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Knitted warm sweaters for women: fashion 2015

Every woman wants to follow fashion. But how to choose something that will surely fit into fashion trends, and at the same time will emphasize all the advantages of your figure? And today we will talk about choosing a women's warm sweater. And do not think that such a wardrobe item is needed only in winter. You go to work early in the summer, don't you? And in the morning it is cool outside. So a nice warm blouse will definitely come in handy.

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Warm knitted sweater for women: how to choose a style

Knitted warm sweaters for women: fashion 2015

Model selection is an important and very responsible business. After all, we all know that sometimes our entire appearance can depend on an insignificant detail.

For example, if you need to visually reduce the volume of the hips , then you can do this with a fairly deep neckline.

In this case, you can use some bright brooch. Most importantly, in no case do not focus on the lower part of the body, as this will only make yourself even fuller.

Now let's look at a few general rules, using which you can choose the ideal model of a women's warm sweater:

  • Elongated models are suitable exclusively for slender girls whose parameters are as close to ideal as possible. The same restriction applies to sweaters with a large number of decorative elements and bulky decorative details. If you nevertheless decide to try on such a thing, then carefully look in the mirror - does such a jacket make your figure heavy;
  • Want to highlight your waist? Then a mid-length blouse with hip pockets will be the perfect solution for you. This will visually enlarge the lower half of the body a little, and the waist will look thinner and more graceful. You shouldn't resort to this trick for those with wide hips. In this case, it may be worth emphasizing the chest or emphasizing the waist with a belt;
  • Models with cuffs or three-quarter sleeves can perfectly highlight the beauty of the hands. After all, hands are the calling card of every woman, so why should we hide such beauty from the outside world;
  • Want to focus on your chest? Then the neckline on your sweater should be V-shaped. The advantages of this type of neckline are undeniable. He not only withsoftens too lush breasts (if any), but also visually makes your neck longer;
  • You need to emphasize long and slender legs with a tunic. Attention! You need to choose the length and style very carefully, and if you decide on such a purchase for the first time, then you should not go to the store alone, it is better to take a friend with you. After all, a critical look from the outside has not prevented anyone yet.

Also, you need to pay close attention to dimensions. The jacket should not hang on you, but it should not be too tight either. Slender girls can afford a sweater that fits perfectly.

Painful thinness should be covered with voluminous elements or a large number of patterns. Flying models without large decorative details will look great on mouth-watering girls.

Knitted women's warm sweaters: types

Knitted warm sweaters for women: fashion 2015

Fashion is a very changeable phenomenon, but even if its trends change at the speed of light, several models still always remain popular and loved by any woman. So, in every season you can wear knitted sweaters with buttons. This model will perfectly match both jeans and a summer dress.

The main thing is to correctly calculate the length and choose the appropriate style. As for the color, a blouse made of beige and dark brown yarn will look great. And if you also pick up beautiful buttons with a slight pearl shine for this color, then all the women around you will envy your new dress.

Another great option would be a knitted women's warm raglan jacket. Such a model will be an excellent choice, if only because it can be used as a jacket in the autumn and as additional insulation during the winter cold. The only drawback of this type of blouse is the fact that they do not fit at all with dresses or skirts.

In this case, it is best to wear stylized sweatpants or jeans with them. In general, this choice will be the best for lovers of casual and sporty style. You can make such a blouse from woolen threads, and if you are interested in a warmer version, you can use felt.

Knitted openwork blouses are also a good choice. And even if you use thick thread to make them, they will not look less beautiful. On the contrary, you can tie yourself a beautiful cape, which will protect you from the cold if you suddenly want to put on a dress.

The best colors for this piece of clothing are white, beige and brown. But if you decide to experiment and create something from dark threads, the result promises to be original.

Knitting of women's warm sweaters with knitting needles: what will be fashionable in 2015

This year, knitted sweaters will remain at the height of fashion. But as for the models, there will be a division into classic models, which can be worn in any situation. Here you can use to create your ideal image both laconic and strict models, in which decorative details will be completely absent, as well as beautiful romantic styles that can emphasize your uniqueness.

The second trend of fashion for knitted blouses in 2015 will be knitted models that combine elements of business and everyday style. It is with the help of such models that every woman can emphasize her respectability in this harsh masculine world, while not forgetting about femininity.

Now for the quality: be sure to pay attention to the materials. Following the advice of designers all over the world, you should give preference to natural fiber. For the manufacture of products, you can use almost any wool. And if you also join a woolen thread with silk, then the resulting blouse will be very warm.

In 2015, loose fitting will be especially popular. Such models are quite comfortable, in addition, such a sweater is ideal for any style, from sports to business. The main thing is to skillfully combine details and your new style will surpass all expectations.

Do not think that the information that your masterpiece sweater is knitted with your own hands should not be advertised. On the contrary! The proud announcement that today you put on the creation of your own hands will show that your outfit is exclusive, and originality will certainly be in trend next year. So don't be afraid to express your creative ideas through knitting.

With regard to decorative details, the most popular will be a variety of knitted braids. But remember that the amount of detail should be moderate, as a canvas too covered with patterns can ruin your shape.

If knitting at the level of complex braids is still beyond your strength, then you should not be upset: this year you can even sew several patterns on top of a regular knitted fabric. Three-dimensional embroidery will be especially popular.

As sketches, you can use a variety of snowflakes and flowers. And if you really want to stand out, then you can embroider on your product some life-affirming phrase.

Appliques can be used as decoration. At the same time, you can create both abstract paintings and sew on the canvas the contours of different colors, animals, and more. You can use pieces to make appliquessuede or leather. Elements knitted from the same yarn, but in a different color, will also work.

The color scheme in 2015 will also be amazing. Use dark blues or purples instead of blacks and grays. This way you can stand out from the crowd and impress everyone with your original style.

In addition, the predominance of these colors in everyday life will cheer you up. Let's banish the gray everyday life and mediocrity from our lives!

As you can see, knitting of a women's warm sweater will acquire a new meaning this year. By creating an image with your own hands, you can put part of your soul into it, conveying your positive attitude to others. Therefore, let's look to the future with optimism and give it to the people around you!

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