What is the bump on my eyelid? Treatment of a Chalazion.

How to treat chalazion?

When a child's chalazion appears, the parents think that it is barley, and they begin appropriate treatment, and the disease, of course, gets worse.

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The onset of inflammatory processes manifests itself in the same way:

How to treat chalazion?
  • signs of conjunctivitis appear;
  • a seal forms on the eyelid;
  • the child complains of pain and burning sensation in the inflamed area.

The chalazion of the upper eyelid is clearly visible when the eye is closed, and in order to examine the seal of the lower eyelid, it has to be pulled back and partially turned out.

Disease Details

Chalazion is a chronic inflammatory process. The channel of the sebaceous gland becomes clogged, and a secret begins to accumulate in it - discharge. It accumulates, the hailstones increase, the edge of the eyelid turns red, inflammation covers the eyelid cartilage and the meibolic gland. The cause of eyelid diseases in children is most often a bad habit - to climb in the eyes with dirty hands, but this is not the only factor that causes pathology.

The following factors cause it:

  • endocrine disorders - in particular, diabetes mellitus;
  • low immunity;
  • pathology of the digestive system;
  • changes in hormonal status.
How to treat chalazion?

The lump increases and presses on the eyeball - this can cause visual impairment.

Whatever the reasons for chalazion in children, treatment must be started at an early stage, until the pathogenic flora has penetrated into the neoplasm, and an acute purulent-inflammatory process has not begun. Chalazion of the upper eyelid in a child has a rounded shape and is formed on the eyelash growth line. The sebaceous gland, which is located in the thickness of the cartilage, is clogged.

The function of these glands is to produce secretions to lubricate the cornea of ​​the eye. As soon as the ducts become clogged, the grease begins to accumulate inside and a dense pea appears.

Treatment of the chalazion of the lower eyelid in a child is necessary, as it leads to visual impairment. The swelling is not clearly expressed, since in most cases it protrudes towards the conjunctiva. A mushroom-like granuloma develops, due to pressure on the eyeball, clarity is lost inperception of images of objects. The eyes get tired quickly, astigmatism develops. At the same time, outside the acute stage, the swelling is practically invisible.

How to distinguish barley from chalazion

How to treat chalazion?

The main difference between chalazion and barley: barley appears when pathogenic microorganisms penetrate into the ciliary follicle or sebaceous gland, the causes of chalyazion are blockage of the sebaceous gland, and pathogenic flora gets there during secondary infection.

Wherever a chalazion forms, in the lower or upper eyelid of a child, it increases within 10-14 days and the temperature rises only at the stage of the inflammatory process. The development of barley is most often immediately accompanied by a high temperature.

In the initial stage of suppuration, chalazion in children is also similar to barley: the skin of the eyelid turns red, the eye swells, pulsation appears in it, the nodule becomes soft. The neoplasm can even open up itself and the purulent secret flow out.

But when the barley ripens and breaks through, and purulent contents flow out of it, then neither scars nor scars remain - if you do not add additional infection with dirty hands.

When a chalazion breaks through, a fistulous tract is formed, the skin becomes dry, covered with crusts, the discharge constantly leaks, granulations grow. The fistula fills with pus again and the inflammation recurs.

It can be concluded that a chalazion has appeared, if a swelling does not begin to inflame in a child at the edge of the upper or lower eyelid within 4-5 days, but forms into a visible hail. Do not rely on traditional methods of treatment - a cosmetic defect from unsuccessful therapy can remain for life. You should consult an ophthalmologist.

Chalazion Treatment

If the disease is caught before the stage of capsule formation, then conservative treatment methods can be dispensed with.

Local drugs are prescribed:

How to treat chalazion?
  • mercury ointment;
  • eye drops with antiseptic properties;
  • corticosteroids are applied to the seal;
  • if suppuration has begun, antibiotic ointments are added.

In difficult cases, steroid injections are used - this method is effective for eliminating the chalazion of the upper eyelid.

Injections are made into the center of the neoplasm, through the integumentary tissues of the inner side of the eyelid. For children, anesthesia is performed locally, using applications with anesthetics. The inflammatory process and the growth of hailstones completely stop 10-14 days after the completion of the procedure. Physiotherapy complements the therapeutic scheme: heating by UHF, irradiation with ultraviolet light.

Traditional medicine

Traditional medicine advises, when forming a seal, heating with an egg or sand, compresses from cottage cheese mixed with boric acid and lotions from dill broth.

Do not use traditional methods for treatmentchildren if there is an inflammatory process. There is a risk of infection.

How to treat chalazion?

Warming up can be done only at the initial stage - there is a possibility that under the influence of heat, the secreted, clogging the gland, will soften, and the duct will begin to function properly.

If this did not happen after 3 procedures, it is concluded that the treatment is ineffective, and it is time to turn to official medicine.

Children should not drip aloe or Kalanchoe juice into their eyes - the consequences may be unpredictable and adversely affect visual acuity.

And in no case should you try to squeeze out the seal yourself! An attempt to open the chalazion can result in loss of sight for the child.

If conservative methods of treatment have not helped, surgical treatment will be carried out in compliance with all the rules of asepsis.

Removing chalazion from children

For older children or toddlers, specials. The indications are the removal of the chalazion with a laser. No scars or scars remain after this type of operation, the surgical intervention is low-traumatic, there is no need to use bandages after it. The only condition is that for about 3-5 days you cannot wash your face and remove the crusts - they must peel off on their own.

How to treat chalazion?

Surgery for children is rarely performed because to prevent damage to the eyeball during the rehabilitation period, it is necessary to insert a soft lens into the eye. It is difficult for babies to install a protective lens. Removal of the chalazion with a scalpel is carried out on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. The site of the incision is chosen by the surgeon - the capsule can be approached through the outer skin or after performing a transconjunctival incision. Chalazion is husked together with the capsule to exclude the possibility of relapse.

In case of fistula formation, an incision is made along its entire length, and the altered tissues are excised. Then stitches are applied.

A tight pressure bandage has to be worn for 3-5 days, depending on the individual reaction of the body to the operation. Dressings can be done 1-2 times a day. Sutures are treated with topical antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agents, and antibiotics may be required.

How to treat chalazion?

The excised tissues and the contents of the capsules in the case of fast-growing chalazions are transferred for histological examination. This is necessary to exclude the appearance of a meibomian gland adenocarcinoma.

Small scars remain after open surgery. After surgery, relapse of chalazion in children occurs very rarely, but in order to completely exclude the reappearance of a seal, hygiene rules should be observed and the immune status should be increased.

Best of all heal a child's body: walking in the fresh air, active movement, healthy sleep and supplementing the daily diet with vitamins and mineserals. The vitamin-mineral complex can be drunk separately, or the diet can be expanded by introducing vegetables, berries and fruits into it.

Health and wellness for you and your children!

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