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Is it possible to learn to dance strip plastic elements at home, and how to do it?

Today strip plastic elements are deservedly popular among many girls and dance teachers. Until recently, this technique was associated only with the movements of naked strippers in nightclubs, but now most people are beginning to understand that this direction and striptease are not the same thing at all.

In this article, we will tell you what the elements of this dance direction are, and whether you can learn them yourself at home.

Strip plastic: characteristics and types

Is it possible to learn to dance strip plastic elements at home, and how to do it?

All the elements of strip plastic in the aggregate represent an unusually beautiful and bewitching erotic action. The girl who performs this dance is an incredibly attractive sexual object for the opposite sex.

Despite this, not a single type of strip plastic surgery involves mandatory exposure. Dancers drive men crazy exclusively with their plasticity, light and sexual movements, and not with their exposed parts of the body.

This modern direction of dance art differs from other dances in the following characteristics:

  • relaxedness;
  • sophisticated sexuality;
  • complete freedom;
  • sensuality;
  • smooth movement;
  • strict adherence to a clear rhythm;
  • pleasant and mesmerizing music.

Many may notice that it is precisely in its characteristics that this dance resembles a striptease. This is true, since these two areas have common roots. At the same time, they also have significant differences. Elements of professional strip plastics cannot be obscene, depraved or too explicit.

Is it possible to learn to dance strip plastic elements at home, and how to do it?

In fact, this type of dance is the art of seduction, but the strip dancer plays not with her body, but with the feelings of the viewer.

Often even married young girls choose this dance. There is absolutely nothing reprehensible in this, because among all dance directions it is strip plastic that more than others helps a woman to relax and diversify her family and sexual life. In addition, some elements of strip plastics allow you to tighten your figure, get rid of a couple of extra pounds, strengthen muscles and improve your posture.

Today there are several types of strip plasty, among them every girl will definitely choose the one that she likes, for example:

  • classic strip plasty;
  • strip latina;
  • strip-R & B;
  • strip cardio.

As is clear from the names of the second and third types, they are a mixture of strip plastic and other dance styles. Cardio strip plastic, in turn, is a combination of aerobics, choreography and light exercise.

And this includes both dynamic eelements, such as kicks, bends, squats, and so on, as well as slow and smooth erotic movements. It is this type of dance that is more suitable for those women who want to lose a little weight and improve their health more than other directions of strip plastics.

How to learn to dance strip plastics at home?

Is it possible to learn to dance strip plastic elements at home, and how to do it?

Learning to dance various elements of any kind of strip plastic is not at all difficult, and it can be done without much difficulty at home. To do this, you need to choose the appropriate video tutorial, many of which can be easily found on the Internet, and try to follow all the instructions in it.

Before starting directly with classes, you need to stretch. Otherwise, your unprepared body will make itself felt the next day with a mass of painful and uncomfortable sensations.

You should start with the simplest elements for stretching the muscles, such as bends, turns and swings, gradually increasing the load and intensity. During the execution of various movements, you need to remain in the same position for a while, that is, the change of elements should not occur abruptly. Stretching classes should be carried out 2-3 times a week, while the duration of the exercises should be at least an hour.

After a while, when you realize that your muscles have adapted enough to grueling stretching exercises, you should add movements that develop coordination in space. These are lifting arms and legs, rotating limbs in different directions, all kinds of turns, balancing on one leg, jumping, transferring body weight to the heels, the ability to stand on heels and toes, and so on. Also at this stage, you can begin to practice the well-known dance gait.

Most dynamic physical exercises, among other things, develop the plasticity of the trunk. It is worth noting that a flexible and plastic body is half the success in mastering various elements of strip plastic.

Finally, at the last stage, when your muscles get used to regular exercise, your body will become agile, flexible and skillful, and you yourself can be so liberated that you are not afraid to demonstrate your skills in front of other people, you can turn on the music.

Is it possible to learn to dance strip plastic elements at home, and how to do it?

Stretching and all previous gymnastic exercises should be performed in complete silence so as not to be distracted, but to fully focus on what you are doing.

Only now, by turning on your favorite music, you can make those movements that you have learned, trying to use them at certain moments of the sound of the composition. In fact, this stage is the most difficult. Perform any physical exercises with ease, even the most clumsy woman, if you set yourself a serious goal.

Meanwhile, strip plastic is not just a set of dynamic elements, but the art of seducing men ina dance that is inextricably linked to music.

Surrendering to erotic dances and, in particular, learning how to dance such directions as strip plastics is not at all as difficult as it might seem. The main thing is to be confident in your strengths and sexual attractiveness, and you will definitely succeed!


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