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How to sculpt figures from mastic: tips for beginners

Lately, you won't surprise anyone with a regular cake. Therefore, confectioners are trying to come up with some new decorations to make their baked goods a real work of art. mastic figures have become very popular.

And they are made not only by professionals, but also by simple housewives. And why not try your hand at this art, when the entire Internet is teeming with master classes on the manufacture of mastic figures. If you make a little effort, you will be able to create beautiful roses on the cake for your beloved daughter or sculpt unusual cars for your only son.

The main thing is to have a desire, and for beginners to try to sculpt something simple. If you immediately throw yourself at a complex structure, you can fail and give up creativity forever.

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We sculpt from mastic: useful tips for beginners

How to sculpt figures from mastic: tips for beginners

So, let's assume that you don't have any problems with making a cake, but you don't know how to decorate a delicious homemade masterpiece, but you just dream of surprising your household with a beautiful product.

In order to start your own baking decor, you need some mastic. You can make it yourself, there are many recipes for cooking, or you can buy it in a store. It is difficult to say which mastic is better and easier to sculpt figures from. If you are a beginner, you can try your hand at the purchased one first.

If you like such creativity, you can always prepare the composition for modeling yourself.

To make the figures, you need not only dexterous hands and desire, but also some tools:

  • mat made of silicone;
  • various shapes to help create separate pieces for future figures;
  • brushes, etc.

It is worth saying that more and more accessories are constantly appearing in stores that make it easier to work with the mastic mass. But all these devices (including those listed above) are not required attributes for work. They only facilitate the creative process. No more.

Even before starting any work, it would be nice to have a certain idea and at least the slightest idea how this can be done. If you have a hard time with imagination and implementation of ideas, then immediately refuse to create complex figures.

Better look on the Internet for the process of making simple things, and also usewith the following tips:

  • when creating figures from several separate parts, lubricate the places where they are bonded with water, this will allow the pieces not to fall off;
  • if you will sculpt a product from different shades, then it is not at all necessary to take colored mastic, you can decorate a ready-made little thing. The main thing is that it is dry;
  • when using artificial food colors, prefer those that do not contain salt;
  • If possible, replace artificial colors with natural ones, such as beet juice or carrot juice.

Do not immediately chase complex shapes. Start with something simpler: learn how to make flowers and cars, and how, we'll discuss further.

How to sculpt roses from mastic?

You can create mastic roses for a cake in different ways. Some are simpler, others are complex. But if you are new to this art and are wondering how to sculpt roses for a cake from mastic, then the method of creating flowers, which will be given below, will suit you perfectly. For work you will need: a cutting board, mastic you need colors (purchased or homemade - you decide), a rolling pin and a scalpel.

When all the accessories are ready, you can move on to creativity:

How to sculpt figures from mastic: tips for beginners
  • the mastic mass should be rolled out in your hands and from a small piece to form an oblong sausage (here it would be nice to remember the basics of modeling with plasticine);
  • roll the piece with a rolling pin, but not too thin;
  • define one of the edges of the prepared mastic as the top of the rose. Carefully smooth this place with your fingers and begin to fold the workpiece from one end, while pinching at the bottom.

When you finish all the manipulations, you will have a beautiful and delicate rose. You can vary the size of flowers yourself, the larger the initial blank, the larger the product at the exit .

Of course, such tips for creating roses are more suitable for beginners, more skillful ladies can try to create something more sophisticated, unusual.

But gaining experience creating such flowers is very useful.

We make a nice car from mastic

If you decide to please the little boy by decorating the cake with mastic, then you will have to sculpt some cute machine. This can be done in several ways. The simplest is to create a semblance of a car body from a small piece of mass, and make wheels and headlights in a different color. This version of the figure will be similar to the one that we usually sculpt with children from plasticine. It may not turn out very original, but simple.

If you are confident in your abilities and are ready to buy additional materials for work, then try to create a racing car. For creativity, you should stock up on white mastic, black and blue food colors, food glue, a cutter and a stackm for mastic, rolling pin, molds for cutting wheels and pastry spatula.

If everything is available, you can start the creative process:

How to sculpt figures from mastic: tips for beginners
  • separate a piece from the total mastic mass, it should be enough for 4 wheels, a racer's head and a spoiler for a car. Color most of the paste blue, knead thoroughly and form an oval with pointed tips;
  • armed with a spatula, level the workpiece and leave to dry;
  • should now be spoiled. To do this, separate a piece from the remaining paste, paint it blue. Then roll out with a rolling pin and carefully cut to a rectangular shape;
  • separate a part from the remains of the white paste, paint it black, cut out using the wheel molds;
  • take a blue blank and use a stack to make a small dent in the middle;
  • paint a piece of white mastic with black and make a circle out of it, secure it with glue in the dent. It turned out the head of the racer;
  • attach the wheels to the sides of the car;
  • attach the spoiler and you're done.

If you wish, you can make a figurine of any color by adding some of your own decorations to the resulting car. This is your business, the main thing here is to grasp the essence of creating a figurine, and then fantasize.

Today you learned how to sculpt simple figures from mastic. Try to reproduce such masterpieces once in your own kitchen, and you will find that it is very interesting. Good luck and pleasant creativity!

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