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How to survive the death of a cat

For many, the death of a pet becomes a real ordeal. A person literally falls into depression, having lost, perhaps, his only friend and beloved being. As soon as possible to return to life, reducing the bitterness of loss?

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The death of a beloved cat: how to cope with the severity of separation

How to survive the death of a cat

Alas, life is not fair. The stay in this world of beloved animals is short. But during this time, a person becomes completely attached to a pet, whose death becomes a tragedy.

Increased emotionality is inherent in most people who have gentle, cute cats, snuggle to the shoulder during sleep and always meet the owner with a gentle rumbling.

Of course, it is impossible to completely get rid of the memory of your friend. But you can dull the pain using practical guidelines:

  • First of all, it is necessary to understand that the death of an animal is a natural process that does not depend on one's own desires. The animal has lived a decent life, and it is impossible to resurrect it. Therefore, you should come to terms with the loss and try to get out of the depressive state;
  • Realizing that the pet died before the owner will be a big help. If it happened the other way around, it is not known what hardships the animal might have;
  • Remember your pet with love. If during his lifetime he was treated kindly, felt the care of a person, there is no reason to reproach himself. Even if it seems that not as much attention was paid to the cat as was required, it is worth imagining how much happier the pet was than stray animals left to their fate;
  • In the first days after the tragedy, it is recommended to remove toys, a bed, a scratching post, bowls for food out of sight. Not constantly seeing the items of care, there will be no reason to once again grieve over the loss. If the animal was really expensive, you should not throw away all the accessories, you can leave something as a keepsake. But immediately after the death of the animal, they should not callou the eyes;
  • Abstraction from the problem helps to achieve peace of mind. It is advisable to find some new hobby that will become really exciting and take your free time.
  • Emotions should not be held back. They say that tears bring purification and lighten the soul. If you feel like crying, don't be ashamed of your feelings.

Unfortunately, people around them often do not understand why the death of an animal causes a mentalKi. They advise looking at life easier. You should not avoid communicating with people who do not understand the pain of loss. This does not mean that people are callous at heart, they, in their own way, express concern about the state of their acquaintance. Most likely, they are not given to understand what kind of connection arises between the owner and the pet.

Therefore, it is better to talk about your emotional experiences with a person who went through a similar test and also survived the death of a loved one animal.

Should I have a new animal after the death of my beloved pet

Very often, friends and relatives are advised to have a new animal after the death of a pet. Thus, they believe, you can escape from grief. A funny little kitten will make your life much more pleasant and fun.

However, in most cases, such a step can become reckless. It is impossible to love by order. No matter how cute the kitten is, he will not at all look like his former friend. Often, the habits and behavior of a new animal begin to provoke irritability. It is better to wait until the grief has subsided so that the arrival of a new tenant will not cause bitter memories of the days spent with your beloved cat.

If a person blames himself for the death of an animal, you can get a new pet, imagining that this act will slightly ease the pangs of conscience. The only wish is not to buy an elite cat with a long pedigree. This animal will in any case be attached and receive proper care. Instead of an aristocrat, attention should be paid to those who really urgently need care.

The easiest way is to pick up a stray animal. However, there is a risk of harming him by depriving him of his habitual niche. In addition, an adult cat is unlikely to get used to the demands of doing natural things in a strictly designated area. Therefore, it is better to buy a simple mongrel kitten on the market.

How to survive the death of a cat

By the way, according to popular beliefs, a soul that has gone to heaven often wants to come back.

Sometimes a person who has lost a pet unexpectedly finds an adult cat or a small kitten in front of his door, who clearly hopes that in this place he will be understood and loved.

Could it really be that an old friend returned in a new guise?

How to help your child survive the death of a cat

The death of a cat can be especially hard on a child's psyche. According to statistics, which psychologists often refer to, depression as a result of losing a pet can last from 3 weeks to several months. The support of parents and friends is essential for the child to get through this time with minimal distress.

For a 2-3-year-old kid, the departure of a pet does not become a big tragedy, since at this age children do not realize what death is and quickly forget even significant events. For an older child, such an incident can be a significant trauma that can cause serious injury.signet on the psyche.

To avoid this, you should gradually prepare children for the time of separation:

  • It is better if the baby learns that death is inevitable, especially if the cat is already old or sick. You can read books that describe a similar situation;
  • For an unprepared child, the death of a pet can cause shock. Cases are often described when, unexpectedly faced with the fact of death, the baby slept restlessly, lost concentration, and suffered from enuresis. Feeling the fear of losing a loved one, the child can literally not leave the adults;
  • After reading the book, you should carefully inform the baby that the pet is also sick and that the time for separation will come soon. The story that the cat has lived a long, eventful life will help to facilitate the awareness of the upcoming tragedy. Parents often resort to such a trick as reincarnation. Children sacredly believe the words of their elders. It is not surprising if the child sacredly believes that the cat will transform into a titmouse or a maple leaf;
  • You can tell about a world in which dead animals live happily and amicably. By the way, it's a good option to watch a cartoon together All dogs go to heaven ;
  • The most difficult thing is to limit communication between a child and a sick cat. However, it is worth remembering that carrying in your arms and trying to stir up the cat in this case will harm the animal. In addition, a child may be seriously impaired if he wakes up in the morning and finds a dead cat in his bed;
  • To reduce bitter memories of your beloved pet, you need to try to captivate the baby with other things. Spend more time playing, not leaving the child alone for a long time;
  • At the same time, do not try to completely drown out the memory of the deceased cat. If the baby does not have a very high emotionality and is not subject to nervous breakdowns, it is better to leave a photo of the deceased animal in his room. Suppressing emotions can lead to callousness. For a child, death will just become a common occurrence;
  • If death occurred as a result of an accident, do not blame those who caused the tragedy in the presence of the child. It is important not to inflate a growing person with an unformed psyche of excessive aggressiveness;
  • Being depressed is often the cause of poor academic performance and withdrawal. No need to chastise your kid for not trying hard enough. After a while, everything will work out, the main thing is to be patient and explain the situation to the teachers.
How to survive the death of a cat

How can you come to terms with the death of a cat if the animal had to be euthanized?

It is possible that at first the child will sincerely consider his parents to be murderers.

A heart-to-heart conversation will help ease the situation, during which it is necessary to talk about what physical torment the pet was experiencing due to illness, and that in this case, putting to sleep was an act of mercy.

Psychologists do not recommend starting a new cat immediately after the death of a pet. The child may decide that the loss is too easy to make up. In addition, it is advisable not to drown out the pain by having another pet, but to approach the matter responsibly, falling in love with a new family member for his own character, friendliness, affectionate habits and mischievous disposition.

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