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How to wear jeans with a smock, and how are they remarkable?

The story of jeans with a smock is quite interesting and, in a sense, funny. This wardrobe item first appeared in black rappers. This was due to the fact that young guys were wearing the things of their brothers. Since jeans with a hanging cuff could be two or even three sizes larger, the visible effect of a low elephant was created.

Over time, this wardrobe item has ceased to be only male. Girls with great pleasure began to wear jeans two sizes larger. They can boast of having more than one model of these jeans in their closet. This is not surprising, because the pants are really comfortable and practical.

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What is the name of jeans with a smock?

How to wear jeans with a smock, and how are they remarkable?

Wide jeans turned out to be comfortable and practical not only for men. This piece of wardrobe also fell in love with girls.

As for the official name of such jeans among tailors, you can hear the common name trousers with a low elephant.

Often, designers decorate jeans with long fasteners with metal buttons or zippers.

It should be noted that such jeans are classified as unisex items.

If you are interested in the question of the name of women's jeans with a smock, then everything is simple here: both male and female models are called trousers with a low elephant.

What can you wear a pair of low-cut jeans with?

A slightly sloppy top and sports shoes are ideal for these trousers. It can be a loose T-shirt, which will also be one size larger than usual, sneakers and, of course, many fashion accessories. An ideal accessory option is a wide bracelet, long beads.

Street style is at the peak of popularity today, so when choosing jeans with a low cuff, be prepared for increased attention from others.

In addition to sporty jeans with a low cuff, there are also tapered options that are ideal for a smart look and heels. In this case, the top suggests a shirt with ruffles or an interesting ornament.

A custom white T-shirt, a fashionable vest, a fitted jacket looks good. The basic rule in this case is a harmonious combination of colors. You can easily choose high-heeled shoes or fashionable wedge sandals for the set.

As for the hairstyle, there are no rules here. You can loose your hair or dofashionable styling, a high ponytail or a careless bun that goes well with the owners of jeans with low cuffs.

There are many variations of low-cut jeans. No matter what this piece of wardrobe goes with, you will always be in the spotlight.

What are these boyfriend jeans?

Boyfriend jeans are very popular among fashionistas today. The name speaks for itself, because these jeans sit on girls as if they were borrowed from a guy. In stores, you can find several basic types of jeans: tight, loose and wide.

Skinny jeans are perfect for girls who want to look feminine. The model fits the hips and is narrowed at the bottom. The loose boyfriends sits loosely enough on the hips and is not so tight at the bottom. Wide boyfriends sit as freely as possible on their hips, which is very reminiscent of a thing from a man's wardrobe.

Women's low-cut jeans allow girls to experiment with looks, namely:

How to wear jeans with a smock, and how are they remarkable?
  • pants can be rolled up at the bottom;
  • wear a thing under heels, sneakers or sneakers;
  • match with tailored blouses or sporty shirts.

Also, designers complement boyfriend jeans with scuffs and slits, which gives the image style, spontaneity.

If you love creating things with your own hands, then you have a great opportunity to make a pattern for jeans with cuffs yourself.

Today, on the Internet, you can easily find patterns to your taste and create women's jeans with a low cuff.

A DIY sewing pattern will allow you to create a piece that is unlikely to be seen anywhere else.

In addition, you can fantasize and decorate your jeans with interesting accessories, buttons, zippers, and neat cuts.

What is the advantage and convenience?

Jeans with a low cut for girls are a great opportunity to feel comfortable and stylish. Without a doubt, jeans with a hanging cuff are a thing that has many positive aspects. First of all, it should be noted that such jeans will absolutely not press and hinder movement.

These are great clothes for everyday wear, as well as for going to the disco or for traveling and hiking. Jeans with a low cuff allow girls to feel not only comfortable, but also look extraordinary and stylish.

Another big plus of such clothes is the ability to be slightly casual and sexy at the same time. Jeans with low cuffs, when combined correctly, create a rather original and interesting image. These are quite practical pants that will become a favorite thing in modern girls' wardrobes.

Despite all the advantages of this clothing, it is still worth paying attention to some important nuances of wearing such a wardrobe item.Obviously, jeans are most suitable for tall girls with slender legs. However, many of the fair sex are not afraid of experiments and are actively buying jeans with a hanging cuff for women to demonstrate their style and originality.

Good looks and stylish solutions!

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