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Is sushi harmful for pregnant women?

Pregnancy is a special state of a woman, the time when she becomes especially careful: she avoids sudden movements, tries not to get nervous, adheres to the diet. All this is dictated by caring for the unborn child. The desire not to harm the baby makes the expectant mother give up her favorite dishes. Is it really necessary? You can find out if pregnant women can eat sushi and rolls by reading this article.

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benefits of sushi for pregnant women

Any opinion about the dangers and benefits of Japanese cuisine for pregnant women is based on what ingredients they contain.

Is sushi harmful for pregnant women?

Sushi - Japanese sushi , a dish of Japanese national cuisine. The basis is boiled rice, vinegar seasoning, fish and seafood, vegetables, seaweed, red meat, eggs. Ginger, wasabi, soy sauce are served as spices.

Rolls are a common name for Japanese and Korean cuisine. Small thin rolls cut into portions.

For the preparation of rolls take: seafood and fish, rice, nori seaweed, soft cheese, vegetables.

How useful sushi and rolls are, we see from their composition. These are light, low-calorie meals. Fish, seafood and rice are a source of valuable minerals and vitamins that are beneficial for everyone, including a pregnant woman. And yet there is a medical opinion that sushi is harmful to pregnant women. It's all about the way these delicacies are prepared. Many rolls include raw fish and seafood, lightly marinated meat.

And here their main danger for expectant mothers lurked:

Is sushi harmful for pregnant women?
  1. Sushi is usually made with raw fish and seafood. Raw fish is a direct danger of diseases such as helminthiasis and toxoplasmosis, diseases that are very serious and require long-term drug treatment, which cannot but affect the health of the child. And the mother's health, long-term treatment and taking chemical drugs will only harm;
  2. Sushi and rolls are perishable. If the sanitary standards for manufacturing and storage are not followed, they can become a source of intestinal infection. This can lead to serious intestinal upset or food poisoning.;
  3. Such additions to oriental dishes as ginger and wasabi are contraindicated for pregnant women. Ginger can cause an allergic reaction even in those who tolerated it well before pregnancy. And hot spices provoke heartburn and thirst. It creates discomfort and uhimproves the well-being of a pregnant woman.

What sushi shouldn't be eaten by pregnant women?

The answer to this question is obvious.

Expectant mothers are not allowed to eat :

Is sushi harmful for pregnant women?
  1. Sushi and rolls, as well as all other dishes prepared from fresh fish, meat, seafood;
  2. Some types of fish should be discarded. These are mackerel, sea bass, shark, tuna, halibut. These types of predatory fish accumulate mercury and heavy metals in their bodies;
  3. Sushi of questionable production and shelf life. Try not to buy this dish in the supermarket or order it at home. There is no way you can check the quality of their preparation in these places;
  4. Avoid hot sauces and condiments during pregnancy. This is especially true for ginger and wasabi.

Pregnant women can eat :

  1. Rolls and sushi that use heat-treated fish and seafood;
  2. Rolls with vegetables and cheese;
  3. Dishes of Japanese and Korean cuisine without hot sauces and seasonings;
  4. Homemade sushi.

Can pregnant women get sushi early?

Is sushi harmful for pregnant women?

Sushi and rolls are very healthy meals for pregnant women. Especially in the early stages, when the baby's body is being formed. And for its proper formation, the mother needs to receive a large amount of a wide variety of vitamins and minerals with food. The basis of sushi is rice.

It contains vitamins of group B, including folic acid, which is responsible for the development of the child. Rice is rich in vitamins of group E, as well as trace elements: phosphorus, calcium, iron, zinc.

Fish and seaweed are a valuable source of iodine, Omega 3 fatty acids, which play an important role in the formation of a child's brain. Sushi and rolls are low-calorie foods. They practically do not cause allergies. Easy to digest and energize the body for a long time.

Follow the recommendations above and you can enjoy Japanese cuisine. Moreover, pregnant women always want something unusual. Be healthy. Until next time!

Sushi During Pregnancy

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