10 Signs Someone is Lying to You

How to understand that a person is lying?

People tend to lie in everyday life. Not only critical situations, but, unfortunately, even minor everyday trifles spur acquaintances, friends and even relatives to deceive. There are few pathologically honest men and women in the world who physically cannot lie.

How to understand that a person is lying?

It is unlikely that you belong to this category. At the same time, how to understand that a person is lying? How to see through a deceiver and not fall for his manipulations? What are the signs to guess about the dishonest intentions of the interlocutor?

Of course, no, even the most sophisticated, method will give a complete guarantee that you can look into the soul of a stranger. And yet, anyone can quite successfully see through a liar, showing ingenuity, including intuition and observation.

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How do you know if a person is lying? This question is one of the key in the work of a number of professionals. The investigator is obliged to see through the suspects.

An experienced doctor, keeping in mind that everyone lies, should be a real psychologist and not miss the patient's gross lies.

After all, an error in the medical history can lead to fatal consequences. The school teacher will be vigilant about the class so as not to miss a cheat sheet or the fact of cheating a test. And what can we say about such an important vocation as being a parent! Children know that there is no point in hiding something from mom and dad.

So what helps all these discerning pros know if a person is lying or telling the truth? How to give a correct assessment of the words of the interlocutor? All these experts in their field unmistakably bring liars to the surface, carefully looking at the slightest manifestations of lies - inconsistencies in testimony, confused stories with a broken chronology of events, mentioning too many details, and so on.

You are tormented by doubts about the loyalty of your partner, and the question is ripe, how to understand that a man is lying? Believe me, you don't need to be a spy to discern a lie in the words of a swindler, let alone a loved one.

Learning to see the difference between truth and fiction is not as difficult as it might seem. It is important to include intuition and attention in order to notice the slightest inconsistencies in the words of the interlocutor. And logical thinking will help you see the whole picture - why a person is lying, what he wants to achieve, for what purpose he manipulates you.

Helpful Hints

Since finding out that a person is lying to his face can be very important to you, do not be negligent in the advice outlined below. It's hard to tell when the ability to discern liesreally come in handy.

But, perhaps, at some critical moment, he will save your self-esteem, state or even life. Experts give some useful tips on how to tell if someone is lying.

Here are some of them:

How to understand that a person is lying?

  • Look for inconsistencies . For example, a potential liar tells how upset or depressed he was in a given situation, while he smiles happily. He probably did not experience the described feelings. Inconsistency can happen between words and gestures, facial expressions and emotions, facts and their sequence in the story being told. Let's say a man says he didn't pay attention to some extraordinary event. Such a statement is at least suspicious, because the natural reaction of any person will be to react to a bright picture, loud noise or a pungent smell;
  • Test with questions . Few people can believe in their lies so much that they will completely dispassionately compose answers to your tricky clarifying questions on the go. Most men and women will not be able to instantly come up with non-existent details; it will take them time to complete the story. At first, the liar will stumble in words and say something abstract;
  • Pay attention to unusual behavior . If you know the person, then you have an idea of ​​how he behaves in an ordinary neutral environment. When you notice unusual feelings, non-standard gestures and strange behavior of the interlocutor, think about whether he is lying. Try to bring it to clean water, look for a catch in the story;
  • Insincerity is noticeable! It is not easy to get rid of a feigned mask of happiness, they will sincerely smile if you are not really feeling joy. Have you noticed manifestations of sadness, doubt, aggression, besides, that your acquaintance smiles broadly at you? Know that there is a trick hidden somewhere, they are lying to you;
  • Trust your intuition . Sometimes it is difficult to explain to ourselves why we do not trust certain people, although it would seem that there is no logical justification for such a blind assessment. It turns out that our subconscious is able to read emotions, facial expressions and gestures of the interlocutor at lightning speed, but the mind does not keep up with this process, therefore it cannot explain the arising sensations. There is even a phrase among the people to feel inwardly. Never underestimate the importance of intuition, which can be very useful in many life circumstances and keep you out of trouble.

A holistic approach

How to understand that a man is lying if on an intuitive level there are suspicions of his infidelity? Few of us can boast that we never lie. Therefore, it can be so difficult to recklessly trust your partner.

Your loved one does not behave as usual, gets confused in the testimony, hesitates, answering yourquestions. Do you feel that something was wrong, but you cannot be 100% sure that the man is lying to you? If inner feelings are combined with a number of inconsistencies, be sure - they are hanging noodles on your ears.

Here are some additional signals that can give you a lie:

How to understand that a person is lying?

  • his legs and arms are motionless, gestures are very poor, closed poses are present;
  • his eyes barely meet yours;
  • unconsciously the liar continually tries to cover his mouth with his hands or touch his ears, nose, but prefers not to touch his heart and stomach;
  • from time to time a walking smile appears, which appears and disappears unnaturally;
  • the person purses his lips, and he says words of love or talks about joyful events;
  • the culprit speaks non-stop, giving the story lots of unnecessary details;
  • at the first opportunity, the liar tries to put some kind of material barrier between you: it can be a table, a high chair or some other massive object;
  • a liar will use sarcasm and humor more aggressively, and not always appropriate;
  • With obvious relief, an inexperienced liar will pick up an abstract topic and happily develop it.

Sometimes the truth is painful. Before turning on the observation of a true psychologist, you should think about whether you really want to know if a person is lying in your face or telling you like it is.

If the answer is yes, look for inconsistencies in behavior and emotions, look closely at the gestures and facial expressions of the interlocutor, listen to your intuition.

Only an integrated approach will allow you to say with confidence: I have a liar in front of me, and I will not succumb to his manipulation!


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