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How to wind your hair beautifully and correctly on a curling iron?

The curling iron allows women to create a complete look. With its help, you can create any curls, voluminous, wave and so on. To quickly achieve the desired result and not harm the hair stubble, you need to follow simple rules on how to wind your hair on the curling iron.

In order to properly and beautifully wind the strands on the curling iron, you need to know what functions they perform.

There are a number of criteria by which different models differ:

How to wind your hair beautifully and correctly on a curling iron?
  • Tool with a clamp. It is most popular because of its convenience, each strand of hair is fixed with a special clip when winding;
  • The clipless tool is sold with thermal protective gloves to protect your hands from scalding. This device allows you to create more natural curls. It is easier for beginners to use the clip tool to properly wind the hair on the curling iron;
  • Temperature regulator. The thinner the hair, the less you need to select the curling temperature. Thin, colored, brittle bundles must be curled at a temperature not exceeding 90 degrees. For thick, thick, curly strands, it is better to select a temperature of 150-200 degrees. The lower the curl temperature, the weaker the curls will be;
  • Tool material. A curling iron with a metal surface curls strands well onto metal without damaging their structure. Ceramic and tourmaline curls are heated evenly, destroying the hair tissue less. Also, the material prevents hair loss. A curling iron made of gold or titanium is the most expensive model, which has high thermal conductivity and creates long-lasting curls.
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Additional tool functions

How to wind your hair beautifully and correctly on a curling iron?
  • A hair dryer is a device for curling a hair through which heated air passes. It is easy to create volume when styling and easy to use;
  • The model-iron straightens curly strands. It can also make a beautiful curl. The curling iron creates uniform waves in a short time;
  • The tool with multistyler attachments is the most expensive model, combining the functions of a hair dryer, ironing, corrugation. With it, you can constantly change your image;
  • The cone curler allows you to create curls of various diameters, and, as a rule, does not have a clip;
  • An automatic curling iron that winds itself toudri - is a new device and is a tool where the curl is automatically warmed up until it acquires the desired shape. The girl only sets the temperature and curling time, the model will do the rest herself.

How short hair is curled on a curling iron

How to wind your hair beautifully and correctly on a curling iron?

On short strands, curls look even more impressive than on long ones. Using the right curling method will help you achieve the expected result.

First, you need to wind short hair with a curling iron at the roots. The girl chooses the diameter of the tool herself. A small diameter creates small curls, a large diameter creates large ones.

To wind short strands, you can use an iron. Or Velcro curlers. They are securely attached to the strands thanks to the soft spikes. In order for the hairstyle to last longer, before curling the curls, it is necessary to sprinkle the curls with mousse, and fix the hairstyle with varnish.

How to wind long hair on a curling iron

This process takes longer than a short curl. First, the hair must be washed and dried with a hairdryer, then treated with a heat protection spray.

Divide the head into three zones. Tufts can be pinned at the crown for convenience. The curling iron must be plugged in and heated. Start curling long strands from the bottom hair.

How to wind your hair beautifully and correctly on a curling iron?

The end of the hair is grasped with a clip and rolled up to the point where the curls will begin. The girl herself decides to what place to curl.

When curling, make sure that the tip of the strand does not pop out, and the hair is evenly distributed over the rod of the tong.

Each strand should last no more than 20 seconds. When the whole head is ready, the curls should be cooled for about 10-15 minutes.

Name of the curling iron that winds the hair by itself

This apparatus is a rotating element that eliminates the need for a girl to twist her arms.

Representatives of this model are brands such as Rowenta and Babyliss.

The first model twists the hair in the following way: the tip of the curl is fixed by hands on a rotating drum. Then, the hand that holds the curling iron handle moves it up and curls it.

And the Babyliss tool should stick to the roots when curling. The strand itself twists through it, and a sound signal notifies that the curl is ready.

The hairstyle created by the curling iron looks very beautiful and lasts a really long time, which is very convenient. After all, with the help of a curling iron, the curl turns out to be even and neat.

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