lot or acted wisely in a difficult situation. This means specifically showing that you are happy with the result. A real compliment will be a casual story that you have noticed something very special in a man and are delighted with this discovery. A compliment can also be built on the principle of praise when you are happy with a man because he helped you.

Learning to compliment men

But it's better to deftly notice how strong his arms are - just like that, not because you are grateful for the moved sofa, but because you noticed the muscles under the sleeves of his shirt.

A good compliment raises a man's self-esteem, helps him stay in good shape, calms him down during stress, and most importantly, gives him a guideline, what a woman likes about him and how to give it to her. Therefore, be careful: a compliment to a man can and will become an incentive for him to act.

If you like homemade romantic dinners, admire his cooking skills - next time he will invite you on a date not to your favorite restaurant, but to his kitchen.

Right and wrong compliments

How to compliment a man?

First of all, there should be a sufficient reason for this, because the admiration that the girl suddenly, for no reason, suggests that she is insincere or is in the clouds.

Conversely, a pleasant remark, appropriate and understandable, will show that the girl is attentive, smart and knows how to communicate. You need to speak from the heart, in a confidential intonation. It is better to lower your voice slightly and look the other person directly in the eyes. This will convince the man that you are being serious and make him react to you, rather than withdraw into himself and keep silent.

It would be wrong to speak too vaguely, without giving any assessment - such a phrase will seem ambiguous and can upset a person. For example, don't talk about an unusual hobby, a rare accent, or an interesting nose.

Learning to compliment men

A man will be hurt thinking that you are joking about some of his shortcomings.

Of course, a compliment is part of flirting, but it is not forbidden to make it to a man-friend. You can admire many things without showing romantic interest: the business qualities of a man, his principles, sense of humor, golden hands, the ability to dream and believe, the ability to choose friends, as well as how he drives a car, understands wine, art, computers or thoroughbred dogs.

Examples of compliments for male friends:

  • how did you manage so well ...;
  • I need your advice;
  • I trust your taste;
  • you are good at making fun;
  • your dream delights me;
  • you and your guys seem to have a real male friendship;
  • it is safe to ride with you;
  • women like you.

Inappropriate for friendship with a man, statements about his strength, physique, sexuality, ability to protect a girl - all this is best left to the one with whom he has a close relationship.

Every woman should know what compliments men love.

Here are examples on which to build whole phrases or say it in one word:

  • success : impeccable, principled, creative, talented, energetic, intelligent, versatile, purposeful;
  • appearance : strong, slim, masculine, chic, sexy, fashionable;
  • sex : passionate, tireless, affectionate, amazing, unforgettable;
  • environment : responsive, friendly, caring, respected, popular;
  • intelligence : quick, smart, solid, practical, innovative, irreplaceable, erudite, well-read.

How to respond to men's compliments

What to do if a man compliments you first?

Now you probably feel that you should immediately answer something right now. How to respond to a compliment from a man?

Learning to compliment men

It's not difficult. First, decide who is in front of you. If you have received inappropriate attention from someone you do not want to get close to, you can answer any words: nothing special.

In caseAside from a good relationship with a man, the best answer would be to praise his attentiveness, to thank him for noticing you - a new dress, a pleasant voice, a taste for interior design, and maybe even the skill of parallel parking.

Men like compliments, because hearing them, they know themselves through the eyes of another person - a friend, colleague, beloved woman.

Always remember that when you compliment you are entering a personal realm where your kind and honest assessment will do wonders for a man's character.

The Compliment He's Dying To Hear (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

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