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How to stay awake if you want to sleep: 18 ways to combat sleepiness

Sooner or later, almost everyone is faced with the question of how to stay awake if they want to sleep. There may be many reasons for this - deadlines at work, study sessions, long night trips. It is especially difficult to stay awake while someone is sleeping nearby.

Someone drinks liters of coffee, then they listen to music - everyone has different ways of staying vigorous. In this case, the brain can play a cruel joke: at the end of work, when, finally, you can go to bed, you cannot fall asleep! How to properly overcome sleepiness, let's figure it out.

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10 ways to stay awake at work

It doesn't matter how many hours the dream lasted the day before - 7 or 3 - in some situations, sleepiness at work appears constantly. Especially if the person is owl , and he has to work in the morning. Then it is especially difficult with concentration, because more than half of the working day is spent on fighting sleep.

To stay awake at work, you can use several powerful methods. Their use will reduce drowsiness, increase the blood supply to the brain, thereby provoking vigor, which is necessary for a long trip while driving or when working in the office.

How to stay awake if you want to sleep: 18 ways to combat sleepiness
  1. Coffee . The caffeine in coffee has an invigorating effect on most people. Therefore, the image of a awakening cup every morning is almost a textbook. Meanwhile, excessive consumption of caffeine leads to overexcitation of the nervous system. This gives an invigorating effect for the first 1.5-2 hours, after which the nervous system is depleted. With each next cup of cheerfulness, there will be less and less. At the same time, many people are simply immune to the effects of caffeine and immediately begin to want to sleep. Therefore, you should not overuse coffee while driving.
  2. Fragrances . But aromatherapy is more effective. The same scent of freshly ground coffee has an invigorating effect. Therefore, it is worthwhile to put a jar of coffee at the workplace and sniff it periodically in order to increase efficiency. The smells of citrus fruits - lemon, orange, grapefruit - have a similar effect. They are also used by truckers to stay awake while driving.
  3. Pure water . Yes, drinking an ordinary glass of cool water can also restore vigor. If possible, the water should be exactly cool - lowering the temperature has an invigorating effect.
  4. Cold . As a consequence of the above paragraph, we can conclude that lowering the temperature in the office will also help keep you cheerful. To do this, open a window or turn on the air conditioner. Do not arrange a refrigerator , lowering the temperature to 16-18 0 C will already give the desired effect.Our brain is designed in such a way that in uncomfortable conditions simply will not allow the body fall asleep, because it can be life-threatening. Therefore, cool air is an excellent stimulant of vivacity, which does not allow you to fall asleep either at night while driving or at work in the office.
  5. Bright light . When the eyes are strained and bright light hits them, the brain is activated. This leads to the fact that the efficiency is increased. But with prolonged mental stress, especially if you really want to sleep, the increased lighting will have an extremely annoying effect.
  6. Chewing gum . Chewing movements signal to the brain that there is now a meal. Therefore, such a secret can also help you stay awake at the workplace or while driving at night. Chewing gum with menthol is most convenient for this - it also has an invigorating effect. You can use nuts or seeds. The disadvantage of this method is sufficient noise, and therefore it is worth refraining from this method when working in the office.
  7.  Music . Clockwork rhythms, and especially singing along with them, also help to increase the time of alertness. This method is used by truckers so as not to fall asleep on the road. Singing along to songs will be more effective at keeping you alert, especially while driving. Slow melodic music, on the other hand, is relaxing. Like the constantly playing heavy music, it creates too loud noise, from which the brain simply is abstracted and therefore will not be effective.
  8. Toning products . Bitter chocolate, coffee in small doses, and lemon tea have an invigorating effect. Fans of original tastes can use ginger - it also helps to maintain vigor and helps to stay awake while working or driving.
  9. Motion . Changing the position of the body in space helps increase blood flow and invigorates. Therefore, at the first signs of drowsiness, in order not to fall asleep, you need to get up and walk, do light exercises, rascreed.
  10. Inconvenient place . When sitting in an uncomfortable chair or in an uncomfortable position, falling asleep, even at night, is very difficult. Therefore, if you have to work for a long time, you should refrain from using comfortable soft chairs, so as not to cause drowsiness.

How to stay awake while driving - 5 tips for drivers

Perhaps motorists have already been able to learn something useful from the first block of our recommendations. But let's not dwell on this. Before heading out on your long journey in your own car, check out some of the tried and true methods to beat sleep while driving.

1. Relax before a long trip for at least 8-10 hours. A deep sleep in complete peace and quiet will provide you with vigor and strength that can not be replaced by any source of caffeine.

2. Run your air conditioner regularly to invigorate. Most importantly, do not forget to close the windows while doing this so as not to catch a cold.

3. Having a good companion in the car is one of the best ways to stay awake. Pleasant communication hides the duration and monotony of the ride, which often makes you fall asleep.

4. After every hour or two driving, stop your car and do eye exercises to relieve eye strain. First, blink actively, and then start looking from a close to a distant object and back.

5. Chew on sunflower or pumpkin seeds. As you know, this occupation is addictive, and therefore you will hardly be able to fall asleep. The only disadvantage of the method is the need to clean the salon upon arrival.

Anti-drowsiness drugs

There are a number of medications that can help prevent drowsiness.

Important: These medications should only be taken after consulting a doctor. Without prior consultation, you can cause significant harm to the body, especially if taken uncontrolled.

How to stay awake if you want to sleep: 18 ways to combat sleepiness
  • Caffeine Benzoate . Coffee pills . Pure caffeine, the use of which allows you to stay alert. Acts as an energy drink. It is categorically contraindicated in people with hypertensive type VSD and renal impairment, since it causes an increase in blood pressure. Overdose causes migraine, nausea, vomiting.
  • Phenotropil . Nootropic drug for increasing the efficiency of mental activity. Helps to cheer up here and now . Long-term use is debilitating and should not be overused.
  • Piracetam . Stimulates cerebral circulation, increasing the duration of mental work. Valid only when used by course.

What to do if you want to sleep all the time

If drowsiness is a constant companion, regardless of the presence or absence of load, you should pay attentionnot to the following recommendations. Compliance with them will help to significantly increase efficiency and maintain vigor throughout the day.

  • Regular sleep . Sleep should be given at least 6-8 hours daily. A good amount of sleep helps you stay awake for a long time.
  • Eating fruits and vegetables . Maintaining the necessary vitamins also significantly helps in maintaining the necessary condition and helps to stay awake at the most unexpected moment.
  • Exercise . Regular physical activity promotes the production of endorphins, which becomes the cause of vigor.
  • Sex . An excellent source of endorphins and good mood. But here it is important to take into account that both partners should enjoy the process, otherwise the desired effect will not be achieved.
  • Fresh air . Constant ventilation allows you to provide a normal amount of oxygen in the room. This makes it possible to carry out its full transport through cells and tissues, keeping the brain energetic.

If you follow these tips, you can fall asleep very quickly. If you regularly experience trouble falling asleep, you should see a doctor.

5 Ways to Stay Awake

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