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How to restore tooth enamel and regain a beautiful smile?

Enamel is a protective shell of teeth, and if it is damaged, the bone tissue can no longer resist the negative effects of plaque, caries, various infections, etc. Therefore, Carrying out daily oral hygiene, we first of all take care of the enamel. If this is not done, the surface layer will collapse, and it will be difficult to restore it, and in advanced cases it is completely impossible.

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Enamel composition

How to restore tooth enamel and regain a beautiful smile?

The outer layer of the bone tissue of the oral cavity can be compared to armor, since it is the hardest in comparison with other components.

This hardness is due to the composition, which includes only minerals, and most of them are fluorine and calcium. There is only 2-3% water in it - there is no such minimum amount in any other human organ.

Many are interested in whether it is possible to restore damaged tooth enamel. Unfortunately, the surface layer is not prone to regeneration, but today dentistry has stepped to such a level that even unsightly, dark teeth , partially crumbled can be brought back to life and made such that even Hollywood beauties will envy.

All other recovery measures applied at home will be preventive rather than curative in nature. In some cases, they can become a significant help in restoring the surface layer using professional means. Particular attention should be paid to areas in the area of ​​the base of the tooth, since it is here that the enamel wears out faster and many can observe this. But no matter where it starts to collapse, it is necessary to take urgent measures and start saving the situation, because dentin is the first in line.

Provoking factors

Factors such as:

can lead to the destruction of the upper layer, the appearance of microcracks, pores, places with the highest degree of thinning and wear:
How to restore tooth enamel and regain a beautiful smile?
  • heredity;
  • vitamin deficiency or other processes resulting in a lack of calcium and fluoride in the body;
  • lack of fluoride in the body or excessive saturation of the bone tissue with this mineral. The latter is found in residents of those regions of the country where there is a lot of fluoride in drinking water. As a result, the teeth are affected by fluorosis, which causes the appearance of ugly stains on them;
  • frequent and heavy transportthe effect of bleaching agents, both professional and homemade;
  • structural features of the oral cavity, which are characterized by deep branched fissures, large spaces between the teeth, etc .;
  • using a brush that is too hard in the oral cavity;
  • passion for food, destructive for the upper layer - sour vegetables and fruits;
  • change in the quantity and quality of saliva due to any diseases and taking medications. As a result, its ability to provide antibacterial and cleansing action is reduced;
  • bad habits;
  • diseases of the digestive tract.
How to restore tooth enamel and regain a beautiful smile?

Thinning and violation of the integrity of the enamel layer can be noticed by an increase in the sensitivity of the teeth, which begin to react to cold, hot and even to the air inhaled by the mouth.

If you notice that your teeth start to ache towards the night, in addition, change their color, become stained and look not as shiny as before, it's time to tackle them closely and take measures to restore the destroyed upper layer.

Professional ways to restore enamel

How can tooth enamel be restored? If your dentist diagnoses you have a lack of fluoride, they can suggest a fluoridation procedure in which the top layer is coated with a clear fluoride varnish. Bone tissue remineralization is also very popular.

How to restore tooth enamel and regain a beautiful smile?

This method was developed by Japanese specialists, who proposed to restore the integrity of the enamel using specially fitted plates saturated with fluorine, calcium and phosphorus ions.

Alternatively, you can cover the surface with a very thin and durable film made of hydroxyapatite with all the missing mineral components included.

Such a film is also capable of returning its shine and whiteness to the enamel.

If the teeth are already partially destroyed and enamel chips are observed, then the doctor may recommend growing new enamel. In this case, a material identical to natural will be applied to the treated surface. The option of restoration with special fiberglass is possible. As a result, the implanted material is connected to the crown of the tooth at the molecular level, and it becomes native to it.

Ugly defects, stains and darkening can hide special overlays - veneers and lumineers. Ultra-thin plates are glued to the front facades of the teeth and after a couple of hours you can leave the dentistry office with a beautiful Hollywood smile. In this case, the doctor can carry out the procedure both with the removal of the top layer of enamel, or without it.

Ways to restore enamel at home

First of all, you need to purchase a toothpaste that restores tooth enamel.

How to restore tooth enamel and regain a beautiful smile?

It can be like a vegetableof its origin, and of any other, the main thing is to regularly treat the oral cavity with it and try to spit it out not immediately after cleaning, but by holding it in your mouth for a while to enhance the effect.

Do everything that depends on you at the first signs of decay and thinning of the upper layer of teeth: give up bad habits, minimize the amount of sour vegetables and fruits in the diet. And if you love them very much, then prepare juices from them and use them through a straw to negate the destructive effect on the surface layer. The same applies to drinking tea and coffee.

Better to eat foods rich in fluoride and calcium, which include sour milk, sea fish, nuts, dill, parsley, celery, bran, honey, etc. Get a complete examination and treat gastrointestinal diseases. Massage your gums regularly with clean fingers and brush your teeth with a soft or medium-hard brush, especially during the enamel recovery period.

Systematically rinse your mouth with a solution of baking soda and sea salt, and if you decide to whiten your teeth, then consult your doctor first and do not abuse this procedure. Be healthy!

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