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Is sentimentality a plus or minus character?

What is sentimentality in people? Usually this word refers to those who keep many things in memory of the past, and it does not matter whether it is an antique vase or a theater ticket. In this way, some people tie their emotions to objects, and by storing them, they may again and again experience excitement, elation or sadness when looking at a memorable thing.

Is sentimentality a plus or minus character?

Another, broader concept of sentimentality is a character trait due to which a person is inclined to perceive some or all events in his life through feelings, and a rational assessment of what is happening in his background .

Of great importance for a sentimental person is not only feelings for oneself, but also the ability to sympathize, compassion - among such people, empaths are more common. Although such a trait in itself does not mean at all that you are a kind and merciful person.

Is it worth worrying about your sensitivity?

Is sentimentality a plus or minus character?

So you tend to be sentimental - is that good or bad?

The answer is simple: if your self-esteem, your image, or even your relationships with others suffer from it, then you should probably work to reduce the expression of emotions in the most inappropriate moments.

On the other hand, experiencing positive emotions vividly and being able to sympathize with your neighbor are valuable qualities that help fill life with meaning.

Do not try to catch others or blame yourself when emotions are expressed adequately and do not bother anyone.

If you are unhappy with your reaction to different emotional situations, you may feel insecure or even guilty about being overly sentimental. Feeling uncomfortable and realizing that any little thing (a moving film, photographs, places with which you have memories) can make you cry, is not good enough. Therefore, it is not surprising that you want to overcome this habit.

How to get rid of unnecessary sentimentality

Is sentimentality a plus or minus character?

It is very important to learn to distinguish between moments when your sensitivity is appropriate, and when there is no need to show it. For example, if everything is going well, you and your loved ones are in a great mood, then a sudden outburst of feelings or tears from some little thing can ruin their day, and yours too.

When you are in a public place, at a reception, at work, your overreaction is simply unacceptable, as it can disrupt the work process, conversation, etc.

However, when no one sees you, you can allow yourself to spend a few thoughtful minutes alone with yourself to completely surrender to the feelings within yourself. Thus, everything has its time and place.

Another tip is to be able to namehow to stop yourself when tears roll:

  • forcefully put your mind to the opposite;
  • squeeze your hand;
  • start chewing gum;
  • drink soda or just a drink with a bright taste (coffee, cocoa, lemonade);
  • remember what you have planned for today.

Wean yourself off tearfulness, the habit of sobbing in public in the event that you experience experiences that are understandable and accessible at that moment only to you alone.

Is sentimentality a plus or minus character?

Don't confuse this with crying from hurt or real pain.

In order to get rid of unwanted manifestations, some try to train themselves to restrain themselves, but this approach leads to an emotional clamp, badly affects the ability to communicate, and sometimes becomes a reason for poor health (for example, blood pressure rises). Excessive sentimentality is rarely found in men, but if, nevertheless, this manner is inherent in the representative of the stronger sex, it is better to deal with it, since this quality is often viewed by others as a manifestation of weakness.

And although a man can be a successful, intelligent person, people can label him as unbalanced or hyperemotional.

Therefore, sentimentality, both in men and women, needs to be corrected, not suppressed. Unexpressed emotions hide deep inside and come out at the most inopportune moment.

You may have thought it was too difficult to control this process, but in fact it helps to become a more rational person.

Cultivate only those character traits that you will be proud of!

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