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Is the diagnosis of sarcoidosis so terrible?

Sarcoidosis is a systemic disease during which organic systems and tissues are affected. The most commonly diagnosed sarcoidosis of the skin and lungs. A characteristic symptom of the disease, described by several doctors - Benier, Beck and Schauman - the appearance of granulomas. These inflammations - nodules - are located in the form of limited foci and can be of different shapes and sizes.

The disease is not contagious, has no infectious etiology. Women are sick more often at a young age. Very often, sarcoidosis is asymptomatic and is detected during routine examination of the patient.

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Cutaneous sarcoidosis

The etiology of the disease is unknown.

There are two theories:

  • hereditary disease;
  • the appearance of the disease is associated with an individual immune response to hormonal changes.

The classification of pathology is as follows:

Is the diagnosis of sarcoidosis so terrible?
  • Small-nodular sarcoid - nodules are located more often on the face, in the décolleté and shoulder blades, on the outer side of the arms in the elbow joints. The nodules are dense, hard, brick-colored or reddish-bluish. Their sizes are small - about half a centimeter. Palpation of the lesion is painless. In some cases, foci of inflammation can spread throughout the body - up to the soles. With the course of the disease, the skin areas in the foci become pigmented, the nodules themselves flatten, clear pigment borders appear around the affected areas;
  • Large-nodular sarcoid - individual nodes appear during the disease. They do not differ in color from small ones, but their size can reach 2 cm. They are localized on the face, neck, groin, and less often on the outside of the arms. On the surface of the nodes, white or red acne is formed. Nodules can dissolve over time, leaving behind a pigmented surface of the skin, on which small nodules or circles, pigmented along the edges, then appear.

Over the nodules, the skin can be rough or smooth, regardless of the form of the disease.

There are other types of cutaneous sarcoidosis:

Is the diagnosis of sarcoidosis so terrible?
  1. Angiolupoid Broca-Potrie - solitary cyanotic soft plaques with a large number of acne eruptions on the skin, covering the surface of the forehead and nose;
  2. Diffuse-infiltrative form - nodules merge into a dense infiltrative focus, bluish-purple color, sizes up to 15 cm in diameter;
  3. Subcutaneous sarcoids of Darier-Russi - large nodes are located under the skin, forming infiltrates. Localized onabdomen, thighs, armpits;
  4. Benier Tenneson lupus fever - lesions are flat, reddish-purple. Appear on the face and ears.

Nodules occur periodically, between bouts of illness on the body in the foci, the skin differs from healthy tissue - it is pigmented or peeling. An exception is Benier Tenneson's lupus fever. After the rash disappears, the lesions look no different from healthy tissue.

Skin sarcoidosis treatment

For drug treatment of sarcoidosis of the skin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed in combination with glucocorticoid hormones. Hormonal ointments are applied to the inflamed surface, hormonal preparations are taken orally.

Is the diagnosis of sarcoidosis so terrible?

Patients must be prescribed antidepressants and sedatives. The appearance of nodules and a change in the appearance of the skin negatively affects the general condition, the patient becomes depressed, which aggravates the manifestation of the disease and stimulates the emergence of new foci. Therefore, it is important to monitor the emotional status of the patient and respond in time to the appearance of insomnia, to stop the desire to die.

In women, when nodules appear on the face, such thoughts arise quite often.

Physiotherapeutic methods are connected: electrophoresis with hydrocortisone, ultrasound, laser therapy.

Since the disease is not fully understood, treatment is difficult - doctors can take an observant position and eliminate symptoms that violate the cosmetic effect using surgical techniques.

Traditional methods

Skin sarcoidosis is also treated with folk remedies that strengthen the general immunity and produce a resorbing effect. One of the immunomodulators is propolis tincture. It is desirable to purchase it at the pharmacy, but you can do it yourself by insisting 100 g of propolis in a bottle of vodka for 4 weeks. The tool is taken orally, in the morning, 25-30 drops, dissolving them in boiled water or milk. The course of treatment is 28 days.

But more often the treatment of sarcoidosis is carried out with herbs, drugs and their components can be purchased in the pharmacy chain or prepared at home on your own.

Rhodiola rosea tincture is taken in courses - 2 times for 25 days, with a 2 week break. In the morning, before breakfast and lunch, take 15-20 drops of the mixture dissolved in boiled water.

The course of treatment with the following herbal tea is repeated 4 times - 28 days with a break for a week.

Mix the brewing ingredients in equal parts:

Is the diagnosis of sarcoidosis so terrible?
  • oregano and sage stems;
  • leaves of bird knotweed and plantain;
  • marshmallow root.
  • marigold flowers.

Pour a tablespoon with one and a half glasses of boiling water, insist an hour wrapped up. Take 2 tablespoons 4 times a day. A decoction of grape cuttings is boiled in the following proportsiyah: 300 g of bunch of grapes per 1.5 liters of water. Cook for 15-20 minutes, cool, filter. Drink with honey, like tea, a day for 100-200 g.

The ferula root is rubbed, poured with alcohol. For a small spine, 500 ml is enough. Insist for a month in a dark place at room temperature. The course of treatment is 2 weeks - 20 drops are dissolved in 100 ml of water and drunk before meals 3 times a day.

Tea made from eucalyptus leaves has more sedative properties. Crushed leaves in the amount of 50 g are poured into a thermos in the morning, 500 ml of water is poured. In the evening, drink half a glass of honey.

When treating with folk remedies, all decoctions are not only drunk inside, but also applied to the skin as lotions - except for eucalyptus tea. It is recommended to make baths with chamomile, sage, calendula and succession. At the initial stage of the disease, onion ointment is used to relieve inflammation. Grated onions are mixed with sunflower oil to a puree consistency and applied to the skin.

Is the diagnosis of sarcoidosis so terrible?

Preventive measures directly for the re-manifestation of skin sarcoidosis cannot be taken, since the etiology of the disease has not yet been studied. Most of the tips are about general wellness principles.

Adjust nutrition, exclude dairy products from it, reduce to a minimum the consumption of salt and sweets, quantitatively increase the content of fruits and vegetables with vitamin C. Refuse sunburn, avoid skin contact with aggressive substances and household allergens.

Skin sarcoidosis has no effect on the patient's life expectancy. With adequate systemic treatment, the disease can be quickly eliminated.

Symptoms of Sarcoidosis

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