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Insomnia: treatment with alternative methods

Insomnia is the popular name for the medical diagnosis of insomnia. The condition is characterized by sleep disorders, which can be of a different nature: long falling asleep, inability to fall asleep, poor quality of night rest - constant awakenings, insufficient sleep duration.

Insomnia negatively affects the physical and emotional state, significantly worsens the quality of life. Finding out the causes of insomnia can help restore healthy sleep and emotional comfort.

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Causes and signs of insomnia

Insomnia: treatment with alternative methods

Insomnia is not always diagnosed with a temporary lack of sleep. The condition is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • difficulty keeping sleep;
  • poor sleep quality is recorded for more than a month and repeated at least 3 times a week;
  • a constantly agitated state, or - in medical language - distress;
  • during the day they constantly remember about night problems and are afraid of their repetition.

Only after finding out the reasons, begin treatment for insomnia. They can be caused by internal and external factors:

  • Stresses, both one-time and permanent;
  • Violation of the daily routine;
  • Inconvenience, poor sleep hygiene;
  • Violation of the diet, the use of foods and drugs, from which the nervous system becomes agitated;
  • Somatic, physiological, organic, neurological and infectious diseases.

Insomnia therapy consists of identifying the causes of this condition and eliminating them. To remove negative emotions and smooth out the emotional background, medical sedatives and remedies according to traditional medicine are prescribed.

Due to the calming effect of herbal raw materials, it is introduced into the composition of medical products.

General sedatives

Doctors rarely prescribe powerful drugs for insomnia. They are needed in special cases - with severe nervous disorders. Tranquilizers are addictive and have common side effects.

If the cause of insomnia is a disease or infection, then the main therapeutic effect is aimed at removing the painful effect, and sedatives are used to reduce nervous tensionYou can buy them without a prescription at any pharmacy.

These same drugs remove nervous excitement, if it is not caused by dysfunction of the nervous system. Most modern antidepressants include components of folk remedies.

As an example:

  • deprim - in his includes St. John's wort ;
  • nottu - it contains valerian, oat extract, chamomile ...
  • novopassit - St. John's wort, hawthorn, hops, elderberry ...
  • valokormid - valerian, lily of the valley tincture, belladonna tincture ...
  • valocordin - valerian extract, hop and mint oil ...
  • phyto-new neighbor - purpurea echinacea, lemon balm, motherwort, rose hips.

The composition of sedative medicines includes several components with different effects at the same time. If there is a risk of allergic reactions, it is best to make the medicine yourself.

Folk sedatives recipes

Traditional medicine in its arsenal has so many sedatives that even an allergic person can choose the right one for himself.

Treatment of insomnia with simple folk remedies has a contraindication for individual intolerance and, in some cases, special conditions - pregnancy and lactation.

Despite the fact that folk remedies are made from natural raw materials, when using them in special situations, you should consult a doctor:

Insomnia: treatment with alternative methods
  • Dry chopped valerian root in the amount of 2 tablespoons is poured with boiling water - there should be no more than 500 ml of water, boil for about 15 minutes, filter, squeeze out the vegetable raw materials, bring the volume to half a liter with clean water and take it daily. Before meals, a tablespoon, before going to bed - 100 ml;
  • 5% table vinegar in the amount of 1.5 - 2 teaspoons is added to half a glass of liquid natural honey, stirred until a homogeneous consistency and drunk by a teaspoon before proceeding to night rest. Ordinary honey in the same amount gives a sedative effect if washed down with warm milk;
  • A two-time course of treatment with a decoction of green dill has an effective effect on restoring sleep. The medicine must be prepared in advance. In the evening, chopped green dill - 15 g - pour 500 ml of boiling water, cover with a lid and insist until morning. Drink in a day for 5 receptions. The last reception is an hour before bedtime, during which at least half a glass of infusion. 4 days they drink - 2 rest, repeat again. Sleep disorder recedes;
  • If it is established that mental fatigue is the cause of long sleep, the treatment of insomnia is effectively carried out with the help of oatmeal tea. It is brewed like this - a tablespoon of blooming oat tops in a glass of boiling water. You need to drink 400 ml 4-5 times a day.

For those who have no historyWithout allergic manifestations, it is permissible to brew several components at the same time.

Soothing Tea Recipes:

  • lemon balm - 20 g;
  • valerian root - 30 g;
  • motherwort - 30 g.

Pour a glass of boiling water, filter, insist, drink during the day.

These ingredients for tea for insomnia are taken in equal amounts:

  • motherwort;
  • heather;
  • valerian;
  • marsh cinnamon;
  • mint.

Herbal tea is infused for 10-15 minutes. You can drink as a course - a glass of a week during the day, and symptomatically, if sleep does not come. In this case, you need to drink at least 100 mg of the sedative.

To make it more convenient to brew tea, the tea leaves are prepared in advance. It is stored in a dry place in a closed tin or glass container for about a year.

Tips for Normalizing Sleep

  • Before going to bed, the bedroom should be ventilated, thick curtains should be hung in it so that the light from the street does not distract from falling asleep. If it is not possible to lie in silence, it is advisable to purchase earplugs;
  • If possible, try to avoid daytime sleep, teach the body to recover only at night;
  • Before going to bed, do not do anything that excites the nervous system. Computer, loud music, lively conversations - an hour before bedtime you need to create a calm environment;
  • Do not drink coffee or strong tea before going to bed, smoke a lot;
  • You don't have to constantly look at your watch. This is just unnerving. Anything related to time should be removed from the field of view;
  • Try to go to bed at the same time every day;
  • The aromas of essential oils, acting on the nerve centers of the brain, help to relax. If you choose your soothing scent , sleep will come instantly;
  • Lying in bed, you should not think about how the day went and what you have to do tomorrow, but about something pleasant. You can focus on your breathing, try to breathe deeply, take some relaxation;
  • The bed should be associated only with sleep, in extreme cases - with sex. Watching TV and working is required while sitting.

If you can't fall asleep for a long time, do not toss and turn and be nervous. You need to turn on the night light, put on a soothing tea to infuse, and at this time read a book or do something everyday, monotonous, and - having calmed down - go to bed again. Sleep is sure to come!

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