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How to write to a guy about your love?

A young romantic girl, and sometimes even an adult, but no less romantic woman, is confused: how to confess your love to a guy?

Excitement, uncertainty, painful feelings in the past turn this task into a real torture. The easiest way - with words and looking straight into the eyes, is not suitable for every girl, because it requires sufficient self-confidence and some experience in such confessions.

In order not to lose the chances of a successful relationship, you can write a letter to the young man - in decorative handwriting and on special paper, an electronic or simple note, but with taste.

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Classic letter on paper

How to write to a guy about your love?

In order not only to speak out, but also to impress the object of his desire, he will like it, you need to carefully approach all the components of composing a paper letter. First of all, it is paper - it is highly desirable to find decorative paper. In these days of the widespread Internet, mail is already gradually weaning from forwarding letters, and such paper is becoming more and more rare.

Nevertheless, it is in the post office that the chances of finding such paper are highest.

Supermarkets and even specialty kiosks most often sell standard postcards, and when asked if they have decorative paper for writing, they will most likely answer with a surprised look. Lovers of DIY decor and fashionable hobbies, scrapbooking, however, know that such a miracle can be ordered on the Internet on special sites for creativity. Now you know too, so do not neglect this great idea.

If you are full of sophistication, you can still try to find ink, and write a letter in ink. However, even our parents were no longer trained in ink writing at school, and for instructions you will have to turn to grandparents who may still remember it.

Of course, ink in combination with decorative handwriting will look the most beautiful and elegant, perhaps so elegant that you don't have to bother much about what exactly you can write to the guy you love, the initial visual effect will be so strong.

In addition, the following have almost real ink effect:

  • gel pens;
  • blue and purple paint applied with a fine brush;
  • fine marker with a sharp tip.

Well, if you are a sorceress, and in addition to all of the above, you will also find a parchment envelope, special wax for the envelope and a stamp with an embossed heart - no matter how you write steamnude that you love him, if he is a person with a developed aesthetic taste, then his delight of your sweetheart is guaranteed.


How to write to a guy about your love?

If you are reluctant to work on writing a classic paper version, or if you and your boyfriend are in constant contact via the Internet, and you are sure that your virtual message will not get lost in spam, you can write an expressive e-mail.

Such a message can also be decorated visually, for this there are a number of online services with ready-made templates that you can customize to your liking if you wish.

Skills in Corel Draw or Adobe Photoshop programs, or their free counterparts, will not be superfluous either.

Nevertheless, in the case of electronic devices, willy-nilly, you will have to pay more attention to the text itself, the content of the message. For the simple reason that it becomes easier and easier to show off visual content as computer technology develops, but not everyone can write well and with imagination, and it is much harder to teach it.

Certainly, this task is not for a computer. Therefore, perhaps spend a few evenings reading the love letters of famous poets and writers, since they have always been prolific for such things. At the very least, this will give you a rough idea of ​​the genre of romantic love confessions and will greatly simplify the task of writing your boyfriend about how much I love and hitting him in the heart.

Finally, it will be very cool to come up with a bright, catchy headline so that the recipient will notice it, open it, and your efforts to compose quality text are not equivalent to an unsent letter, but on the contrary - the guy realized that he loves you.

Love note

How to write to a guy about your love?

After all, if you're a schoolgirl, college student, or office worker, a simple, short love note on a piece of paper can be a very sweet and enjoyable option.

This can also be convenient if you do not want to go too far with feelings, and would prefer that, despite the recognition that you love, there was some spontaneity and lightness between you.

Alas, there is a risk that such a method will make you look frivolous in his eyes, but on the other hand, a classic paper letter can scare you with its bombast and overburdened with visual meaning, and an electronic letter can make you look like nerds or too many working women.

But what should you write to the guy you love in a note - after all, this format assumes maximum brevity?

The most obvious option is simply love , a single word surrounded by many hearts, drawn in red pen or pencil. This option will definitely not cause any alternative interpretations, and he will definitely understand what you want to tell him. In this brief but beautiful moment when his glaza will be focused on your note, he will evaluate his feelings for you, understand whether he loves and what his reciprocal steps should follow.

A lot in the matter of choosing the style and method of writing a letter depends on the nature of your beloved boyfriend. If he is simple and sociable, perhaps a note will be enough for him, such characters are not particularly keen on the aesthetics of both poets of the Silver Age and modern graphic designers - he likes a simple, human expression of emotions.

If he is still an esthete, dresses stylishly and drinks exotic alcoholic beverages, a beautiful paper letter, which he will keep next to his ivory chess set, would certainly suit him better. And it's clear that a guy with a technical mindset, practical and responsible, it is better to send a e-mail , which may make it easier for him to be surprised at your frankness.

One last word of advice: if he does not know what your handwriting looks like or what your nickname is on the network, do not sign such important messages with vague from me . A drama can play out if your chosen one suspects ... someone else, not you!

We wish you good luck in the juicy business of conquering men's hearts with love letters!

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