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How to wash a jacket to keep it presentable

Some things require special, delicate care. Jackets are one of those. Often they are made of materials that cannot be washed in a standard machine at 60 degrees. However, the jacket also requires regular cleaning, stain removal and odor removal. Many people wonder how to properly wash a jacket, even at the stage of buying a suit.

If there is no way to dry-clean the item to a specialist, you need to look for ways to wash your jacket at home. There are two main types of hand washing.

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How to handle delicate fabrics at home

Often jackets are made of tweed, linen, corduroy and other materials that require a gentle wash. The methods of working with them described below are suitable both for getting rid of the stain, and for freshening up the thing, removing the smell of sweat.

According to the manufacturer's recommendations, only use a brush to clean:

How to wash a jacket to keep it presentable
  • wool;
  • velvet;
  • corduroy.

You can hand wash jackets from:

  • atlas;
  • materials containing a percentage of wool.

In a washing machine - an automatic machine with a delicate mode to wash:

  • cotton;
  • linen jackets;
  • polyester garments.

Delicate items cannot be washed with other items.

Help basin

  • You need to take the largest basin, pour water into it with a temperature of about 45 degrees.
  • Then a little handwash powder is poured into the water and completely dissolved in it.
  • Only then is the jacket lowered into the basin. You need to wait 10-15 minutes for the active components of the product to take effect.
  • After that, you need to gently walk over the most vulnerable places - the collar, cuffs, armpits, rubbing them lightly with your hands.
  • After finishing washing, drain the water, gently wring out the item without twisting it (this can damage the shape), pour new water for rinsing.
  • After that, the jacket is placed on top of drying, in a horizontal position, or, for example, on a wooden lattice, whichcan often be found in baths. The jacket remains in this state until it dries.


How to wash a jacket to keep it presentable

Another common method for cleaning jackets is shower washing. To do this, the product is hung on a hanger, which is hooked to a hook against the wall or a shower holder right in the bathtub or in a booth. The jacket is moistened with warm water, washed with laundry soap on vulnerable places, rubbed a little. Also, with the help of the shower, the formed foam is washed off along with the dirt.

You can leave the jacket to dry in the same position. This will keep it in shape. An important nuance: after rinsing, you need to squeeze out the thing a little so that excess water does not pull the fabric too much. The bottom of the suit (for example, trousers or a skirt) should be washed in the same way.

Other washing methods

Experienced housewives have long learned to bypass the ban on washing costumes at high temperatures. Moreover, most washing powders and capsules are activated in the washing machine only at 60 degrees or more. These conditions allow the active components to do their job, and most things cannot be washed like this.

In such cases, two scenarios are possible:

  1. Wash any other product made of the same fabric in standard mode and assess the degree of exposure to high temperatures and machine operation - automatic.
  2. If the garment has glued elements, thin inserts, lace - you can wash your jacket in the washing machine only by programming the most delicate mode, which will take about 20 minutes, and cancel the spinning of the suit.

How do I surface clean my jacket?

If the jacket does not yet require a full wash or there is no time for red tape with a delicate item and drying it, you can use the surface cleaning method. This will remove dust, small debris, threads, lint from the thing.

The following cleaning options are provided for this method:

How to wash a jacket to keep it presentable
  • wet brush. It will help sweep out all the excess from the material, but you need to be careful with it. If you rub it with coarse nap on some types of fabric (over wool, synthetics), the fibers will immediately stretch and shag;
  • if there was no wet brush at hand, or if it is contraindicated for working with a specific material, hands soaked in water will do. They are able to remove dust and lint that are so noticeable on jackets. You just need to sweep over the entire surface of the thing with swiping movements and do not forget to constantly moisturize your palms while doing this. This manual cleaning method significantly saves time tidying up the jacket;
  • A common life hack will help to remove the nap and hair from the jacket - you need to cut off a wide strip of good scotch tape and go over the product with the sticky side. This advice is especially relevant when there is no special sticky roller for clothes at hand.even. Change the length as it gets dirty and loses its sticky properties.

How to remove a stain on a jacket without dry cleaning?

Situations are different and sometimes you have to fight for the life of a product without the help of dry cleaning. If a stain has been planted on the thing, you need to try to get rid of it as soon as possible so that it does not have time to sink into the fabric. In emergencies, when dealing with fat, sauce, wine, you can use table salt. First, you need to rub it a little into the area of ​​contamination, and then sprinkle it on top. She will draw in a maximum of substances. Then, when washed in the machine or by hand, taking into account the delicacy of the fabric, the stain will go away.

If time is lost and pollution is several days old, then the following method will help:

  • you need to start washing your jacket as described above (by hand in a basin or in the shower). When the thing gets wet, direct a stream of shower with hot water to the spot itself - more than 60 degrees (or pour it on top, if the wash is in a basin), then quickly, without letting it cool, you need to apply the stain remover to it. It can be in powder or gel form. It is important to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for the fabric on which it can be used. After waiting for the required amount of time, the stain is lightly rubbed off, after which the jacket is rinsed in any convenient way. Most modern stain removers are strong enough to handle even tough stains. Plus, they can be added while washing in the washing machine.

How to iron a crumpled item?

How to wash a jacket to keep it presentable

If, after washing, wrinkles and wrinkles are found on the jacket, and standard ironing is not available to it, you can use the steaming method. This feature is found in most modern irons. To do this, pour a sufficient amount of water into the household appliance, hang the jacket on a hanger.

Next, bringing the iron closer to the item (without touching it), you need to click on the steam button. The high temperature of exposure will force the fabric to align, to acquire its previous shape. Sometimes to achieve this effect without harming the material, you need to do this manipulation several times.

Therefore, over time, every jacket needs to be cleaned. This task is quite feasible at home, without consulting a specialist.

It is necessary to correctly follow the recommendations of the manufacturers regarding the method of cleaning and temperature conditions, do not automatically spin the product in the washing machine at high speeds. Certain materials can only be washed by hand soak.

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