Time to act on obesity: why is it so difficult to lose weight?

How to start losing weight?

How to start losing weight in order to get excellent results soon and not return to the same volume in a month? Unfortunately, problems such as excess weight, cellulite, shortness of breath due to excess body fat and metabolic disorders are becoming more common in our society.

How to start losing weight?

What is the right way to take the first steps towards gaining a slender figure? What diet for beginners will give the most long-term effect and will not plunge the body into real shock? Let's take a closer look at this, put everything on the shelves.

You have made a firm decision: tomorrow I will take my mind, I will eat a bucket less. If this attempt get in shape is not the first, then you have failed in due time to figure out where to start losing weight. Somewhere a fatal mistake was made. Is it important to keep her out this time? Review the algorithm of actions, focus on smoothly starting the process.

What is the point in losing weight dramatically, sitting on the strictest diet in a week get rid immediately from 5-7 kg, after which to break loose and more than return both fat and volumes?

In order to make it comfortable for beginners to lose weight to join the ranks of supporters of a healthy lifestyle, comprehensive programs have been developed. They allow you to smoothly switch to proper nutrition, gradually introduce active physical activities and change your way of thinking, which is also important.

What is the point in torturing your body at the cost of inhuman efforts, and end up with stomach problems, a nervous breakdown and an inharmonious figure (for example, a thinned chest with hips of the same size)? Only with the right approach will you be satisfied with yourself and get an excellent result.

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The problem is in my head

Unfortunately, very few ladies are interested in the question of where to start losing weight in order to get not a momentary, but a long-term effect. Most lovers of baking, flour and fast food, accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle, suffer from excess weight.

At the same time, they are attracted only by tempting, easy ways to get rid of body fat. It is no wonder that when choosing fast, rather than high-quality methods of fighting cellulite, the idea invariably turns into a fiasco.

How to start losing weight?

Want to know how to start losing weight so that the effect of your actions will please your whole life? First of all, tune in to walk the long road to theperfection:

  • you have to work on yourself for a long time, you will need to change both your eating habits and the daily routine in terms of physical activity;
  • every time you come across an article or advice to choose a quick way to get rid of unwanted volumes, think about whether you will fall back after these actions to the previous result, will you harm your health;
  • understand that your efforts begin to bear fruit tomorrow, you need to lose weight wisely - as safely as possible for the body.

So, it all starts with prioritization. It is foolish to strive to lose weight at any cost, since it will be possible to properly lose those extra pounds and forget about them forever only if you completely rebuild your life.

Here, important elements will be control over eating habits, physical activity during the day, the ability to say no to bad habits.

Healthy food or strict diet?

Tired of putting ruthless experiments on your body? Do not like to torture yourself with strict diets, knowing that the weight will return soon? Become an adherent of proper nutrition - and you will be pleased with the result.

What actions are usually supported by the decision to take the figure? As a rule, the young lady is looking for a newfangled diet and from Monday strictly limits her diet. Very often, with this approach, not only fried and fatty foods are prohibited, but also many healthy foods.

Extreme methods give a quick result, and after a few days I want to share joyful numbers with others. Of course, minus 3-5 kg ​​is a lot, and it seems that fat deposits will continue to go away at the same rate.

But in reality everything happens differently:

How to start losing weight?

  • weight loss in the first days occurs primarily due to dehydration of the body, then muscles are gradually burned, fat is lost last, and as a rule, it does not reach that with a strict diet;
  • as soon as a person switches to a minimalist diet, the body experiences a shock: it seems to him that difficult times have come, so it is worth storing fat for a rainy day, and not giving it away;
  • that is why the weight lost on the diet in the first week is very deceiving: a person spends more energy than he consumes, which causes muscle mass to burn, but as soon as the slightest breakdown occurs (you have eaten a bun, a piece of cake or fried potatoes), the body replenishes its fat reserves;
  • the more muscles a person has, the more calories he can process per day; a strict diet results in fewer muscles, which means more calories entering the body at the end of the experiment will be converted into body fat.

One conclusion can be drawn - abandon the seemingly attractive methods of getting rid of excess weight, promising bright prospects in a short time. Hold onfollow the principles of healthy eating - and you will become a living example of how to start losing weight quickly tomorrow!

Basic rules for switching to a healthy diet:

  • eat 10-15% less than usual (over time, you can cut calories even more, but you don't need to rush);
  • eat often - 5-6 times a day - in small portions;
  • drink plenty of clean, still water;
  • give up food that is harmful to the body: fried potatoes and meat, hot sauces and mayonnaise, convenience store products, questionable sausages, etc.
  • Avoid starchy foods and sweets or significantly limit their consumption;
  • replace creamy sweets and cookies with honey, dark chocolate, dried apricots and dates;
  • gnaw a few nuts throughout the day;
  • eat more vegetables and fruits in any form (soups, salads, cuts, fresh juices, etc.);
  • try to focus on carbohydrates and proteins instead of fatty foods;
  • buy dairy products with the lowest fat percentage;
  • try safe folk remedies for weight loss, such as ginger and cinnamon tea or kefir with paprika, cinnamon and ginger root;
  • Green smoothies will provide energy boost: pour some water into a blender, add spinach, banana and apple or kiwi, grind and drink to your health.

Step-by-step transition to active physical activity

Another mistake for beginners is a loading dose of physical activity in the first days after the decision to lose weight is made. The body cannot withstand such a pressure, desperately resists exercising until it drops.

The body begins to hurt a lot, the dyspnea does not allow to sleep peacefully, sprains, microtrauma, sprains and other health problems occur. Higher loads help to see nice numbers on the scales, but how long will you last with this approach?

How to start losing weight correctly in order to avoid injury? First of all, forget about overloading an unprepared body. Choose activities like dancing, swimming, brisk walking, or long walks in the fresh air.

How to start losing weight?

Add to this a little joyful emotions, optimism - and soon you will feel positive changes. If you plan to work out in the gym or at home using dumbbells, warm up at the beginning of the session and cool down at the end, gradually increase the weight of the weights and the number of sets.

Do not overload the body, exercise should not negatively affect your heart and joints. Otherwise, you will have to leave your classes very soon.

Finally, love yourself for who you are, and don't experiment with health for the sake of ephemeral beauty models. Don't even think about using questionable pills, supplements and other chemicals.

You should never indulge in drugs or other means that tame the appetite or artificially increasemetabolic processes.

Any pill whose purpose and effect you do not fully understand should be prescribed by an experienced doctor, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient and the clinical picture of the disease.

Remember, to look slim tomorrow, you need to change your way of thinking today! Successful weight loss!


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