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Is sexual abstinence harmful?

Sexual relations take a special place in the life of every person. Sex allows you to relax and improve your well-being. It should be understood that the level of sexual need is individual for each. And if some need sex every day, others need it 1-2 times a year.

Is sexual abstinence harmful?

In addition, how can you have sex if you do not have a soul mate with whom you could really relax and enjoy the process.

There is also a category of people who cannot find the right approach to the opposite sex, and many refuse sex for reasons of religion or personal beliefs.

In any case, they all face one problem - the lack of sexual relations. But whether abstinence is harmful, we will try to make out today.

So, prolonged abstinence from regular sex - is it harmful?

Before considering whether the consequences of sexual abstinence are harmful, it is worth clarifying that abstinence is endured in different ways by those who have not yet had sexual relations, or entered into relationships only once or twice, and by those intimate life occupied a significant place ... It is also necessary to find out if such abstinence is harmful for both men and women?

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The topic of abstinence from sexual activity is often associated with religion. In religion, there is such a thing as sin. As you know, according to the laws of many religions, a complete rejection of relationships is prescribed before marriage, or rather, before a wedding in a church (if we are talking about Christianity). That is, there should be no sex before a church marriage between a man and a woman, or outside of marriage.

What's positive about that?

  • Impossibility of contracting sexually transmitted diseases;
  • The onset of pregnancy after the wedding, when the marriage is already sealed, as they say, by earth and heaven;
  • Harmonious relationships in married couples based on mutual respect, trust and pure love. So far at least it is supposed.

What's in the red? In addition to the fact that a person voluntarily (or at the behest of his parents and the public ) deprives himself of a significant sphere of life, it is possible to marry for the sole purpose of finally gaining the longed-for access to someone else's body .

As a result, one of the main arguments of the champions of the religious premaritalCelibacy - a serious approach to choosing a marriage partner - can turn into its complete opposite. Instead of a balanced choice of a companion for life, there is a desire to get married as soon as possible, otherwise the combination is very itchy.

Implications for men

Is sexual abstinence harmful?

Lack of sex before the normal age of sexual debut is, of course, completely harmless. But if puberty has long passed, but there is still no sex, is not long-term premarital abstinence harmful for a man?

In the case when a young man under 30 does not know and does not understand how to enter into a relationship, and how to choose a sexual partner for himself, then he suffers from various kinds of complexes, his psyche suffers.

As a rule, such men can soon take offense, become naive in relationships, look for fictional problems for themselves, and simply waste their energy on unnecessary things. It is difficult and even sometimes impossible to cope with psychological trauma on their own, so they often fall into depression with prolonged binges.

The consequence of abstinence in men can be premature ejaculation. But the worst thing is that a man who has suffered such a fiasco in bed may admit that he is a sick person and in the future will become afraid of sexual relations. Often this psychological state leads to disorders of the nervous system.

Men develop nervousness and, worst of all, low self-esteem. Many of them may decide to pursue other forms of satisfaction, such as male masturbation. He will be scared to enter into a relationship with a woman and, accordingly, will fall into a vicious circle, on the basis of which such a disease as neurosis may develop.

But this is not the worst thing. According to doctors, the ejaculation process is an excellent prevention of prostatitis. But its absence is already dangerous to health.

At the same time, sexologists are inclined to argue that sexual abstinence is not harmful to every man. The reason for this is sexual temperament. While some lack of relationships can cause serious stress, for others it is quite normal.

Is it true the statement of psychologists and doctors who unanimously argue that prolonged abstinence from sexual relations is harmful for both men and women?

Implications for women

Is sexual abstinence harmful?

When it comes to sexual abstinence in women, the first thing that comes to mind is an irritable and angry woman, who in life is called ... let's put it mildly, unsatisfied . This word has many associations.

It has been proven that the refusal of an active sex life in women is fraught with quite serious consequences. They are more often diagnosed with uterine fibroids, breast tumors, and other malignant neoplasms. Therefore, such a state cannot but affect their psychological state.

Sexologists are sure thatabstinence is dangerous for the body, both women and men. It is also undeniable that the pleasure of orgasm is an effective relaxation of the psyche of a woman, and not only that. Therefore, a man should always know that the beauty and sexuality of a woman, her femininity and social behavior are directly related to hormonal levels.

Lack of sex in a woman leaves an imprint on the whole structure of life. Over time, such women begin to be critical of everything that happens, condemn others and become harsh in their statements. No wonder they say that a single woman boss is worse than death .

It should be understood that the biological clock of representatives of perfectly half of humanity has a real basis. The female body really has its own clear mechanism: critical days, days of ovulation, days of conception, etc.

This is the reason that her hormonal background must always correspond to her period and maintain at the required level. Otherwise, the clockwork fails and leads to the pathological consequences, which we have already mentioned above.

Sexual abstinence in marriage

As you can see, sexual abstinence, the more prolonged, has a bad effect on the health and general well-being of both men and women . It should also be noted that often we have to observe the breakdown of relations between married couples, the reason for which is the extinction of the sexually active of one of them.

It is very rare that there are cases when the extinction of sexual activity occurs simultaneously in two partners. At the same time, the one who was not the initiator of the refusal of sex begins to suffer from erotic fantasies, which as a result leads to betrayal. This means that the lack of sexual relations is critical for couples.

But on the other hand, another development of events is also possible - to discuss the current situation in a pair, find the reason for such situations and resolve it correctly. There is no need to be afraid of this conversation - it will only strengthen your trusting family relationship.

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