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How to use concealer and highlighter when applying makeup?

Perfect skin is the lot and joy of the few. And if you are not one of them, do not let this confuse you. Most of the fair sex make a lot of effort every day to mask expression or age wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes and small pimples. This painstaking work takes a lot of effort, time and nerves.

How to use concealer and highlighter when applying makeup?

Because few are trained in such a fine art as the correct handling of cosmetics. And often, in our desire to hide all the shortcomings, we overdo it and no longer mask it, but put a mask of foundation on our face so tightly. After that, the result is not impressive to say the least.

The range of cosmetic products in this direction is growing every year. But unfortunately, a cream like photoshop has not yet been invented. And today, the best helpers in everyday camouflage are concealer and highlighter.

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Highlighter and concealer - what is it?

Highlighter is a makeup tool used to brighten and thus highlight specific areas on the face. These manipulations allow you to hide wrinkles, model the relief of the face and give it a more well-groomed look. I want to say that a highlighter cannot fix minor troubles on your face, it will rather highlight your dignity. Concealer is different.

Very often, lovely ladies confuse concealer with foundation. And when you need to choose a remedy for concealing small imperfections on the face, they prefer a foundation, believing that there is no difference between these products.

The color is the same, the texture at first glance is the same, the difference in price and in the offered volume. And this difference is not in favor of concealer. But nevertheless, they are very different in their spectrum of influence, none of these means can fully replace the other. So let's figure out what concealer is and what is it for?

Concealer is a cosmetic product whose main task is to mask individual problem areas on the face, namely age spots, acne, dilated blood vessels, burns or bruises. It has a fairly dense texture, so the concealer cannot be used over the entire area of ​​the face, only locally.

He has a lot in commonbut with all of us familiar foundation, the difference is that this remedy is more effective in combating acne and other imperfections on the face. But it cannot replace us with a full-fledged tonal foundation and it turns out that by skillfully combining these products with each other, we will get a perfectly even complexion and smooth skin as a result.

How to choose a concealer?

When choosing this product, rely, first of all, on the fact that the chosen cosmetic material fully matches your skin color, or is lighter by one tone.

Concealers can be divided into the following types:

  • Liquid is an excellent choice for sensitive and dry skin. They fit perfectly and blend well. They perfectly cope with skin redness. The main disadvantage is that they are not designed to mask acne;
  • Cream - have a very soft texture, which allows them to lay down evenly. It is a versatile remedy. You will not need to select the product separately for the eyes and other areas of the face. Apply concealers with a creamy texture using a brush, sponge or fingers;
  • Sticky - this type can be classified as creamy, but with an even denser structure. This tool perfectly masks small pimples, vascular networks, increased pigmentation, nasolabial wrinkles, scars, moles, etc. But I want to draw your attention to the fact that this tool needs to be applied pointwise, and it does not need to be shaded. Let me remind you that all correctors are applied under the foundation;
  • Dry or powdery are those that work for severe redness, blackheads and pimples. Thanks to its dry base, this product will relieve your skin of unwanted oily sheen and have a healing effect on it. Dry concealers are not intended for the eye area, especially if wrinkles have already appeared there. In this case, it is best to use a cream or liquid concealer.

Additional benefits

Often additional ingredients are included in the proofreader to solve certain problems:

  • reflective particles help to hide fine wrinkles, this product will brighten the area around the eyes and give the face a whiter youthful look;
  • disinfectants will help relieve skin inflammation;
  • antioxidants and vitamins will improve skin tone and overall condition.
How to use concealer and highlighter when applying makeup?

Correctors differ among themselves not only in their texture, but also in color. Each flaw on the face has its own color and for its high-quality neutralization it is necessary to select a shade opposite to the color problems .

There are corrector palettes for this. This is a set of several basic shades, each of which is needed to mask a specific problem of yours.

So let's figure it out:

  • Yellow is the color of the oppositepositive purple and it will not only hide the circles under the eyes, but also make them more expressive and brighter;
  • Green is the opposite of red. Hides inflammation and redness on the face;
  • Orange is the opposite of blue. This is the solution for those who have bleached wreaths on their face;
  • Blue is needed to mask problems such as freckles, age spots, dark circles under the eyes;
  • Pink hides the brown eye contour characteristic of the oriental type. Anyway, a pinkish tint is suitable for correcting gray skin color. Ladies of an elegant age can, without fear, apply it in their makeup, this shade will give the skin of the face youth and freshness;
  • Lavender or lilac is the opposite of yellow. For skin with a pronounced yellow tint, this color is best suited. Also, this shade can be used on tanned skin in order to make it uniform.

After we familiarized ourselves with the shades in detail. I propose to move on to the area where they are most widely used, namely, to the eyes.

Eye Concealer

For the eyes, we select a concealer based on the color type of the area that needs correction. What color is your problem?

  • Sleep deprivation circles have a bluish tint. Confidently choose a peach-colored concealer.
  • Pink circles - yellow concealer
  • Dark circles are orange or peach.
  • Concealers such as beige or ivory will give your eyes shine.

As you can see, the concealer palette is a very practical thing. And before you buy it, keep in mind that for an inexperienced user, it is no different from a palette with shadows. In order not to get into an awkward situation, ask the consultant in the store for help.

Since the searches have brought us to the store, it will be useful to make a small overview of corrective agents. Let's preliminary distribute them in three price categories. So, let's start with the firms budget line up to 1000 rubles: Vivienne Sabo, Artdeko, Bremani, Pupa.

Medium line up to 2000 rubles: Shiseido, Garnier, Lumene, Q10.

Dear line - these are concealers, the price of which starts from 2000 r: Lancome, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent (note that it can be used even after such a procedure as chemical peeling ), Chanel.

After you have learned what concealer is and what its purpose is, it remains to understand how to use it correctly.

Applying concealer correctly

Before applying, wash your hands and cleanse your face with toner. If you want to mask imperfections, then the product should be applied to the main tone, and if its purpose is to lighten certain fate on the face, to place the necessary accents, then after the main tone.

For more effective masking of dark circles byd eyes, apply concealer to the outside of the eye and blend. When masking acne, make sure that the demolition is done carefully. Point and blend only the edges without touching its middle;

If your face has scars like indentations , gently fill it in with concealer using a fine brush and wait for it to dry.

For high-quality blending of concealer, use special cosmetic brushes.

Follow the above tips and tricks and your skin will always look naturally beautiful!

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