How to wash white socks: several effective ways

In a house where there are small children, there is an acute issue of bringing their clothes to the proper form. Mothers love to dress up babies in all light, including white socks. And many adults also prefer to wear socks of this color. The sock problem is only that it is not so easy to return a white product to its boiling color. How to wash white socks?

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Basic rules of care

The following tips will help you to make your products look good:

How to wash white socks: several effective ways
  • the removal of dirt from a product of this color cannot be left for later. When you come home and take off your used socks, you must immediately go to the bathroom. Young mothers who buy white clothes for their children probably stock up on special bleaches and stain removers for washing. If there is nothing of the kind in the arsenal, you should at least buy anti-stain soap;
  • pre-soaking makes it possible not only to shorten the wash cycle and thus save on electricity, but also increases the chances of getting a completely clean product out of the drum;
  • rub thin things with openwork elements and perforations, and even more so, you cannot use a brush - there is a risk of ruining beautiful socks.

It must be remembered that the laundry must be sorted before washing and do not put white things in the drum along with colored and dark ones. As a result, all efforts to remove stains will come to naught and at the end of the wash cycle you will remove the socks of a single gray color from the machine.

Special tools

How to wash white socks: several effective ways

It is useful to use special stain removers and bleaches according to the instructions. If they are not available, dishwashing detergent or the one you use for dishwashers will help out.

Pour hot water into a basin, add your regular hand wash powder and a tablespoon of one of the above. The latter will enhance the effect of the powder and help remove dirt from the fabric.

After a couple of hours, you just have to scroll the items in the washing machine on the cotton cycle or wash them by hand. However, it is necessary to avoid too high concentration of detergents in the water, as there is a risk of damaging the fibers of the fabric.

Experienced housewives also recommend placing tennis balls in the drum of a washing household applianceand: their blows will promote better cleansing.

If you are afraid of ruining delicate fabric, then just make it a rule to rub it with laundry soap and leave it for several hours before the main wash. After this time, it will be easy for the socks to return to their proper look. And soda will also help in achieving the whiteness of these things. Pouring 150-200 g of this product into the rinsing compartment of the washing machine, you can achieve complete removal of all dirt and stains.


What else can you wash your white socks with? Acids such as lemon juice will help to achieve the boiling purity of these products. After squeezing out the juice from one citrus fruit, add it to a bowl of hot water and place the used socks. After a few hours, wash as usual. But if the dirt is wet, strongly ingrained, then the contaminated places will have to be additionally treated with lemon juice, and sprinkled with powder on top and rubbed. Leave for about a quarter of an hour and then wash.

White socks can be washed with boric acid. This medication can be used both in powder form and in alcohol tincture. This acid is used for soaking in water in a proportion of 1 tbsp. l. for 1 liter of liquid.

After two hours, the product will not even need to be rubbed: it is enough to wash it in the washing machine and it will turn as white as it was when you bought it.

As you know, vinegar is also a kind of acid, which means it can also be used instead of boric acid to combat pollution.

Add a small spoonful of vinegar to one liter of hot water and soak the dirty items in this solution for about half an hour. Then carry out the usual wash cycle. The role of vinegar can be successfully performed by an alcoholic solution of ammonia. This preparation inhibits the action of magnesium on fabrics and thus prevents yellowing of white garments. The dosage of ammonia per liter of water is 2 tbsp. l.

Other unconventional means

Turpentine will allow you to return whiteness even to heavily washed gray socks at home. In 10 liters of hot water, you must dissolve 3 tbsp. l. washing powder and add the same amount of turpentine. Mix thoroughly and place contaminated items in it for 24 hours. Then wash by hand.

Preparations containing chlorine will help to wipe off stains on cotton products. For example, whiteness, toilet cleaner, etc. For 2 liters of water, take a couple of st. l. add a little washing powder.

Place things and leave for several hours, preferably overnight. After that, wash with the usual means familiar to you, but hang to dry in the shade, otherwise yellowness may appear on the fabric. And it's better if this shady place is well ventilated.


It's no secret that our grandmothers and mothers returned to light things their original appearance onlyonly by digestion. You can also use this method. Pour water into a saucepan, add laundry soap or washing powder and wash your white socks this way. For stubborn dirt, you can add lemon juice.

The exposure time to boiling water is 15–20 minutes, but remember that delicate fabrics will not survive such treatment, like wool. At the end of washing, rinse the socks and hang to dry.

This is, in fact, all the washing methods. Try and choose for yourself what is convenient only for you, and most importantly, what really works. Good luck!

how to wash socks and keep them white

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