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Is fluffy hair a problem?

Looking great every day is the desire of any girl. And, you must admit that hair is an important detail of the desired image. But unfortunately, not everyone received a generous gift from nature in the form of beautiful and healthy curls. Therefore, today we will be thinking about how to make ourselves a stunning hairstyle.

Is fluffy hair a problem?

Excessive fluffiness can be considered one of the main obstacles on the way to perfect styling. How, you ask, is fluffy hair bad? No, well, if they are a little fluffy and fit beautifully on your shoulders, then there is nothing wrong with that.

But if the wavy curls fit as you like, but not the way you need it, then this is already becoming a problem. Do not forget that excessively fluffy curls are rarely shiny, which means that without proper care they will look like straw.

That is why you need to properly care for your hair. So you can not only restore her healthy look, you also have the opportunity to do any hairstyle, since there will be no more styling problems.

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Why does hair get fluffy?

It's all about the structure of the hair. Curly hair results from the fact that each hair is unevenly moisturized. So, over time, a similar problem may arise even for those whom nature has awarded with perfectly even and smooth curls. What to do if you want straight hair.

It turns out that there are a few little tricks you can use to style your naughty hair very quickly:

  • If you like to wash your hair while bending over, then you should change this habit. The fact is that when you bend over, the scales of each hair are revealed. And after complete drying, it will be very difficult to lay the curls. In this case, our task is to smooth the scales. So it is worth washing your curls with your head up, in no case bending over;
  • Dry your hair with a hair dryer only as a last resort. It would seem that such a bad thing can be in quick drying. Nothing special, but with constant exposure to warm air, your curls will become drier and brittle over time. And your appearance is bound to get better if you let your hair dry naturally. And if you still need to dry the locous quickly, then you should not randomly dry your head. It would be more correct to lift one strand and thoroughly dry it from root to tip;
  • In no case should you comb wet strands. So you not only get a slight disobedience, but also pull out half of the hair. It is better to wait until it is completely dry, and then make light styling using special cosmetics;
  • Choose the right care products. If you have a dry type, then you should not think that using shampoo for oily strands will help to tidy them up a little. The styling product must necessarily match your type and then the likelihood of beautifully styling curls will almost double.

I would like to say a few more words about hair care products. As we all know, they are those that need to be washed off and such that they remain on the head until the next wash. If your choice fell on indelible products, then we want to warn you right away that in this case you need to know when to stop.

Is fluffy hair a problem?

If you apply too much straightening agent, the curls will look great in the form of greasy icicles. So if you do not need straightened curls at such a price, then it is better to apply less cosmetic, it certainly will not be worse from this. You should also be careful with silicone-based products.

Yes, they will help you create a beautiful hairstyle, but the catch is that silicone won't wash off with regular shampoo. Therefore, if you use such masks or styling mousses, then you need to periodically wash your hair with special shampoos that deeply cleanse each hair.

How to style curly fluffy hair

In order to style the strands beautifully, you need to have in your arsenal of cosmetics a special shampoo for curly hair, balm, mask and foam or styling mousse.

Continuous use of shampoo for curly hair will make it softer, which means it will be easier to style. Do not forget that the components of such shampoos are designed not only to facilitate styling, but also to restore health to your hair. Therefore, using tools of this type, you kill two birds with one stone .

One of the main nutrients for each hair is a balm. It not only compensates for the lack of vitamins and microelements, but also restores damaged areas of the hair, giving it a healthier look. As a result, your hair looks absolutely amazing!

A white clay mask also has an excellent effect on the condition of the strands. Availability is also a plus yesthis product, since you can buy white clay in almost any cosmetic store or even in some pharmacies.

And, of course, during the styling process, do not forget about mousse or foam. By applying them to your head, you can create an absolutely stunning look that will last for quite a long time. And what else do women need!

Haircuts for fluffy hair

Now that we figured out what to do in order to facilitate the process of styling unruly hair, let's move on to haircuts that will suit the owners of curls. Despite all the disadvantages, fluffy curls have one huge advantage - their owners absolutely do not need to worry about volume. With anything, but this is never a problem.

The most suitable haircuts for curly fluffy hair are almost all types of bob, a bob with shorter hair at the back of the head or a regular cascade haircut. The main thing is that the haircut is perfect for your face type.

Remember that if you have a square face shape, then a haircut with thick bangs will not work for you, but for those with an oval face shape, any haircut may suit, so you can safely turn on your imagination.

It should also be noted that the best choice for girls with fluffy hair is still medium hair length. If only because if at first you don't manage to style your hair properly, you can tie a chic puffy ponytail.

Hairstyles for beautiful fluffy hair

First, we will talk about daily hairstyles. Agree that in the morning, when you need to get ready for work, the question of what kind of hairstyle you want today is not worth it. 99% of the time, you will choose the fastest option.

Is fluffy hair a problem?

And the fastest way to tidy yourself up is the usual brushing. But, having fluffy curls, you should definitely smooth the curls a little and sprinkle them with varnish. In this case, the curls will not bulge in all directions, but will flow beautifully over the shoulders.

The most common bundle can be an excellent solution. You just need to comb the curls back and twist them, securing the hair with hairpins and hairpins. And if you have a few curls from the bun, then do not be discouraged: this will make your image more romantic and feminine.

And if you have a little time, then you can braid yourself an absolutely stunning bohemian braid. Despite such an original name, there is nothing complicated in the weaving technique. You need to start braiding over the temple on one side.

TThe technique will be almost the same as for a regular French braid, but the end of the weaving should be at the temple on the opposite side. After you've finished braiding, be sure to straighten the braid to make the hair look more voluminous.

As you can see, to style fluffy wavy hair not difficult at all. The main thing is to approach this business wisely, applying all the useful tips and little tricks in practice, and then you will always feel like a queen!

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