Jeans : How to Shrink Jeans in the Washer

How to wash jeans so they shrink?

Jeans are a wardrobe item that is simply impossible not to love. Judge for yourself: they are practical, comfortable, appropriate in any situation, perfectly combined with other things, hide figure flaws and outline its advantages. The only drawback of such clothes is that you want to wear them as often as possible, because of which it stretches and loses its original shape. After wearing it a couple of times, you begin to notice changes in the fit, the degree of tightness and the width of the legs.

How to wash jeans so they shrink?

In principle, even the highest quality denim tends to stretch, and this is completely normal for all cotton fabrics.

Because of this, when buying new pants made from this material, you should choose a model one size smaller than your usual size.

And then, in just a few weeks, socks jeans will become the perfect piece of everyday wardrobe for you.

How can I reduce the size of my jeans?

If trouble nevertheless happened to you, and the trousers became a little too big, do not rush to give them to a fuller friend. Especially when it comes to a completely new or expensive item that suits you except the new size.

To make it a little smaller, you can do the following:

How to wash jeans so they shrink?
  • Wash. Most likely, you have already noticed that even the most correct washing of things leads to them, albeit minimal, shrinkage. On jeans, this constant is most noticeable: stretched knees and stretched places from the hips are removed. Yes, this effect is temporary, and in order to prolong it, you need to use very hot water for washing. In this situation, it does not matter whether you operate manually or use a washing machine, although the latter option is preferable. The fact is that the washer can operate at a water temperature of 90 degrees and provide high rpm during spinning, and this is necessary to solve the problem of how to wash stretched jeans so that they sit down. Staying in very hot water and pressing hard will make the legs narrower, but not for the rest of your life;
  • Another option for how to wash jeans so that they become one size smaller is to boil them. This procedure requires a large pot of water and detergent. The cleaning solution must be very concentrated. If cooked correctly, the clothes will last for a long time for a couple of sizes, but will demonstrate one side effect - they will look like cooked . Once upon a time, boiled jeans were very fashionable, and if you are not embarrassed by this type of clothing, you can safely use this method of shrinkage;
  • Proper drying of washed denim is another option for reducing them in size.After the trousers have been washed in an automatic washing machine or a basin, they should be squeezed strongly and hung to dry unfolded. It is advisable to hang them near a hot air source For a similar purpose, after you have properly washed your jeans, you can dry them on a towel or using a special automatic dryer;
  • If the jeans , that you had time to wash and even boil in hot water still did not sit down, then comes the turn of a radical measure - reshaping. This is usually done in an atelier, but you can do it yourself. For example, in order for the pants to fit well at the waist again, it is enough to rip off their belt, shorten it and sew it again. But with the widened trousers you will have to get a little cursed up. They will have to be completely unstuck, new seams will have to be marked to match the fullness of the legs, and the thing will be sewn again. The only downside is that most conventional sewing machines cannot sew a with a denim stitch. Because of this, after the alteration, you will have denim pants on your feet, but defective jeans. Again, if you need to shorten the legs, narrow them or remove the flare - this option is perfect.
How to wash jeans so they shrink?

Before washing and then to sew jeans by hand, you should know that sewing alteration lends itself only thin denim. Depending on the location of the stretch, the tactics of reducing the size using a needle and scissors will be different.

For example, if the trousers have become large in the bottom, then the groin seam is subject to reduction, in the hips - the side seams are cut, along the entire length of the legs - the step stitching completely changes.

Be that as it may, after you had to wash your jeans in the washing machine to no avail, don't rush to trim the fabric left in the seams.

Only after the final fitting, make new and strong seams, getting rid of excess material. Remember that altered black or classic denim trousers can completely change style, changing the degree of fit and their original shape.

Cool tips

Before washing your stretched black jeans, keep the following points in mind:

How to wash jeans so they shrink?
  • The thing will decrease not only in volume, but also in its length;
  • You can wash almost in boiling water those things that contain at least 70% naturelinen cotton. Lycra and other synthetic fibers behave in a completely unpredictable manner, and should not be followed by the above tips on how to wash jeans in order to reduce their size;
  • Remember that loose denim, with multiple frayed and ripped effects, stretches much faster than dense and stretchy fabric.

You don't have to say goodbye to your favorite wardrobe item if it becomes too big in your hips or sags on your bottom. Try all the possible ways to reincarnate them, and if it doesn't work out, don't be discouraged.

Loose denim is in vogue today, and if you don't like it, stretched old trousers are a great reason to go shopping!

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