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Is it worth fighting pride?

Pride is included in the list of deadly sins and is considered one of the most terrible emotional states. The fact is that it is thanks to this feeling that a person begins to believe in his own exclusivity, superiority over others.

What is the attitude of Orthodoxy and psychology to pride?

Is it worth fighting pride?

Those who carefully read the Holy Scriptures know that pride led to the fall of the bright archangel Lucifer and his transformation into Satan. Therefore, the Orthodox Church treats this emotional state sharply negatively.

No wonder! Such people are confident that their opinion is the only competent one. They tend to stand up for their own beliefs, regardless of the suffering caused by others.

And it is natural, what value can someone's tears have in comparison with the perfection of the highest level of development of a being?

At the same time, you should not confuse 2 qualities with a similar name. The difference between pride and pride is that pride can be felt not only for one's own achievements, but also for the successes of loved ones, the Motherland, humanity as a whole.

Also, pride has a definition of self-esteem, self-esteem, while pride may be has Greek roots and means stupidity .

Psychologists are sure that pride leads to personality degradation, since it does not allow to objectively evaluate one's own actions.

There are several main qualities that make it possible to recognize this emotional state:

Is it worth fighting pride?
  • high self-esteem;
  • feeling superior to others;
  • belief in one's own exclusivity;
  • thirst for constant praise;
  • intolerance to reproaches;
  • selfishness;
  • frequent manifestations of anger and anger.

A person subject to this feeling often remains alone, as he scares away loved ones with his behavior.

Even realizing that as a result of his own actions he lost friends, a person endowed with a vicious quality is not able to ask for forgiveness from the lower . From the point of view of psychiatry, a narrowing of horizons gradually occurs, which makes a person spiritually poor and weak. Experiencing a constant thirst for fame and power, he, nevertheless, is able to go over his head in order to achieve his goal. But every day the goal is getting further.

Pride can be manifested in a variety of ways. For example, lead to the disintegration of a family or to a global tragedy, as in the case of Adolf Schicklgruber. Is it possible to independently fight mortal sin and cleanse your soul of arrogance?

Fighting Pride: Psychological Tips

Interesting question - is it possible to feel pride and strive to get rid of it? Unfortunately, the opinion of most psychologists is not. A person who is unable to open himself to the world, completely confident in his own superiority, simply cannot realize the depth of the fall. It is possible to get rid of a vicious quality in the only case - when hopes and understanding that the erroneousness of their actions led to this collapse. But this already means cleansing from sin.

However, you can carry out a kind of prevention in order not to succumb to the vice.

To do this, just a few basic rules should be implemented:

Is it worth fighting pride?
  • First of all, you must treat the people around you as your equal. One person is endowed with excellent mathematical abilities, while the other prepares an excellent borscht. You need to learn to find dignity in everyone and treat your own talents with appropriate modesty;
  • One of the qualities that often provoke pride, insecurity, which makes you constantly prove your capabilities, and gradually superiority, first in your own eyes, and then in the eyes of others. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of psychological complexes before they completely take possession of the person and suppress his psyche;
  • Excessive pride is cause for concern. You should not hide your weaknesses, they are the natural qualities of every person and often determine the personality and even help its further development. How can you be ashamed of feelings such as sincere empathy?
  • It is necessary to learn how to work in a team, to listen not only to congratulations on the next victory, but to criticism. Your own opinion is flexible and if it changes over time, it is a sign of growing up, the ability to think broadly and consider the problem from different angles;
  • You can not subject a person to condemnation for a committed mistake, without having an idea of ​​their own actions in a similar situation. You need to be able to empathize and empathize and not rush to hang labels;
  • When doing a good deed, you need to restrain yourself from thinking about how the nobly great has condescended to the insignificant. However, this action can be attributed to the paragraph on the equality of all people. By the way, it's not for nothing that a person who wants to do a really good deed, who provided assistance, usually does not advertise his participation, since he does not feel the need for gratitude and praise.
Is it worth fighting pride?

Knowing the differences between pride and a vicious quality, you should not over-inflate your principles, because it is so easy to step over an invisible barrier. For example, an athlete who is absolutely confident in winning and is proud of his results often experiences pride after losing.

Since it is difficult to get rid of pride, a spiritual vice, it is desirable from childhood to bring up qualities in a child that will allow him to go through life with dignity: modesty, respectattitude to people, self-confidence, ability to listen to the opponent.

Then pride will not be scary!

Why You Are Worth Fighting For Despite Your Pride

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