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Is the psychology of people changing?

Can the psychology of people change depending on external or internal reasons? For most, changes represent a serious conflict, because regardless of the circumstances, a person always wants to save his face, not to lose his individuality.

Does a person change over time - the opinion of psychologists

Is the psychology of people changing?

Indeed, it is believed that changes are unusual for a person, he prefers to adapt to the world, while maintaining his inherent qualities.

An example of this point of view is people's dependence on bad habits, which are sometimes incredibly difficult to get rid of.

However, psychiatry completely refutes this statement, proving that it is possible to change a person, provided that it is his sincere desire.

More often than not, people crave change because of the presence of a psychological problem.

These include conflicting behavior, low self-esteem, insecurity, inadequacy, unreasonable manifestation of negativity. If a person begins to look for the cause of discomfort in the surrounding manifestations, even an experienced psychotherapist is unlikely to help him. But when an individual realizes that the reason for the negativity is hidden inside him, we can state that the person is ready for change.

There are several common reasons that literally force a person to change:

Is the psychology of people changing?
  • Mental shock, usually associated with a change in attitude. This can be the birth of a child or a tragedy that happened to a loved one. People can change for the sake of loved ones or after learning about their own deadly disease. Emotional shock can be so strong that it completely changes the person's essence;
  • Development of consciousness - spiritual growth occurs imperceptibly for others. Slowly and gradually, a person improves himself, every day learning new sides of the universe and developing consciousness. Relatives may not notice changes in the psychology of such a person for a long time, but old acquaintances, whom they rarely meet, quickly notice changes. By the way, this type of changing psychology can be attributed to the test of age, when the accumulated experience makes you look at the world in a new way. Of course, a person does not always change with age, it all depends on his ability to evaluate the path traveled;
  • Circumstances are a source of rather strong emotional experiences, the strength of which sometimes seems overwhelming. For example, people can change for the better or for the worse after jail. Changes are possible due to moving to another city or in connection with a change of place of work. True, in most cases, psychology remains unchanged and the person returns to the previous behavior, returning to the already familiar conditions. But sometimes the influence of the environment really affects psychology. Out of jail, rare ha person is able to cleanse his soul, and once in the company of smart self-sufficient people, many begin to imitate them, improving imperceptibly even for themselves;
  • Finances are a bright stimulus for changes, both in a positive and negative direction. Often, a real revolution takes place in a previously closed soul, forcing a person to spend money on charity and burn it without regrets, and some people, who were previously open and good-natured, find in their character such traits as stinginess, and are completely removed from the world.

Temperament is one of the innate qualities, changes of which require a lot of work on yourself. However, a person's temperament rarely changes radically, it can only be restrained.

How can you change yourself?

If a person is not satisfied with something in his life, you can try to change yourself for the sake of a comfortable existence, while subjecting the person to minimal changes.

Is the psychology of people changing?
  1. Dependence on other people's opinions gives rise to low self-esteem. You can correct the situation if you make your own positive opinion about your qualities stable and learn to trust your own ideas about yourself as a person;
  2. Fear of failure is another condition that intensifies over time and interferes with self-realization. In this case, it is recommended not to resort to independent attempts to correct the situation, since you can achieve a negative result that will significantly complicate life. It is best to seek the help of a professional psychologist who can find an effective method to get rid of the fear of failure and insecurity;
  3. A tendency to depressive states is a common reason that people do not change for the better. A common cause of depression is that a person does not want to live by certain rules, but is unable to transcend the inner prohibition. The result is a slow loss of interest in life. To make a difference, you need to find the motivation to move forward. It should be remembered that the sun always appears after rain and there are many ways to make life richer, among which you just need to find the best way for yourself.

Whether a person's character changes under the influence of circumstances or as a result of careful work on oneself, it is important that these are positive changes.

The Psychology of Self-Transformation

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