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How to wear stockings correctly?

There are many sexy clothes and accessories in every beauty's wardrobe. Stockings are one of the main tricks that make women of fashion feel feminine and comfortable at the same time. How to wear stockings correctly so as not to look vulgar? What clothes can they be combined with?

Sometimes women refuse to wear stockings with pendants, not knowing how to choose and wear them correctly. But once you decide to buy a new thing, it will become your favorite thing in your wardrobe.

How to wear stockings correctly?

Yes, you need to be able to combine, for example, warm knitted stockings with the right elements of clothing. But, as they say, it is not holy pots that are made.

You can learn how to create a harmonious image by listening to the advice of professional stylists. And you can get used to putting on a belt with pendants even more quickly.

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Making it right choice!

If you want the item to serve you faithfully, heed the following tips:

  • opt for stockings of your size - too large can slip off the leg and look untidy, and too small will squeeze the leg and cause discomfort;
  • the material should be the same color or lighter than the shoes, it is considered bad manners if the shade is darker than your shoes - this is stupid, strange and tasteless (flesh color looks optimal);
  • stock up on several options for stockings, match them to different shoes;
  • choose clothes from trusted brands, it will be a shame if after the first wear the thing breaks.

Fashion is a finicky young lady, and she has her own strict laws that must be observed. Since you still need to be able to wear stockings correctly, carefully study the advice of experts in the beauty industry - then you will always be on top, conquering men's hearts in a stylish way and with a flying gait:

  • In everyday wear, it is considered bad form if you can see from under your skirt that you are wearing stockings. So, you can easily get the stigma of a girl of easy virtue in the eyes of the public - starting with colleagues, ending with grandmothers at the entrance;
  • If you deliberately want to be known as windy and accessible (and such an image can also be useful in certain life circumstances), feel free to choose a mesh with an openwork elastic band and wear it so that the lace is visible to others;
  • Don't want to be seen as vulgar, but love the mesh? Then give preference to non-challenging clothing and fine mesh. This option may even suit the office. It is important not to overdo itbe with the brightness of clothes and accessories;
  • What does etiquette say about a skirt that can be worn along with stockings? In addition to the fact that it cannot be too short, the skirt should also not fit the silhouette. This is not permissible!
  • High-heeled shoes will complement the seductive element of clothing - these are shoes that perfectly complement the image;
  • If you need to make the legs look longer and thinner, look for a model with a vertical pattern or a back seam. It is better to forget the options with an openwork pattern and a mesh if you have full legs;
  • Do you like original models, for example, with geometric lines? Then you will need to watch how you wear them. Strict proportions must be observed along the entire height of the stocking;
  • The black version can only be worn with black clothing or neutral gray. A step left or right is already bad form. Do you like dark shades? Don't get carried away, your natural skin tone should be slightly darker than the model you are wearing;
  • What should you wear warm stockings with? In this case, your shoes should certainly be with a closed toe. Agree, tights with a density of 100 den in combination with light summer sandals will at least look strange, and most likely just ridiculous and tasteless;
  • Knitted knee-highs are perfect for rainy fall or even winter. They will warm your feet and give your look a special charm. This is exactly the option when knitted stockings can be worn with something short - a skirt, knitted dress or leather shorts, causing the envy of the surrounding young ladies and the delight of men. Opt for a dense, comfortable material - and you will not regret purchasing. Now red and gray knitted patterns are in fashion, and the geometric pattern will make the thing even more original.

How to wear models with a belt and pendants?

How to wear stockings correctly?

Suspended stockings are considered the most comfortable to wear. The belt fits snugly against the skin, and the straps are securely attached to the belt, preventing the material from sliding down.

Special elastic bands - there can be 4, 6 or even 10 pieces - are attached to the product using plastic or metal clips. The belt itself is made of lace stretch or satin. It is best to choose models that are elastic, tight to the body.

Consider a few secrets of what and how to wear such a sexy thing:

  • Ideally, buy the belt along with the stockings. If you assemble the kit separately, you need to try to find materials that are similar in texture and shade;
  • Pay attention to the length of the elastic bands, they should not cause discomfort, no matter how you become. Try it on before you buy. Pendants must be reliable;
  • The classic version is black stockings with a belt of the same color, which is combined with a dark skirt or dress. But the white set is perfect for a wedding;
  • Grid, ornament, brightcolors are suitable for a fun party, in a business style they are almost always inappropriate;
  • Young women of fashion can afford to experiment: over linen, you can wear shorts, complement the look with a light T-shirt and a long cardigan. Instead of shorts, you can try on a leather, denim or knitted short skirt. The image will turn out to be cute, light, playful;
  • Bows, ribbons, openwork inserts - all these decorative elements are appropriate if you plan to seduce a man in an intimate setting. White stockings with red bows are a classic complement to the sexy nurse look. Little tricks will not leave indifferent any representative of the stronger sex.

All the subtleties of choice are difficult to describe, every fashionista should have a feminine flair and developed taste. This is important because the line between refined taste and vulgarity can be easily crossed by making an offensive oversight.

Therefore, take a close look at yourself in the mirror before leaving the house in stockings. Make sure your look is cool, humble enough. Yes, you will feel inner freedom and lightness in it, but you must not forget about the rules of etiquette for a minute!

When the legs are tight with stockings, it is impossible to feel nonsexual. If your goal is to seduce a man during a romantic meeting, you can forget about the norms and dress up in a fantastically enticing image of your choice.

In an intimate setting, those nuances of the image that would seem vulgar in an office or other public place will turn into erotic signals.

Compression garments

In recent years, compression stockings, knee-highs and tights have become more and more popular. Elastic compression is a method that allows you to successfully treat varicose veins at all stages. It is also used to prevent this disease of the legs, as well as to avoid complications if the problem occurs at an early stage.

How to wear stockings correctly?

How to wear compression stockings if you can't do without them? This special item with a healing effect should be worn in the morning, as soon as you wake up. Take off this product only before going to bed.

Since you have to wear compression stockings all day, you will quickly get used to the sensations of compression and cold that arise at the first moment. Compression hosiery increases venous return, so such feelings are understandable and completely normal.

If you choose a model with an open toe, a silk toe will be attached to it, which will make it easier for you to put on the product. You will also need to wear rubber gloves. In them, you can correctly distribute the thing over the leg, which is very important, and also protect it from damage with long nails or rings.

As you can see, stockings can be not only beautiful and seductive, but the wholema beneficial to health. Whichever model you choose, it is worth remembering the sense of proportion and trying to create a harmonious image. Then the whole world will be at your beautiful legs!

How to Wear Compression Stockings easily, without struggling?

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