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Hyaluronic acid cosmetics

A person's skin is an excellent indicator of his health. But sometimes, whatever a person does, she doesn't look the way she would like. The reason for this, in addition to natural aging, can be unfavorable factors of the external environment, electromagnetic fields, poor ecology, poor water quality, unhealthy food, stress and other factors.

Hyaluronic acid cosmetics

As a result, our cells stop producing the required amount of the rejuvenating elixir - hyaluronic acid (HA).

It is the lack of this acid that is considered the main factor in the aging of the skin and the body as a whole. But it is quite possible to fill the deficiency of hyaluronic acid with drugs based on it.

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Hyaluron in cosmetology

In cosmetology, HA is used in the form of intramuscular, subcutaneous and intradermal injections. The HA gel fills the voids and retains moisture, increasing the volume at the injection site. As a result, the skin is leveled, smoothed, thereby reducing wrinkles.

The effect lasts about a year, but it all depends on the initial condition of the patient's skin. Then the gel dissolves and, if desired, the procedure is repeated.

The procedures themselves are not cheap, painful and often leave bruises at the injection sites. Therefore, for those who are not ready for such sacrifices, cosmetics with HA will come to the rescue.

Cosmetics with hyaluronic acid

The properties of HA appear even at low concentrations, allowing the production of effective cosmetics based on this component.

Our skin constantly needs hydration, regardless of type. After 25 years we can observe a decrease in the formation of HA in our body. Anti-aging cosmetics containing hyaluronic acid will help fill this deficit.

Hyaluronic acid cosmetics

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of human skin and therefore is suitable for all skin types.

Studies have shown that when using conventional cosmetics, we get short-term, superficial results, and HA preparations provoke skin cells to produce acid on their own. As a result, the skin is saturated with moisture, remains young and elastic for a long time, slowing down the aging process.

In cosmetology, hyaluronic acid-based preparations are well distributed over the entire surface of the skin, forming a light film that perfectly absorbs moisture from the air. This leads to an increase in the water content in the stratum corneum, creating an excess moisture effect that helps to reduce moisture evaporation from the surface.

Also, cosmetics with HA stabilize, do not interfere with the gas exchange of the skin with the environment. It forms a polymer network, allowing the active biological substances that make up cosmetic preparations to stay on it longer and promotes their better penetration into the epidermis.

Properties and advantages of GC preparations:

  1. form a thin barrier on the surface of the skin, retaining moisture in the cells;
  2. support skin respiration;
  3. accelerate the healing of scars and scars;
  4. enhance the action of other substances in cosmetics;
  5. maintain water balance.

In addition, HA cosmetics do not clog pores or cause allergic reactions.

Russian cosmetics using hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid cosmetics

Russian popular brands that are used in the composition of cosmetic preparations of GC:

  • Geltek - the offered products perfectly help to cope with dehydration of cells, dryness and smoothing of surface wrinkles;
  • Mirra - biotechnical HA in cosmetics creates a protective hygroscopic film on the skin surface;
  • Pleiana - only natural ingredients are used for production, without using parabens and SLS;
  • Kosmoteros - the manufacturer offers, in addition to products with GC, also dietary supplements;
  • GRS - they apply innovative technologies, combining them with high manufacturing technologies that allow getting rid of cosmetic preservatives;
  • Natural element - a mask based on glacial water is the most demanded product, which contains, in addition to HA, chitosan and allantoin;
  • Hyamatrix - support the processes of regeneration and revitalization of the epidermis;
  • Green Mama - GK is the basis of a series of elite cosmetic products of this brand and is included in small quantities in moisturizing creams.

Trust your skin only with professional and certified cosmetics, then it will always be beautiful, young and most importantly - hydrated!

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